2004 Toyota Camry with Code P0793 Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor



After I Changed the sensor I started the engine and now I'm getting a whining sound from the transmission , any ideas??


Ive been having an issue with my transmission where the speedometer will tank to 0 and i basically cant drive until it resets. Id have to push upwards of 4000 rpm to go roughly 10-20mph while this was happening. Sometimes all i have to do is pull over turn car off for a couple minutes then get back to it until the next time it happens. I've had mechanics look at it and one sensor replaced by them. Today i took it upon myself to change both speed sensors on the top of the transmission, cleaning all connectors as well. Put everything back together had no check engine light and thought it was good. Got in for a test drive and made it a block before it tanked on me in a left turn. Got back home erased the error codes which were p0500 and p0793 and let it sit for 45 minutes. Started up with nothing wrong, made it to the same left turn and it tanked on me for 30 seconds before going back and then the check engine light appeared. Made it to work about 6 miles away with no further issues. Ran the code again and this time its just p0793. What else should i look at? All connections are good. Wiring seems good. I've been having this issue ever since i bought this damn car and im about ready to talk to the ftc and see if it fits their lemon law.