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2004-2010 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Cable Warranty Extension ZTS

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. dld2000

    dld2000 Guest

    I am so frustrated to see that there was an extended warranty on this and not notified. I even took my car to the dealer during the time and they never mentioned it. Just the $1000+ it would cost to fix it. The first one snapped just after the car turned 7 years and then the other 3 months later. My car wasn't over mileage. It now looks like I'm screwed. I bought this minivan new b/c it was rated #1 by Consumer Reports....what a lemon I got (more issues than this) and b/c I wanted to have sliding doors for me and my kids. WHY has this not been a recall? Someone who knows how things work needs to file a class action lawsuit for this apparent massive group. SUPER unhappy customer!
  2. I bought a used 2011 Toyota Sienna LE in 2014 from the Toyota dealership. Recently my Driver side Sliding door malfunctions when closing. It starts to close then reopens. I push the button to close it and it stops in mid close and an alarm sounds. I received an extended warranty notice which describes this issue but when I took it into Mesa Earnhardt dealership they said that it was the cable causing the issue and would need to replace it and the motor too at my expense in excess of $1000.00. I looked on line and there are tons of complaints about these cables continuously going bad and causing the doors to malfunction. I can't believe this isn't a recall issue and I will let anyone who will listen know to steer clear of this van and Toyota for not being an honorable company in fixing a well known issue in these vans from 2004 and on!!!!! Class action lawsuit?
  3. Mazz

    Mazz Guest

    2010....cable broke on both sliding doors...pretty much gave up arguing with Toyota after the first one broke and they gave me a quote that was near 2k.. My wife just found a letter that said that it will extend the warranty on door latch assembly..but I guess that's not the cables...Toyota is such a joke..I will never buy another Toyota..
  4. Ed mansfield

    Ed mansfield Guest

    I have same problem 2009 sienna, 94,088 miles, wife complaining for awile passenger door sticks, I finally looked, cable broken, called toyota said warrany extension over in Oct 2017
    Stupid Captcha driving me nuts
  5. ed mansfield

    ed mansfield Guest

    you can be sorry for me too
  6. ed mansfield

    ed mansfield Guest

    I'm curious, with a lot of people very dissatisfied with the engineering and quality of their Toyota, and telling friends and family to boycot the brand, do you think telling them that a new one is the way to go?
  7. ed mansfield

    ed mansfield Guest

    me too,
  8. Julie Sevig

    Julie Sevig Guest

    May I pm you my vin number as well?
  9. mamma2poa

    mamma2poa Guest

    Our right rear sliding door broke while on vacation. The cable snapped, possibly because the fuel door was ajar when my son tried to open the door and the sensor didn't stop it. I was excited to see the possibility of an extended warranty, called Toyota with my vin number, and was told it was covered. When I took it to the local dealer he told me the only thing covered (2010 Sienna) was the latches. I'm sure that's not it, and that I'm in for a BIG price tag if I decide to get this fixed. This is our sixth Toyota so we're loyal customers. Damn, this is disappointing.
  10. mamma2poa

    mamma2poa Guest

  11. mamma2poa

    mamma2poa Guest

    What is the PM address?
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    PM stands for Private Message and no, we don’t look up recalls/warranty extensions for owners.
  13. Jim Hunkele

    Jim Hunkele Guest

    I am a loyal Toyota customer, I’ve owned several Toyotas over the past 15 years. I am having problems with the driver side sliding door on my 2013 sienna. Long story short, I’ve had the sliding Door recall work done, the latch replaced under the extended warranty fix for that, but now, the cable on that same door has been jamming, bunching up in the door jam, and now has snapped. The local dealer told me it will cost $500 to fix, when I’ve never had problems with the cable before they “adjusted it“ several times for the recall and warranty fixes. Now I see in this thread that Toyota has extended the cable replacement warranty for up to the 2010. This needs to be extended to the 2013‘s . I’m certainly not paying $500 for something that seems to be a big problem with all Toyota sienna’s. I am at the point where I will definitely not purchase another Sienna, and will seriously consider not purchasing any more Toyota vehicles. There have been too many recalls for my Corolla and now our Sienna to have the confidence in the Toyota brand that we once had. We’ve had this car in the shop more than 6 times over the past two months, and it seems like one thing after another.
  14. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    This happened on my 2014 sienna as well. I don't understand why Toyota won't extend the warranty to the newer models as well.
  15. Never Again

    Never Again Guest

    We own a 2009 Toyota Sienna which now has 140,000 miles. We had difficulty with sporadic sticking doors (both sides) almost from the time we bought the car. We brought it into the dealer (Morristown, NJ) several times to determine the cause but because it was sporadic that they weren't able to recreate it. When the extended warranty came out we brought it in to the dealer and explained that this is exactly what was happening to our doors and wanted them replaced. Dealer told us that they could only make the repair if the doors actually break. Last year when we were at 125,000 miles the passenger side door broke. Dealer said it was out of warranty and would we would have to pay for it. They referred us to Toyota customer service. After a lot of back and forth, initially offering to pay half of the repair, they covered the entire repair. It was an exhausting process but happy that they stepped up. Now at 140,000 miles the driver side broke. Dealer wants to charge us $1,700. No recourse at Toyota. I have had it. I just don't EVER want to deal with Toyota again. We will NEVER buy a Toyota again. (And don't even get me started on those Dunlop run flat tires that don't last 10,000 miles, but that belongs into a separate thread)
  16. Mike Kojis

    Mike Kojis New Member

    I have a 2010 Sienna with 60,000 miles. The driver side rear sliding door cable snapped. I contacted Toyota and my extended warranty for this problem expired August 21,2018. This happened on October 6, 2018. Toyota said that even one day out of warranty it would not be covered. so much for brand loyalty. We were a Toyota family until this. The quoted cost to repair is $1250. The fact that we all, myself, wife, children and grandchildren all own Toyotas means nothing. They have a known problem and refuse to stand behind their product
  17. Eric

    Eric Guest

  18. Eric

    Eric Guest

    So I am trying to understand the fact that I brought my car which is it 2006 Toyota Sienna into the shop when it was Within the warranty period and they charged me $100 to determine whether it was the issue that was covered by the warranty however they claim they could not tell and said if I wanted to have it fixed I would have to contact all these departments and go through all these channels. I decided to do that however each department told me that I would have to bring it to a shop / dealership so they can determine whether it was covered or not. so I brought it to the dealership for the second time and explained again what was going on told them the department that told me to go there and they told me to call other numbers, in other words the extension of the warranty is most likely up considering I do not know the actual date that the nine years begins so I have to double-check that however now I am over the 120,000 and at 130,000. So after all the run around I paid $100 and nothing has been resolved because somebody please tell me what my next course of action should be. Thank you! Upset customer.​
  19. Kris

    Kris Guest

    Several months ago the cable snapped on the passenger side of my 2010 Sienna. I was quoted $1200 by the dealership or they could tie off the cables for $300. We chose the $300 option. A out a month ago the other door cable snapped. I did not want to pay $300 again for this obvious defect. Just brought the car in & we were told about the extended warrantee which only goes up to 2007 models. I'm seeing so many w/ newer models having the same issue. Come on Toyota! Step up! We have been loyal customers & this is what we get. If this isn't resolved, we are done buying Toyotas. Obviously the issue was not remedied in the newer models, so why don't we also get the benefit of the extended warrantee?
  20. Not happy

    Not happy Guest

    We have a 2010 Sienna. The left sliding door cable broke at about 70,000 miles and Toyota wouldn't back it. Now today at 110,000 miles the right side cable broke. I'm so ticked off. If Toyota doesn't stand behind this, I'm officially never purchasing another Toyota again and I have had a lot of them in the past. My only recourse is to never give Toyota another dime.

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