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2004-2010 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Cable Warranty Extension ZTS

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. R. Aronson

    R. Aronson Guest

    See my post on page 3 - the info I got is that there is a pending RECALL for this problem. Has anyone else gotten information about that?
  2. S.M.

    S.M. Guest

  3. S.M.

    S.M. Guest

    We are have the same issue with 2008 Toyota Sienna power sliding door. Cable broke and my son's hand got stock between the door opening/closing. Is Toyota going to fix this issue?
  4. Anne Bennett

    Anne Bennett New Member

    In stationary mode my sliding doors will not open, or will open intermittently, or will not open at all or will not close at all or will not latch. The passenger door would not close all the way and so I had to drive home with the door unlatched and beeping at me staying part way open even while operating the vehicle. I see that the 2005 Toyota Sienna was given an extra 9 years warranty for this issue or 120K miles, my car has only 110K miles and has the same issues as the NHTSA Campaign Number: 16V858. Both doors were affected within a week of each other. The dealer diagnosed the actuator motors on both sides as coincidentally going out at the same time but replacing the actuator motor on the passenger side did not fix the issue. After removing the passenger door they say that the cable is bad and the clutch is worn out on the motor/part that moves the door is bad or broken. The first night I saw the problem the car alarm came on really muffled and ran the battery down so the battery had to be replaced. This may have been associated with the door is my thinking since all this happened within a few hours of each event. (This door has been frozen shut twice since I have owned the vehicle and had to wait for it to thaw to get it to open or shut.) This vehicle has not had heavy use, only light use. Dealer has had my van for a week and doesn't have a resolve for who should pay for this. Toyota needs to step up.
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  5. Y.W.

    Y.W. Guest

    I have a 2009 Sienna LE, with 90,000 miles , right sliding door cable was broken. I could open the doors manually. I really need a Van to send kids to school and pickup them . I am waiting for a recall to fix it . If Toyota cannot fix it and I am going to buy a new VAN ~ Honda Van instead
  6. JP Hawk

    JP Hawk Guest

    Well, it happened to us yesterday. Got out of a movie and opened the driver side sliding door with the key fob. Snap, cable broke. I called my dealer and said that we are out of the Customer Support Program as it only covers up 2007. I know you all have said it but it is ridiculous. How can the same part not be covered for the model years after 2007. No changes were made to it.

    I called Toyota not 15 minutes ago and while she understood and took my pissed-offness well, she basically said unless more folks are losing complaints nothing will happen. I even asked about pending recall or additional model years being added to the Customer Support Program. However, she just said "they may in the future, but there is no guarantee. They look at the repairs and complaints people are having."

    So frustrating. I am tempted to do the repair myself than shell out way to much money for what should be straightforward.

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