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2006-2011 Toyota Rav4 Rear Lower Suspension Arm Recall G0V

Discussion in 'Recalls' started by OishiiJPN, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    This is a 3rd time Recall for this concern because some vehicles were found to not be repaired properly with the first two attempts. The first two were the C0J and then CSJ.


    Safety Recall G0V - Remedy Notice
    2006 to 2011 RAV4 Vehicles Rear Lower Suspension Arm (No. 1) Assemblies

    On August 10th , Toyota filed an amended Defect Information Report (DIR) with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informing the agency of our intent to change the remedy on certain 2006 to 2011 model year RAV4 vehicles.

    Safety Recall G0V applies to a specific population of 2006-2011 model year RAV4 vehicles involved in Toyota’s previous recall related to the Rear Lower Suspension Arm No. 1. The previous recall included the inspection of the suspension arm assemblies for corrosion and, if necessary, replacement of the suspension arm assemblies on the subject vehicles. In some cases, corroded arms may not have been identified and replaced. Moving forward, any vehicle that has not already had both rear lower suspension arms replaced under the previous recall remedy are now included in this new Safety Recall. Customers with these vehicles will be asked to return to the dealership for the revised remedy procedure. This remedy will be performed at NO CHARGE to the customer.

    In the earlier action, if the nuts for adjusting rear wheel alignment were improperly tightened when an alignment was performed, rust could form on suspension arm threads. If this occurs, and if the condition is not identified and remedied during servicing or repair under the existing remedy procedure, the threads can wear over time, causing the arm to separate, which could result in a loss of vehicle control. Remedy The remedy will involve the replacement of BOTH suspension arms and encasing them in epoxy. An alignment will be performed, as well, and warning labels will be applied.

    Covered Vehicles:
    There are approximately 329,000 2006-2011 RAV4 vehicles covered by this Safety Recall. There are approximately 9,400 vehicles covered by this Safety Recall that were distributed to Puerto Rico.

    Owner Letter Mailing Date:
    Toyota will notify owners in September of 2016.
  2. Susan Hegg

    Susan Hegg Guest

    What the recall does not address is the issue performing a rear-end alignment on the vehicles affected by this recall. A rear-end alignment will now consist of REMOVING the epoxy applied for this recall, aligning the rear end and REPLACING the above. The cost of a rear-end alignment to the vehicle owner will now include $468 for the epoxy kit PLUS the added labor to remove and reapply the epoxy. This is the "fix" for the design or design implementation flaw in the rear-end control arm that Toyota has put in place. This is not acceptable. When I purchased the Toyota Rav4 the cost of a rear-end alignment was less than half the current cost with this "fix" in place. I feel that Toyota is just screwing their customers for their design flaw and I will be trading in my Rav4 as soon as I can. I will not be replacing it with another Toyota product because of this experience.

    It is sad to think that this is the third try to repair this issue and this is the best that Toyota can come up with, make the customer pay more for the pleasure of owning a supposedly reliable and low maintenance cost vehicle.

    Thank you
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  3. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

  4. On February 4th 2017 i took my toyota RAV4 into my dealership at Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. in Trinidad where i live to have the Rear Suspension Arm changed. I was given paperwork following the procedure stating that it was changed. On May 2nd 2017 while my son was driving the vehicle, the Rear Suspension arm separated causing him to pull off the road because the right rear tyre was bent out of place. On contacting the dealership, i was told that they had not changed the part but had put in a clip to hold it in place because they were given directive that on initial check when the vehicle was brought in for the recall, if there was nothing wrong with the part, to put a clip in place to hold it together. Today is May 25th and my vehicle is still down as they are trying to source the replacement part. I have lost all confidence in the TOYOTA BRAND.
  5. nana bja

    nana bja Guest

    I have the same problem and because of it, i had to change the rear tires on my vehicle three time than the front ones in short periode of time and the tires are RFT so expansive .it is just so bad, trying to sale it soon and get new car but for sure not toyota.
  6. Keith

    Keith Guest

    I agree with the above. This is a cheap way for Toyota to avoid their design flaw. I had this recall done in 2014, and I assumed the "epoxy" was just a "temporary" thing to keep the adjustment nut from slipping. But when I went into get new tires and an alignment to Firestone, they told me they couldn't align the rear because of the recall epoxy prevented them from making adjustment, and the alignment was slightly off, thus creating unnecessary tire wear. I had to bring my Rav 4 into the dealer for another recall and I discussed this with the service manager. He understood the dilema, and said they would check the rear alignment when I came in, and if it was out, they would correct the matter . . I guess cut off control arms, add new epoxy after aligning. When I took it in, the service rep said I would have to pay for an alignment $89. I explained my conversation, and another service manager came and said he completely "understood" the situation and dilema, but he still had to charge me for the alignment, and any repairs to correct if out of alignment. I told him I would be contacting Toyota about this. He said he agreed with my frustration, but his hands were tied.

    Alignments are "maintenance" and even some tire dealers try to require you to have yearly alignments before honoring tire warranties. But no alignment adjustment and epoxy of the adjusting nut is going to be permanent (Toyota service confirmed this), so what Toyota essentially did, was "lock" the alignment such that no adjustment can be made without completely removing the arms and epoxy and installing new arms, and the required epoxy, at a very, very high cost at least 4x the cost of an alignment.

    The recall and explanation claims the adjustment nut "if not tightened securely". . . "could" allow rust to build up and cause the support to separate creating lost of steerage control. So instead of issuing a warning for all alignment service centers to securely tighten the adjustment nut (this sounds like a "duh!"), they decided not to "trust" the alignment service people and lock the nut with epoxy, which can not be removed without removing the entire control arm. I guess the best response to those who have not yet had this recall and epoxy done, is to avoid doing this? What are the consequences? I guess increase awareness of the potential of rust to build up and advising your alignment service technician to watch for it and to always "securely tighten" the adjustment nut?

    Very disappointed in Toyota on this recall. It's an insult to intelligence.
  7. Keith

    Keith Guest

    My understanding, from reading the above, is a subsequent alignment, is not to remove the epoxy.. . you can't "remove" epoxy, it's like hard resilient glass. . but the entire control arms have to be removed and replaced, and alignment performed, then the adjusting nut is re-encased in epoxy. This has to be more than $487, for parts and labor to remove both control arms, perform alignment, and then the subsequent epoxy. And note, alignments are part of vehicle "maintenance." In fact my Firestone dealer "tried" to insist that regular alignments were required to support the warranty on the tire (Bridgestone rep said this wasn't true). So if your Rav4 gets out of alignment or you're getting new tires and alignment, you're going to have to pay to have the support arms removed and replaced, alignment, and the epoxy. Seems stupid to cover the arms in expoxy to "prevent rust" which is an obvious design flaw. Better to coat with grease or paint sealer that allows a subsequent adjustment for alignment.

    For what it's worth I just called the Toyota Customer Extension Support, and filed a case. They're going to call the dealer and research this. They asked what I wanted for resolution, and I said to have my Rav4 aligned in the rear, and if that required removing the arms, so be it, but if Toyota insists on adding the epoxy (I think I would prefer to leave it off) then this procedure will have to be repeated in the future, and Toyota "will" have to cover it again. Seems likes there's a better fix?
  8. Keith

    Keith Guest

    My understanding is there are subsequent recall "fixes" for this problem, and the final one "GOV" was to removed both arms, replace, align, epoxy. Your dealer must of done one of the earlier fixes. But if you read the recall explanation above, some what confusing I know, it appears to be two-fold. One is to insure the adjusting nut is "tightened securely" (but alignment specialists) and two, to keep the arm from rusting. The clip would keep the nut tight, but not prevent rust, which may have happened to your vehicle, and the control arm rusted through and broke, loosing steerage control. Surely you're getting Toyota to rectify this!
  9. Rio

    Rio Guest

    Another data point for this issue. My 2010 Rav4 had the recall installed twice. The last time was just over a year ago. The alignment is out and the dealer says they would have to redo the recall for >$600 and corporate refuses to pay for the recall. In my opinion, corporate was rude to me. So Toyota does a bandaid recall fix, turns a standard adjustment into a >$600 job, and forces the customer to pay for the recall. Unethical at best.
  10. I totally agree with you, Susan! Same issue with my RAV4. If Toyota was smart they would perform the repair as needed but only charge a standard alignment price and eat the rest of the cost for life for such a design flaw.

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