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2004-2010 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Cable Warranty Extension ZTS

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Bolst2000

    Bolst2000 Guest

    I hear you, the Van breaks. Same issue here after the mileage but before the years were out. Not only that, the other door hinge broke. Trying to sell it but no one wants it. can't blame them.
  2. DFW driver

    DFW driver Guest

    Well rats, I had been hearing a noise on my 2004 XLE but was unable to ID the source until today. Thank goodness I researched it before the cable actually snapped! I am so far out of warranty I think they will just laugh at me but I might try anyway. My Sienna has over 346,000 miles and I was hoping to hit 350,000 just because. If I can't afford to drive a new car I also can't afford the $2,000 repair bill from a dealer!!!
  3. xtreme70

    xtreme70 Guest

    I was just reading the threads looks like we have same problem. Toyota asking $900-$1200 to fixed. Luckily, i found a video on youtube on how to fix this problem. I spend only $201 for parts from Ebay. It is a 2-3 hrs job. At first, I was so hesitant to do it until I watch a lot of times. Thanks a lot to Teddy H. for posting the video.
    Take note...no SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I just has this exactly same problem, sliding door cable (driver side) broke suddenly two days ago for my 2010 Sienna. Seems a very common problem. Dealer also said the repair (including motor and control device as parts and labor) would cost 3K!
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thanks for this encouraging post. Did you also replace the motor?
  6. xtreme70

    xtreme70 Guest

    bring your your van to my location im gonna for a fraction of charge...LOL
  7. xtreme70

    xtreme70 Guest

    The driver side I replaced the motor (actuator), after I replaced the cable on my the passenger side. Dealership rough qouted me at $500 for the motor replacement, I spent $5.99 to replaced the motor. They will rip you off and telling you its gonna be a whole day job. In fact, I spent only 30 minutes to replace the motor.
  8. xtreme70

    xtreme70 Guest

    You mean the motor for the power sliding door? There is no problem with that motor, all you need is the sliding door cable kit.
  9. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    Are you able to post the link to the video you watched?
  10. JanVanMama

    JanVanMama New Member

    Hello oishiiJPN,

    I'm a Canadian 2006 Toyota Sienna LE owner, who has the same common problem -- left side slider door NOT working with either key fob or auto buttons, but will slide easily with manual pull. Had this problem for several months.

    This afternoon, the right side slider door decided NOT to work via automated options, will still slide with manual pull.
    Extreme safety hazard with two school aged children and I'm afraid doors will not work in an emergency situation.

    I'm an original owner, at 197km, same home address, and did NOT receive any official letter from Toyota Canada offering Customer Support Program/Warranty Enhancement or advising of this safety problem to our primary family vehicle. Welcome your suggestions on how to approach Toyota Canada with these challenges -- do I call Toyota Canada HQ? local dealer? --- from other owners, sounds like the dealership service professionals play dumb, do not admit to knowing about this common problem. And now, a new recall for US and Canada on 2011-2016 Sienna door problems again?

    Appreciate any advice you can provide?
  11. John Mueller

    John Mueller Guest

  12. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

  13. Ivette

    Ivette Guest

    I have a 2007 sienna minivan with less than 120k miles. I never learned about the sliding door issue from Toyota, I happened to find out while "googling" my sliding door problem online. Unfortunately, I found out too late and Toyota did not honor the warranty extension because I passed the 9!year restriction by a couple of months. ( despite the fact that I had lodged a complaint with Toyota before the warranty expired. ). That's why we stopped buying Toyota. We bought another brand to replace My hubby's car, and when my Sienna dies completely, I will go to HONDA.
  14. Nikkeee

    Nikkeee Guest

    We have had multiple issues with the sliding doors of our 2005 Toyota Sienna... In the past three years I have replaced multiple parts on the Drivers Side sliding door to the tune of about $1500! Now my passenger side sliding door is busted the same way...apparently the cable, latch and motor have all failed at the same time and will now cost us $2200??? Given the history of the sliding door issues and all the recent recalls... Toyota is aware of the safety problems. I don't understand why all makes and models shouldn't be covered for the recall...it's a safety hazard to many families...and they know it. This isn't regular wear and tear it's happening to many of my friends' Sienna vans as well...this a faulty part and since we paid full price for our vehicle (under the impression that everything in it was in "Safe" working order) we shouldn't have to pay extra for a mistake Toyota has made? Very disappointing :(
  15. Ocscooter

    Ocscooter Guest

    Just had the driver's side sliding door cable break on my 2010 Sienna LE with 65,000 miles. Baltimore dealer said it's not covered under warranty and would be $1600 to repair cable and motor.
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  16. DKB

    DKB New Member

    Hello OishiJPN,
    I am new to this forum. I too have a 2006 Sienna and my passenger sliding door went out on 8/3/15 and I spent $1746.74 to get it working again at a Toyota dealer. A year later the driver's side passenger door went out and I drove to the nearest dealer because the door was stuck open and I literally drove it to the closest dealer because the van was making that very loud "door open" alarm. I asked the service manager if he could just cut the cord and he said no and proceeded to tell me all of the built in safety features etc. so I paid the $2010.36. I work from home and do not put many miles on my vehicle but I was past the 9 year extension. This is my 4th Toyota vehicle but unfortunately it may be my last. I can not comprehend spending 4K just do get in and out of the vehicle. This was a safety issue; both times the cables "broke" the doors were stuck in the open position. I totally understand a transmission or a cracked block.....but not doors.
  17. deepesh

    deepesh Guest

    I also have issue. I bought a 2nd hand 2008 sienna last year and the driver side power sliding door cable broke. Dealer quote ~2k to fix it. The extended warranty seem to cover only 04-07 model for cable issue. Anybody had luck getting it fixed under it?

    On top of this have power steering fluid leak which is another 2k. This sucks.
  18. "Heidi Homeister" Toyota took care of the cable on the passenger side 5 months ago and now won't do the drivers side, as they say they made a mistake on the first fix. Well there goes Toyota, no more. Had our hearts set on a Tundra and Prius, no more, no more.
  19. R. Aronson

    R. Aronson Guest

    Same deal - cable broke on our 2008 Sienna (115K). Not covered under the extended warranty (Toyota how come? - same problem on models after 2007). Went to Toyota dealer, paid $100 diagnostic fee, got quote for $2,400 for "all day job". We declined. Went to local body shop who said it's a 3 hour job and quoted us $1,600. We ordered and paid for the cable/motor from the body shop. In meantime, body shop found out from their contacts at a different dealer that this known defect is the subject of a PENDING RECALL, including for our 2008 model, not yet announced so dealers can get the parts first. Betting the dealer didn't tell us because they would get paid less by Toyota under the recall than the $2,400 they tried to get from us. The body shop says they are attempting to return the part and refund us the cost we fronted, although we will be charged a restocking fee. Will use the door manually until the recall is announced. To be repaired under the recall will have to do it at a dealer. Will certainly not use the dealer we went to. We are grateful to the body shop - Auto Design Collision Center in Crown Point IN- for their honesty. In the meantime, when is the recall going to happen Toyota? And do we get reimbursed for the diagnostic fee and restocking fee?
  20. Ccoon

    Ccoon Guest

    I have a 2010 Sienna with 90,000 miles on it. Both sliding door cables have broken. I can open the doors maunally, but with 2 small children that is not why I got this van. One cable broke around 75,000 miles and the other at 87,000. The dealer wants over $3500 to fix them. This is ridiculous. I have always been a toyota fan because of their reliability and this has really given me a pause.
    The dealer says that my vehicle is not eligible for the warranty enhancement according to my VIN number. What is the best recourse for this problem?

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