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2004-2010 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Cable Warranty Extension ZTS

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Tim Allport

    Tim Allport Guest

    My story is very similar. I have a 2006 Sienna with the power door on the passenger side. Cable broke last week, and now I can't open the door at all. Car has 97,000 miles on it. Any help you can provide in getting this fixed without spending an arm and a leg would be most appreciated.
  2. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    The only help at this point has to come from Toyota. You need to contact them and ask if they will contribute to the cost of the repair but from what I've been seeing, the answer will be no.
  3. Grlegrl1

    Grlegrl1 Guest

    DITTO!!! I had 355 TOYOTA in Rockville, MD look at my door a few years back. I was told I could live with it or pay a huge amount to have it fixed. I never received a notice that this was an issue, However, I did get the notices about defective seat belts and the melting dash boards. Sadly, I too am well over the mileage now for the sliding door! The cable snapped this past holiday weekend while we were away. (Of course it did!) These issues are not safe for my three children or myself for that matter! Step it up TOYOTA! Perhaps if everyone on all of the message boards I have seen would complain to their local Consumer Affairs office and to The Federal Trade Commission TOYOTA would honor their product! That's my next move!
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  4. Well my passenger cable just broke. The door will not open and the dealer said 3000.00
    I feel this is a safety hazard. We have several Toyota in our family. But after this will consider other options
  5. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Have you tried to contact Toyota about this yet and see if they would cover the repair?
  6. Lawrence

    Lawrence Guest

    That inflated repair estimate tells you that you have encountered a dishonest Toyota dealer.
  7. Pat

    Pat Guest

    Well I guess I should consider it a good deal that my Toyota dealer only wants to charge me $2,000 for fixing my broken sliding door cable. $2,000 is still a rip off too. My Toyota is a 2008. Just 1 year outside the year range that it would qualify for the extended warrantee. Thanks for nothing Toyota! I guess I will have to buy the part for $200 and just fix it myself!
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  8. Terri

    Terri Guest

    I was wondering if you had gotten anywhere with this? I just had this happen over the weekend on my 2009 Sienna. I do not understand how they will not repair this when they know it is a problem. If they have the "extended warranty" on the 2004-2007 models and it is still happening on later models then they need to honor those as well. There should be a class action law suit or something. They need to stand behind their product.

    I was told by my trusted repair facility that this is also a common problem on Honda vans.
  9. Glaves

    Glaves Guest

    Sounds like there are a lot of these cables breaking going on. I just dropped my 09 Sienna off at the dealer, who yesterday told me she could get the cables covered, but today, said she couldn't, as the 07 is the newest one it's covered on. So waiting for the $2000-$3000 call. One of the other guys at the dealership said it would be cheaper to just make the doors manual, versus replacing the cable. If I do that, I'll sell it as my kids need the auto opener. We've really loved it, no issues until it turned 100,000, it has 103,000 on it now. Key fobs both stopped working, it shredded two Michelin tires on the front after 15,000 miles, windshield cracked (rocks fault). I called Toyota as mentioned above at 800.331.4331, she was nice, but couldn't do anything but let me file a complaint on the cables. I asked what it would take for Toyota to expand the cable warranty enhancement to the 2009? She said more complaints. When they get enough of them, they might add them to the warranty. I asked if I spent the money today on the problem, and 6 months from now they included it, then what? She said to keep my receipt and I would qualify for a refund. Not holding my breath, but if you have the issues, call and file a complaint.
  10. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

  11. victor

    victor Guest

    Sounds like you are beyond 9 years, so the repair won't be covered. Even if you had $1000+, you shouldn't spend that much on such an old vehicle. Just cut the cable and use the door manually. (My passenger door broke last year and was covered. My driver side door just broke, 3 months and 3000 miles beyond the extended warranty coverage, so that door is now a manual. It's not too bad.
  12. KMac

    KMac New Member

    Just want to make sure I have covered my bases. We have 2008 Sienna XLE, w/ 100,000 miles. Power sliding door cable just broke last week. Toyota dealer here (Tysons Corner, VA) says cable is not a covered part on the post-2007 models, only "rear sliding door latch assembly" which does not include the cable. I thought it was these latch assemblies that were causing the cables to fail. Anyway, have anyone gotten a dealer to replace the broken cable on a 2008 or later under this CSP? I went on-line and it did not appear that the cables were part of the assemblies included in the listed replacement parts. Anyone know otherwise? Thanks for any help.
  13. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    In May 2014, Ourisman Toyota in Chantilly repaired our passenger side sliding door under this warranty enhancement program. The retractor cable had frayed and broken and the door would not close. Toyota replaced the cable assembly, part number 69631-08030 and one of the parts covered under this program. If you don't have the Toyota bulletin, you can find it here. There is a complete list of part numbers that they will cover. Unfortunately, now our driver side door is having the same problem and we are just outside the 9 year window. Has anyone had any experience with Toyota covering this repair outside the window in the Warranty notice?
  14. KMac100

    KMac100 Guest

    Thanks for your comment.
    What year is your Sienna that Ourisman replaced the cable on?
  15. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Our van was a 2007 XLE

  16. PB in Mass

    PB in Mass Guest

    We have had the exact same problem and now when trying to manually open the driver's side slider, the thing came off the track and shattered the rear side window!!! Two days before we are to leave on vacation!! Hating toyota right now!
  17. L Cottrell

    L Cottrell Guest

    Same deal over here 2009 sienna cable broke. 78,000 mi. Doesn't qualify for anything but the latch issue which for us is not an issue. I called it in to Customer Service in CA. PLEASE keep calling your complaints in. It's the only way to make them WAKE-UP. I had an idea though.....is there any way to shut off the automatic door that's broken and just leave the side that's working up and running? Anyone have a mechanic look into doing this?? If so I'd like to know.

    Thanks so much!
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  18. Dan@Fairfax

    Dan@Fairfax Guest

    The cable broke yesterday for our 2008 Sienna. The van has only 87000 miles. Same story, brought in to dealer. hoping to fix it under extended warranty. They said that the latch was covered but not the cable. To me, it's logical to think that the latch caused the cable broke. Toyota should take responsibility for the issues. I'll call Toyota and file a complaint. I guess it's a common problem for lots of customers. Let's call Toyota!
  19. Tony Chiulli

    Tony Chiulli Guest

    Similar to others, our 2010 Sienna door cable broke today. Disappointed to learn that only 2004-2007 models are covered. Is there someone at Toyota Corporate that we can speak with about having 2004-2010 models covered? Seems like this known issue was never resolved with the newer models.
  20. I have a 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited approx 67,000 miles. My driver side sliding door cable snapped tonight, what are my options?? Is this covered under any recall.. I've been reading numerous threads on this apparently being an issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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