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2001-2004 Toyota Sequoia Rust Corrosion on Frame Condition LSC CSD

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Jersey James

    Jersey James Guest

    Toyota is not interested. My 2003 Sequoia is rusted out. The rest of the truck is in terrific condition.
  2. poeman

    poeman Guest

    I have a 2002 Suquoia and just found out my frame is rotted out . Let me know if anyone knows of a solution to the problem and to Toyotas negligence of notification to their customers .
  3. ofelia

    ofelia Guest

    I have the same issue. I had my 2004 Sequoia taken in during the recall and had it sprayed and now the bottom of my vehicle is severely corroded its unsafe to drive. I also upset because this is a preventative measure that this doesn't happen. I am afraid tonight when i take it in that they are not going to help me. what should I do? did you ever get your issue resolved?

  4. Ofelia

    Ofelia Guest

    I AM DISAPPOINTED IN TOYOTA. I RECENTLY TOOK MY VEHICLE IN and they say theres nothing they can do. I was told by the dealership that we can start our own lawsuit and to get your local congressman involved so they can cause media attention to this problem that toyota is neglecting to fix. Toyota claims to make a safe, reliable and affordable vehicles while mine is so severely corroded that's deemed unsafe to drive. Please lets start a lawsuit together so we can get this taken care of and have Toyota fix this issue!!!!! Also contact the National highway and safety administration to file a complaint....that has to be done so theres enough complaints to start an investigation.


  5. Ofelia N

    Ofelia N New Member

    Anything ever come of your frame rust issue?

  6. Russell

    Russell Guest

    I have a 2002 Sequoia and I just found out the frame is rusted out as well,I have the car fax app and no where on it informs me that there was any problem with the frame ever,there was an airbag recall on it and I made a appointment with the Toyota dealership and got it fixed. My point is if there was something on the car fax about the frame rust I would have never bought it.If there is anyone that can let me know what action I can take please let me know,I want to keep this Sequoia because I love it but I do not want my kids and wife in danger.Thanks.
  7. Robert

    Robert Guest

    It seems as though many folks have posted their complaints but the disappear. Does this indicate that Toyota has produced some kind of settlement in return for silence?
  8. Ofelia

    Ofelia Guest

    I believe they think it’s not their issue! I’m so upset about them not making this defect right for working families and loyal customers when clearly they knew this was an issue from the start. I’m out a perfectly working vehicle because the frame is rusted. What can we do about this?!?! No settlement here. Not for the 2004 and later models.

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