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2006-2012 Toyota Rav4 Rear Differential Warranty Extension LSC ZF4

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by Lewis, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. russ

    russ Guest

    My 2009 RAV4 just developed the growl/ whining noise. I took it in right away and they ordered the part(s) without telling me anything about the warranty extension. I called to discuss this and was informed of it. I have not seen any recall letter to date so I wasn't sure what they were doing. I am always on top of this since my Tundra had a frame replacement couple years ago and that was a complete disaster. It took 16 weeks for that to get replaced and the frame kept mysteriously not showing up from week to week. Again, I was told the part for this would be in next week and it did not arrive, now I am being told there is no expected date and not to drive the vehicle much even though they state it is not a safety hazard. Toyota will not provide a loaner or rental and I've had an independent mechanic review it and tell me that it could cause a serious hazard if it fails so don't drive on the highway at high rates of speed. Toyota is banking on the fact that "I haven't seen one fail yet" as told to me by two separate service centers. Two things: what part(s) are being replaced and how do we know if there is not additional damage to the rear diff that may or may not get repaired? Second, could this really be a hazard when driving?
  2. It took about 14 weeks for our part to arrive in July and it was fully covered under warranty. The dealership seemed to really have no answers other than the # on backorder across canada. It seems fine now but this service is disappointing. Also since I didn't run the car for 14 weeks the battery went dead. so the dealership did not charge for labour in replacing the battery. No fault of the dealership but the parts problem was disappointing.
  3. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed New Member

    I just took my RAV4 in to the local dealer here. I do have a growling sound from the rear end
    Their mechanic wrote the sound up as noise from cupped tires. The noise I'm hearing has nothing to do with tire noise. It is a distinctive mechanical growl only heard at certain torc levels. I was a truck driver for 15 years and have always been mechanically inclined. I have done auto body work and worked on big trucks and my own cars for many years. I know what cupped tires sound like. What is my best option for having this problem rechecked? I'm 90% certain that my Toyota has this covered problem.
  4. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    In a case like this, we would swap out the tires with another set and retest drive. If the noise remained then we know that the problem is the rear end. If it went away then it was the tires. I'm not saying that this is a feasible task, just a way to eliminate the variable in question.
  5. BJulissa

    BJulissa Guest


  6. Lisa Kay

    Lisa Kay Guest

    My dealer is charging me $463.32 to replace the rear differential seals (& "vent") they said were leaking.

    They also performed the differential warranty enhancement work. BUT they called me and said THEY heard the growling noise (yet put on the receipt "Customer states hears growling noise"), and needed to look into the differential, then called and quoted to repair the seals - only told me about the coupling warranty work when I picked up the car..

    (I brought car in for a seatbelt recall and oil change & tire rotation; this differential thing came out of the blue)

    Weren't they already in there to repair the coupling - so did they really spend $389.85 in labor to replace the seals?

    In the T-SB-0080-13 it lists Seals & Deflectors, but not the same numbers as on my receipt.

    I feel like they are double-dipping, and only looked into the differential because they knew there was warranty work to be had). I called Toyota who opened a case, and I need to call the service manager back and want to be prepared.

    thanks for the info on this thread so far, and any advice you can give on my argument against being charged so much labor to replace the seals.
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  7. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the question and apologize for the late reply. It sounds like what they replaced were the rear differential axle seals. If this is the case them the two operations were not overlapping. Please keep in mind that this is your vehicle so if you have any questions about what work the Dealer is recommending, just ask them to take you out to your vehicle and explain (show) you what and why you need this work. This really helps everyone and we as Dealer personnel actually enjoy the interest in what we do.

    Also, it sounds like the differential replacement is something (noise) that they noticed and not you? If this is the case and it was covered by Toyota, then it sounds like they did you a solid. It's not something that Toyota looks on happily as we are not allowed to up-sell warranty work. Either way, you got the updated rear differential which is nice.
  8. Lisa Kay

    Lisa Kay Guest

    No need to apologize; thanks for the reply.

    Yes - if I look at it differently, it was good they replaced the coupling since I didn't notice this grinding noise, and apparently other owners have the opposite problem.

    My issue is though - didn't they have to disassemble the differential to repair the coupler? From diagrams I've been able to find, the coupler and the seals seem somewhat close together so it seems like the labor was overlapping up to a point because they had to open the area up for the coupler, and close it.

    I will probably go in person and talk to the service manager. I didn't know we could have them show us what they're talking about - in my case, I had dropped the vehicle off so I wasn't there.

    Thanks again!
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  9. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    My pleasure and thank you for allowing us to help you. :)
  10. Karey

    Karey Guest

    Hi all, does the noise you all are talking about have anything to do with the transmission whine that is also common? I literally just bought a 2010 RAV4 and now im seeing all these issues crop up. I dont have a warranty on this vehicle and still have a couple days to return to the dealer. I also travel quite a bit- makes me wonder if its worth keeping. With 81k miles i figured Id get another 100k on it without any major issues.
  11. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Are there any other symptoms of rear differential failure? Gas mileage dropped to about 20mpg this spring, and garage can't find anything wrong. I have a 2010 4cyl AWD. Gonna ask the dealer when I bring it in for recall service.
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    The two items of note would be a warning light with possible codes and/or a noise from the rear.
    How did the Dealer Service appointment for this go?
  13. Mike

    Mike New Member

    They said that the rear diff was fine. If the problem exists, it shouldn't affect anything like gas mileage, it just makes noise. I wasn't hearing noise. Thanks for the reply.
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  14. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Mike, Thanks for the follow up and glad to hear everything is working well.
  15. Susan

    Susan Guest

    Hi. I have a 2010 Rav4 and was just told I will need a rear differential by my mechanic. He is replacing the wheel bearing, but said there is noise coming from the back that isn't from the wheel bearing. I bought this car used at a local dealership. I have received no recall letters, or warranty extensions. The amount of money to repair this for me is HUGE! There are about 82,200 miles. Am I too late to jump on this?
    Thank you for any help!!
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  16. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    The Primary coverage is till April 30, 2017 so yes, I would say that your Rav4 qualifies.
  17. sebavicto

    sebavicto New Member

    Hi, I already called the Toyota dealer(Gabriel St.Laurent) I'm usually going in Montreal(Canada) and left messages but no reply yet.

    As I haven't received the recall letter and I was there last 6th February 2017 for another recall(R09 Wiper Motor) and they didn't inform me about this recall of the rear differential.

    I'm leaving this not registered in Toyota as it's before April 30th so no one can say anything I didn't contact Toyota before the expire date.

    I look forward to hearing from your side what's included in the rear differential recall, ex. if it's leaking I believe it should be included with the change.

    Thanks in advance, Sebastian
  18. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to post. Please keep in mind that this was a warranty extension and not a recall. Also the bulletin that the extension refers to 0080-13 lists the concern as a Growl noise and not a leak. The coverage can vary depending on the Dealer who is inspecting the vehicle as Toyota entrusts them to make the call on the vehicle coverage.
  19. Adrian

    Adrian Guest

    is this deal only for usa? i live in calgary canada, do we have the same deal over here?
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  20. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    I think earlier in this thread, Oishii stated that yes it does and is called WAB2190. Here's a link...

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