1. MG

    2020-2021 BMW Supra Potential Fuel Tank Leak Recall Interim Notice 20TA16

    Please see Recall 20TA16 2020-2021 BMW Supra Potential Fuel Tank Leak On November 12, 2020 BMW filed a Defect Information Report (DIR) with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informing the agency of their intent to conduct a voluntary Safety Recall on 2020-2021 model...
  2. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2019 Toyota Rav4 Water Leak at the Headliner

    If you run across a 2019 Toyota Rav4 with a water leak around the head liner or in the passenger side floorboard/kick panel, then you will want to check the grommets that hold the roof rack rails on. Here are some pics of the leak location and the connector corrosion. Also the TPMS light may be on.
  3. Lewis

    2012-2015 Toyota Avalon Camry Hybrids Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies CSP ZKK

    CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM ZKK Letter 2012 - 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid Vehicles 2013 - 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Vehicles Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies ZKK In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer...
  4. Lewis

    2012-2015 Toyota Avalon and Camry Hybrids ABS Brake Warning Light On and/or Trac Warning Light On

    Please see CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM ZKK for Toyota Extended Warranty Coverage 2013 - 2015 Avalon HV 2012 - 2014 Camry HV Some 2012 – 2014 model year Camry Hybrid, and 2013 – 2015 model year Avalon Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a condition where the brake, ABS, and/or TRAC warning lights are on...
  5. MG

    2016-2019 Toyota Prius and Prius Prime Low Coolant, Check Engine Light on P148F00, and/or Poor Heater Performance

    Some 2016 – 2019 model year Prius and 2017 – 2019 model year Prius Prime vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following conditions due to a coolant leakage at the front exhaust pipe heat exchanger: *Low coolant level  MIL ON accompanied by Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P148F00 Engine...
  6. MG

    2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma Water Leak at Rear of Cab - Center High Mount Stop Lamp

    Some 2016 – 2018 model year Tacoma vehicles equipped with an LED type center high mount stop lamp may exhibit a water leak into the rear of the cab. Upon closer inspection, it may become apparent that the water leak is coming from the space between the center high mount stop lamp and the body of...
  7. BGroot

    2018 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Water Entry on RH Front Floor Area

    Some 2018 model year Camry and Camry plug-in hybrid vehicles may exhibit a condition where there is a musty odor or wetness in the RH front floor area of the cabin. This condition may be caused by water entry on the RH front side of the vehicle. Follow the procedure in bulletin T-SB-0042-18 to...
  8. OishiiJPN

    2GR-FKS Engine Oil Leak From Cam Sensor Bolt Hole(s)

    2018 Camry 2017 - 2018 Highlander 2017 - 2018 Sienna 2016 - 2018 Tacoma Some 2016 – 2018 model year Tacoma, 2017 – 2018 model year Sienna, Highlander, and 2018 model year Camry vehicles equipped with a 2GR-FKS engine may exhibit an engine oil leak from the cam sensor bolt hole(s). Follow the...
  9. OishiiJPN

    2017 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid with Coolant Loss

    If you run across a 2017 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid and the cooling system overflow tank is empty, check the EGR cooler for the cause of concern for this leak.
  10. MG

    2009-2017 Toyota Corolla Engine oil leaks between the Engine Block and Transaxle

    Some 2009 – 2017 model year Corolla vehicles equipped with the 2ZR-FE or 2ZR-FAE engines may exhibit a condition in which engine oil leaks between the engine block and transaxle. The source of the leak may be caused by a leaking oil galley plug. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a...
  11. OishiiJPN

    2017-2018 Toyota Tacoma Vacuum Pump Oil Leak

    If you have a 2017-2018 Toyota Tacoma with the 2GR-FKS engine and notice an oil leak on the passenger side, take a look at the vacuum pump at the back of the head. The O-ring and/or pump itself may be in need of replacing. We are seeing a few of these pop up....
  12. Lewis

    When to use Air Conditioning Stop Leak in your Toyota vehicle?

    We can start with Toyota's recommendation on Air Conditioning Stop Leak usage by saying that you should never use it. Per Tech Tip Bulletin 0441-17 (T-TT-0441-17) all Toyota Models 2016 and up years .... "Adding stop leak products to the A/C system is not a recommended or approved Toyota repair...
  13. Lewis

    2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Coolant Leak from Engine Block

    If you have a 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma with the 2GR-FKS engine, you may want to keep an eye out for any engine coolant loss. We have seen a few coolant leaks from porous blocks around the engine mounts. Here is what a few bad ones look like with a few good ones following those...
  14. Lewis

    2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Rear Diffrential Leak Recall H0G

    Recall Letter You can check the status of any Recall on your Toyota here. Subject: Safety Recall H0G -Remedy Notice 2016 – 2017 Toyota Tacoma Rear Differential Leak Condition: The involved vehicles have differentials that may leak oil. If the vehicle is continuously operated in this...
  15. Lewis

    2014 Tundra w/ codes P0441 and P0455

    If you have a 2014 Tundra (1UR-FE) with codes P0441 and/or P0455 stored, check for small cracks at the fill neck on the gas tank. The tank is usually replaced.
  16. Lewis

    2016 Toyota Tacoma Oil Leak (Drivers side Valve Cover)

    If you notice your 2016 Toyota Tacoma with an oil leak on the drivers side valve cover gasket (cam sensor bolt) area, pull the valve cover and #2 cam cap. Inspect it for a porous casting...
  17. OishiiJPN

    2013-2016 Scion FR-S Oil Leak

    If you have a Scion FR-S (Toyota 86) with a small oil leak, you will want to look closely and make sure that the base of the drain plug doesn't have a small crack in it from over torquing. Replace the plug and gasket if needed and torque to 31 ft lbs. Toyota SU003-02194 Engine Oil Drain Plug...
  18. OishiiJPN

    2004-2005 Toyota Sienna Radiator Customer Support Program CSP ZT9

    Warranty Enhancement Letter ZT9 Subject: Customer Support Program– Warranty Coverage Enhancement for 2004–2005 Model-Year Sienna Vehicles Toyota has received isolated reports from extreme cold climate areas that in certain 2004 through late 2005 model-year Sienna vehicles the radiator may...
  19. OishiiJPN

    2007-2011 Toyota Sienna, Highlander and Venza Engine Oil Cooler Pipe Leak LSC ZE2

    You can check the status of any LSC on your Toyota here. Warranty Enhancement Letter ZE2 Genuine Toyota 15767-31020 Engine Oil Cooler Pipe Subject: Limited Service Campaign (LSC) ZE2 2007-2011 Sienna, 2008-2011 Highlander and 2009-2011 Venza Vehicles Enhanced Warranty Coverage for Engine Oil...