2004-2009 Toyota Prius Combination Meter Warranty Extension ZTV


Bill Connacher

Aside from the fact that Toyota is screwing us all over in this regard, there is a way to fix this problem for just $150 or even maybe $5 if you are at all DIY inclined. Check out these two videos: (1)
. The first shows how to remove the combination meter and replace it with one ordered from an 3rd party source online. The second show how you may be able to repair the combination meter yourself by simply replacing a single capacitor. I had been dealing with this issue for over a year, but now I feel that I can fix it myself. I haven't tried either of the two things yet, but I plan to try the capacitor first and then the whole part.

Kat Hug

Thank you for all this great information. This just occurred on my 2009 Prius.
Yes, my sweet car is now in a much colder climate (originated in South Florida and stayed there until 8 weeks ago) then it is used to. It seems from what someone else said that the cold climate causes this to occur. I really appreciate the advise about taking it directly to the Toyota Dealership to have them write up a service request because once we got the car to turn off it is now working properly. Maybe not tomorrow though.
Love knowing there are wonderful people out there helping us all with such great advice. Thanks again.


Same here, I missed by a year. it's the reason I will never buy a Toyota again, their customer service is terrible.
Great, Toyota must have had a reason to limit it to nine years. Mine started failing on the 10th year. F Toyota. Obviously the part is faulty, why aren't they being held accountable for crap parts? It also locks my key into the ignition since it can also effect the ability to turn the car off. i had to wait in a commuter lot this morning for almost any hour and watch each bus go by as i tried getting it to power off. My next car was going to be a Prius this summer, but I will get a Chevy Volt instead.

G Brookfield

Ditto, ditto. Toyota has a very serious safety issue with the failure of combination meters in the Prius. My vehicle does not have 35,000 miles on the odometer and yet this part has failed. Any company which cares about customer safety would recall the vehicles immediately. Will Toyota tell my four grandchildren I perished because I could not read the warning light on my dashboard, had no idea how fast I was driving, or ran out of gas in a dangerous area? Think about it, Toyota, and do the right thing. I waited all day for your Plano, TX supervisor to call me back...not dead yet and arising in revolt. G. Brookfield

Jane Brown

I started my 2008 Prius and drove it to the post office ( 1/2 mile) and it would not turn off. I took it to my local mechanic--next to my house and it did turn off so I drove it back to my driveway and again it would not turn off. I had the display go black. I tried to hold down the power button 3 seconds then 2 short pushed on the power button--as I saw on line. It didn't work so I drove it 20 minutes to the Toyota dealer where I bought the car 4 years ago. Of course it turned off for them and they could not re- create the problem in the two weeks i left it there. They found no codes are showing. They say the Combination Meter will only fix the display and may not fix the problem trying to turn off the car. They say it is $600 to replace the Combination Meter. This seems irresponsible that this repair is past the warranty. I am willing to pay 50%v but don't think I should have to pay 100%. I got the car back yesterday and have had no problem turning it off. the car has 117, 400 miles on the odometer.
This is very poor service from Toyota. We have owned or leased 6 Toyota Prius since 2004 and this is a first on this problem.
I can try to find a local mechanical w/ Toyota background to give me a better deal I guess....Any suggestions or help TOYOTA?