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2006-2007 Toyota Highlander, 2004-2009 Prius Brake Actuator Warranty Extension ZG1

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by Lewis, May 31, 2016.

  1. Karen

    Karen Guest

    I am intersted in joining a class action lawsuit. Toyota has refused to honor the extended warranty for the brake actuator using insufficient codes as an excuse though All the codes come up. corporate is totally stonewalling us.
  2. Karen

    Karen Guest

    Hi Karen, I am interestted in forming a class action suit against Toyota for the same brake actutor warranty violation. If I may join you or you would like to form a group: I may be reached at ***-***-****
  3. Molly Pearl

    Molly Pearl Guest

    Hello. I just had to pay over $5,000 to replace the ABS actuator on our 2008 Highlander Hybrid. I found at least 76 identical complaints for this model year on the NHTSA carcomplaints.com website. I see that the 2006 and 2007 Highlander Hybrids, along with some Prius model years, had the same issue with the ABS and customers received reimbursement for the service. I humbly request that Toyota do the same for all of us who own 2008 Highlander Hybrids. This costly repair was a big financial hit for our family. We had bought the vehicle used last year and put our money into new brakes, new tires, and a 90K tune-up. I had sold my RAV4 to buy this larger car so that I could take our kids to school. My husband is on his second Prius. We are loyal Toyota customers. I had assumed that the Highlander would give us years of safe and trouble-free driving, just as my old RAV4 had been. I am so disappointed that Toyota is not covering the cost of replacing the ABS for the 2008 when it is obviously a safety hazard and a common issue with this model year as well. Please help.

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