2007-2008 Toyota Tundra Rust Corrosion on Frame Condition Warranty Extension ZH7


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Warranty Enhancement Letter ZH7


Warranty Enhancement Program ZH7
2007-2008 Model Year Tundra Extension of Warranty Coverage for Frame Corrosion

In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Warranty Enhancement Program to extend the warranty coverage for Frame Corrosion on certain 2007-2008 model year Tundra vehicles.

On May 21, 2017, a settlement of claims in a class action lawsuit involving 2005-2010 Toyota Tundra vehicles regarding frame corrosion was approved. This finally approved class action settlement includes inspection of the customers frame, and if the frames meet or exceed the Rust Perforation Standard based on the court ordered inspection criteria, the frame will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Toyota is currently preparing parts for frame replacement.

This settlement will also include CRC (Corrosion Resistant Compound) application. Toyota is currently preparing parts for CRC application process. Once available, CRC application will be covered under a separate Limited Service Campaign (LSC), and will only be available for vehicles registered in Cold Climate States that pass frame inspection criteria and did not:

  • Previously have the frame replaced and/or
  • Previously had the frame sprayed with CRC under any previous campaign

Toyota has received reports that certain 2007-2008 model year Tundra vehicles operated in specific Cold Climate States ( District of Columbia, CT, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WI and WV) with road salt usage may exhibit more than normal corrosion to the vehicles frame.

Toyota investigated these reports and determined that the frames in some vehicles may not corrosion resistant protection sufficient for use in these areas.

This combined with prolonged exposure to road salts and other environmental factors, may contribute to the development of more than normal rust in the frame of some vehicles.

This condition is unrelated to and separate from normal surface rust which is commonly found on metallic surfaces after some years of usage and/or exposure to the environment.

Warranty Enhancement Programs (WEP) Details:
This Warranty Enhancement Program provides enhanced coverage to the vehicles "New Vehicle Limited Warranty" as it applies to frame corrosion. The specific condition covered by this program is rust that satisfies the Rust Perforation Standards as per the Settlement Agreement. If the condition is verified, the vehicle, the vehicle will be repaired with a new frame under the terms of this Warranty Enhancement Program.
  • The coverage offers the later of 12 years from the Date of First Use (DOFU) or one year from the date of Final Approval. (5/21/2017)

Warranty Enhancement Coverage:

If a customer believes their vehicle has been operated in cold climate regions of the United States where high road salt is frequently used and/or a customer is concerned that their vehicles frame has more than normal corrosion, Toyota Dealerships are requested to inspect the vehicles frame for corrosion using the Court ordered frame inspection and replacement protocol.

Based upon the results of the inspection, Dealerships are requested to do one of the following at no charge to the vehicle owner:
  • For warm climate states, if the vehicles frame passes inspection, no further action is required
  • For Cold Climate States ( District of Columbia, CT, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WI and WV), if the vehicles frames passes Toyota's Inspection, the vehicle may be eligible to have Corrosion Resistant Compound (CRC) protection applied. This will be applied under a separate Limited Service Campaign (LSC)
  • For all states and territories, if the vehicles frame meets or exceeds the standard for frame replacement, the frame will be replaced at no charge to the customer.
Covered Vehicles:
There are approximately 341,200 vehicles covered by this Warranty Enhancement Program.

Owner Letter and Mailing Date:
Toyota will begin to notify customers in September 2017 and will be mailed over several months.


How about 2006 Tundra in Ontario Canada. If it is known for northern States, what about Canada?
Why is the 2006 Tundra not include when the condition is known in this your range as well?
Is it covered under a different recall?
If I bring my 2006 to Toyota Tundra with a bad frame to a Toyota Dealer will they replace it or say too bad?



I have a 2006 tundra with a hole in the frame and went to the dealer, they took picture and sended it to toyota and they replied that there is no warranty on the frame, and the limited campaign has ended in 2015. i dont understand why the 2006 tundra is not included in the settlement