1. BGroot

    2017-2018 Toyota Highlander and Sienna Coverage for UA80 Transmission Warranty Extension ZJC

    Warranty Enhancement Letter ZJC Subject: Warranty Enhancement Program – ZJC 2017-2018 Model Year Highlander 2017-2018 Model Year Sienna Extension of Warranty Coverage forr UA80 Transmission In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a...
  2. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2019 Toyota Rav4 Water Leak at the Headliner

    If you run across a 2019 Toyota Rav4 with a water leak around the head liner or in the passenger side floorboard/kick panel, then you will want to check the grommets that hold the roof rack rails on. Here are some pics of the leak location and the connector corrosion. Also the TPMS light may be on.
  3. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2004-2006 Toyota Highlander 3MZ-FE Overcharging Alternator at 17-19 volts

    If you run across one of the Highlander with an overcharging condition (which you probably already changed the alternator to fix and it didn't) then you'll want to check EB2 connector for corrosion. It is located near the battery and Fuse block at the left front.
  4. MG

    2007-2020 Toyota Tundra Crew Max Corrosion on the Body Behind the Back Window Moulding

    Some 2007 – 2020 model year Tundra (Crew Max) vehicles may exhibit a rust or perforation condition on the vehicle’s body behind the back window moulding. Follow the Repair Procedure in bulletin T-SB-0150-19 to address this condition. The fix is to verify the corrosion and then sublet the repair...
  5. BGroot

    2019 toyota Camry with codes P136001 and P136415

    If you run across a 2019 Toyota Camry (A25A-FKS) with codes P136001, P136415 or P157800, then make sure that the C79 commector at the cam timing control motor is fully plugged in.
  6. MG

    2019 Toyota Camry Hesitation on Acceleration From a Slow Roll or Rolling Stop

    Some 2019 model year Camry vehicles may exhibit a hesitation on acceleration from a slow roll or rolling stop under the following conditions. * 6 mph or below * Immediately following a 3 – 1 downshift * Less than 40% accelerator pedal application The Engine Control Module/ECM (SAE Term...
  7. MG

    2016 Toyota 4Runner Radio Fan noise

    This is what the Radio fan sounds like when it is going bad...
  8. OishiiJPN

    Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Pedestrian Automatic Warning system noise

    Manufacturers must install an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems) system in four-wheeled electric and hybrid electric vehicles that are approved from July 1, 2019, and to all new quiet electric and hybrid vehicles registered from July 2021. The vehicle must make a continuous noise level of...
  9. MG

    2017-2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with Misfire P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, and/or P0306

    Some 2017 – 2019 model year Highlander HV vehicles may exhibit a MIL ON condition with one or more of the following Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): P0301 – Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected P0302 – Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected P0303 – Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected P0304 – Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected...
  10. Lewis

    2012-2015 Toyota Avalon and Camry Hybrids ABS Brake Warning Light On and/or Trac Warning Light On

    Please see CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM ZKK for Toyota Extended Warranty Coverage 2013 - 2015 Avalon HV 2012 - 2014 Camry HV Some 2012 – 2014 model year Camry Hybrid, and 2013 – 2015 model year Avalon Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a condition where the brake, ABS, and/or TRAC warning lights are on...
  11. BGroot

    2011-2017 Model Year Tacoma Coverage for Vehicle Frame Corrosion Perforation CSP ZKA

    You can check the status of any SSC on your Toyota here. Special Service Campaign Letter JSD 2011-2017 Model Year Tacoma Coverage for Vehicle Frame Corrosion Perforation CSP ZKA In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer Support...
  12. BGroot

    2019 Toyota Avalon HV and Camry HV Vehicles Fuel May Leak from Fuel Filler Pipe Connection Recall K0I

    Remedy Letter You can check the status of any Recall on your Toyota here SUBJECT: Safety Recall K0I– Remedy 2019 Toyota Avalon HV and Camry HV Vehicles Fuel May Leak from Fuel Filler Pipe Connection On February 14, 2019, Toyota filed a Non-Compliance Information Report (NCIR) with the...
  13. BGroot

    2017-2020 Toyota 4Runner Poor Sound Quality - JBL Equipped

    Some 2017 – 2020 model year 4Runner vehicles equipped with JBL® audio may exhibit poor sound quality coming from the dash speakers or static/feedback heard by the incoming caller. Updated speakers are available to address this condition. Follow the Repair Procedure in bulletin T-SB-0157-19 to...
  14. MG

    2016-2019 Toyota Prius and Prius Prime Low Coolant, Check Engine Light on P148F00, and/or Poor Heater Performance

    Some 2016 – 2019 model year Prius and 2017 – 2019 model year Prius Prime vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following conditions due to a coolant leakage at the front exhaust pipe heat exchanger: *Low coolant level  MIL ON accompanied by Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P148F00 Engine...
  15. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Fuel Gauge Tank Concern Tech Tip T-TT-0581-19

    Some 2019 model year RAV4 HV customers may be experiencing some concern related to fuel gauge reading less than full. Please note, this communication refers to 2019 RAV4 HV customers only. The meter may display somewhere around 3/4 or 7/8 full at time of gas station pump auto stop. See Tech Tip...
  16. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Some 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrids may not accept a full tank of fuel

    Also see Tech Tip T-TT-0581-19 The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid could have a fuel tank issue that prevents owners from completely filling it up, according to a report from Automotive News. Toyota has issued a statement to confirm it is “investigating a fuel tank shape issue on certain RAV4 Hybrid...
  17. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2017-2019 Toyota Models Telematics Data Communication Module (DCM) Activation Procedure Supplement

    This bulletin T-SB-0019-19 details the supplemental procedure to confirm Telematics Data Communication Module (DCM) activation for applicable 2017 – 2019 model year Toyota vehicles after the process is initiated by Techstream. The steps outlined in this bulletin include: *Techstream Messages...
  18. MG

    How to Remove a Spare Tire Lock when the Key is Missing

    This post is designed to help you lower (access) the spare tire when a lock key is missing or lost. There are a few types so this may not cover your specific situation. The fist thing you will see is that when you look through the access hole, the lock will look like this... That plastic...
  19. Lewis

    Toyota White Paint Recall (CSP) ZKG Coverage for Peeling of Factory-Applied Paint Remedy

    To: All Toyota Dealer Principals, General Managers, Service Managers, and Parts Managers CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM ZKG Phase 2 - Customer Renotification and Repair Phase Repair is Now Available Multiple Models and Model Years Vehicles Painted with Blizzard Pearl (070) or Super White (040)...