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2001-2004 Toyota Sequoia Rust Corrosion on Frame Condition LSC CSD

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. ofelia

    ofelia Guest

    I have the same issue. I had my 2004 Sequoia taken in during the recall and had it sprayed and now the bottom of my vehicle is severely corroded its unsafe to drive. I also upset because this is a preventative measure that this doesn't happen. I am afraid tonight when i take it in that they are not going to help me. what should I do? did you ever get your issue resolved?

  2. Ofelia

    Ofelia Guest

    I AM DISAPPOINTED IN TOYOTA. I RECENTLY TOOK MY VEHICLE IN and they say theres nothing they can do. I was told by the dealership that we can start our own lawsuit and to get your local congressman involved so they can cause media attention to this problem that toyota is neglecting to fix. Toyota claims to make a safe, reliable and affordable vehicles while mine is so severely corroded that's deemed unsafe to drive. Please lets start a lawsuit together so we can get this taken care of and have Toyota fix this issue!!!!! Also contact the National highway and safety administration to file a complaint....that has to be done so theres enough complaints to start an investigation.


  3. Ofelia N

    Ofelia N New Member

    Anything ever come of your frame rust issue?

  4. Russell

    Russell Guest

    I have a 2002 Sequoia and I just found out the frame is rusted out as well,I have the car fax app and no where on it informs me that there was any problem with the frame ever,there was an airbag recall on it and I made a appointment with the Toyota dealership and got it fixed. My point is if there was something on the car fax about the frame rust I would have never bought it.If there is anyone that can let me know what action I can take please let me know,I want to keep this Sequoia because I love it but I do not want my kids and wife in danger.Thanks.
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  5. Robert

    Robert Guest

    It seems as though many folks have posted their complaints but the disappear. Does this indicate that Toyota has produced some kind of settlement in return for silence?
  6. Ofelia

    Ofelia Guest

    I believe they think it’s not their issue! I’m so upset about them not making this defect right for working families and loyal customers when clearly they knew this was an issue from the start. I’m out a perfectly working vehicle because the frame is rusted. What can we do about this?!?! No settlement here. Not for the 2004 and later models.
  7. Karen G

    Karen G Guest

    Hi Will,
    Can you give any additional update on your progress with the frame issue and your filing? Have you files in small claims court or taken the issue to any additional agencies?
    We have a major problem on our hands. Haven't seen any update recently are you continuing to fight the good fight. My husbands frame broke - rusted completely through - he was hours from home.
    Thank you very much,
  8. Ofelia Nieto

    Ofelia Nieto Guest


    Even though I received notice and had the recall done you can use my name. I believe Toyota has made a name for there selves and wants to say that they make safe economical cars that last a long time but they dropped the ball on Toyota Sequoias and Tacoma’s for that year. Even with the recall done for anticorrosve material being put on my vehicle I believe that they sprayed over rust for my vehicle. Please use my name. Ofelia Nieto.

    Ofelia Nieto

  9. Karen G

    Karen G Guest

    Thanks for the reply. What steps did you take and who did you pursue. What was done to your vehicle? We have a 2004 with hose clamps holding the frame together so my husband could drive 150 miles to get home.
    Thank you,
  10. Hira

    Hira Guest

    Toyota is waiting for someone to die in frame rust related crash before they start replacing the Frames. My 2004 Sequoia had Epoxy paint applied in May 2014 (as per Toyota recall). The dealer applied the epoxy on top of the rust (absolutely no rust cleaning by the dealer). The paint started peeling off after a month or so. There is no trace of Epoxy left on the frame anymore. Last year safety inspector told me that It may not pass the safety inspection next time because of rusted Frame. I am very disappointed with Toyota. I paid $40,000 for it in 2004 and It has only 130K miles on it. It will be worthless in next couple on months if it fails the safety inspection.
  11. Sal

    Sal Guest

    Same issue with my 2002 Toyota Sequoia. Frame rotted away from the chassis. I was driving on the highway when it happened. I am lucky to be alive. Contacted Toyota and opened up a claim. They called me back and said that they supposedly sent recall about this issue. That is not true. I received all other recall notices and addressed all the other issues. If I had received a recall for the frame I obviously would have had the frame replaced. Bottom line ... they are not going to do anything for me. This is not right. With all the other issues they had with all the different years and models that the frame had to be replaced why are they not helping us. Everyone should file a complaint with Attorney General office. Maybe if enough people complain Toyota will be made to help all of us.
  12. I purchased a 2002 sequoia in jan of 2014, prior to purchasing it I called Toyota headquarters of America with the vin to check on the frame recall status. They told me it was inspected and passed and was then undercoated. Three years later or less i was jacking it up to check for power steering leak and the frame crushed in. Toyota refuses to do anything for me. Like someone else said, They are waiting for someone to die before they take action. Hopefully it isn't my family of six. I am currently filing a claim with the NTSB There number is 1-888-327-4236. I would be happy to join a class action law suit if one is open. I am also going to post this on face book and hopefully other people that have given up hope will give it another try.
  13. Jullys Souza

    Jullys Souza Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a 2003 Sequoia that just turned 100k miles last month, is in great shape and everyone that sees it thinks is brand new... well, not so much... my wife found a rusted out hole just above the back passenger side wheel, after doing a deeper look at it we saw that the whole frame is rotted out. I had the 2014 recall check and all the dealer told me is that they needed to do a coating in the undercarriage to prevent rust from the salt that is spread in Massachusetts after every snowfall and all they did was just the coating and never mentioned anything about the possibility of having the frame replaced.

    After reading all 5 pages of posts in details i realize that there is nothing we can do to have this issue fixed by Toyota, so tomorrow I am contacting my attorney to see what it takes to start a class action law suit and would like as many names and information as possible to start the process.

    I see that a lot of you guys have placed you names but i believe we will need more info from you all.

    if anyone interested could send me your email and contact information I will have my attorney contact you guys to gather any additional information necessary.

    hope to hear from as many of you as possible.
  14. HIRA

    HIRA Guest

    Please let me know you email address. I am interested.
  15. magid

    magid Guest

    hi i have a 02 sequoia same problems
  16. magid

    magid Guest

    my truck got the treatment on 2012 but it dint work i can put my hands t
    the frame
  17. same problem.....dealer screwed me too. told me frame was ok, just needed a coating. 6 months after the coating was done, my mech told me frame was shot. 2' of frame bottom was gone. that doesnt happen in 6 mo.! i know the dealer just coated over the holes. there was coating inside my frame.

    contacted toyota, brought it to two different dealerships and they said service deal was over cause they already fixed it

    we have bought 6 new toyotas in 20 years, but never again.

    add me to the list for sure

  18. need your contact email
  19. I too have the same problem, I never received the notice, contacted Toyota yesterday and they said that I have not contacted them early enough and have missed out on the July 2014 deadline to take on their corrective measures . To make things even worse a Toyota dealership had my vehicle in their shop in May of 2014, during the recall period, and they cited in a report that the vehicle was entitled to this being fixed or inspected but because they were in Missouri instead of Illinois, one of the cold weather states they did not alert me of this because their location was not one of those states, the vehical is and has been registered in Illinois and has maintained the same residence but even though my plates were from Illinois they did not alert me of this issue because they could not get paid for the repair if found in Missouri and therefore I did not hear another any of it at the time until I call the Toyota corporate and they explained the situation to me. I recently went back to the same missouri-based dealership dealership for a different matter and they now brought the rusted frame concern up to me. But they have no solution for me. They have nothing to say about it to fix it other than to just purchase another vehicle. I'm very disgusted by this whole situation I would like to have my email added as a contact source to be included in any further actions to file against them and recoup my losses and to possibly correct this issues. I am very frustrated but determined to be persistent to come to get an amicable resolution.
  20. I have a 2003 Toyota that I bought about 6 months ago and just found out about the rust issue when the brake line failed with my pregnant self and two young children in the car. Luckily we were in a parking lot and no one was hurt, but the mechanic told us the frame was totally rusted out and unsafe. I would like to be added to the lawsuit please if there is one! Jullys Souza we need your contact I do!


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