2000-2003 Toyota Tundra Frame Rust Corrosion Perforation LSC A0F


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Subject: Limited Service Campaign (LSC) A0F
2000-2003 Toyota Tundra Enhanced Warranty Coverage for Frame Rust Corrosion Perforation

Toyota will initiate a Limited Service Campaign (LSC) to enhance the warranty coverage on the vehicle’s frame for rust perforation on certain 2000 through 2003 model year Tundra vehicles

Toyota has received a number of reports regarding 2000 through 2003 model year Tundra vehicles currently registered in cold climate areas with high road salt use, exhibiting excessive corrosion to the frame causing perforation of the metal.

It is important to note that, exposure to cold climate and high road salt usage conditions are primary contributors. This is unrelated to, and separate from, normal surface rust which is commonly found on metallic surfaces after some years of usage and/or exposure to the environment.

Limited Service Campaign (LSC) Remedy
All States: Although the vehicle’s frame is covered by Toyota’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first), we at Toyota care about the customers’ overall experience and confidence in their vehicle.

To assure them that Toyota stands behind their product, they are providing an enhancement to the warranty coverage on their vehicle’s frame for this specific condition for a limited time (repairs must be completed by April 30, 2012).

In the event excessive rust perforation of the frame is found on a vehicle involved in this LSC (based upon Toyota’s inspection criteria*), the frame will require replacement.

• If a customer experiences frame perforation caused by rust, please utilize the frame inspection instructions and Technical Instructions (TI) located on TIS.
• If a frame is confirmed to be perforated (based upon Toyota’s inspection criteria*) and it falls within the parameters of the program, the frame will need to be replaced.

Owner Notification Mailing Date :
The owner notification will commence in May, 2010.

Jeffrey Born

We have a 2003 Toyota Tundra Limited with 266,000 Kilometers driven. The body is in good condition but we have rust perforation on the frame rails near the front right crossmember connection. Visited my dealer in Guelph Canada today who stated that this area of the frame is not covered by any current or previous campaign. Do we have a case to pursue Toyota for repairs or frame replacement?