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2007-2011 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Sun Visor Warranty Extension ZTT

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Sep 23, 2013.


    KENNETH RAY New Member

    I have a 2007 Camry and Driver side visor just flopped down and will not stay up. I called the 800 number for them to tell me it's outside the warranty/recall. I mean I love my car and take great care of it. But you would think if something had a recall it would be good for the life of the car. I'm sure I will have to pay for the visor to be fixed I just want someone to hear my frustrations. I just think the recall should be valid for the life of the car. Just because mine didn't break during the recall time I'm forced to pay for repairs? Suck.
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  2. Narsinghani

    Narsinghani Guest

    I had a similar problem and Toyota basically denied coverage for my particular model (2007 Camry Hybrid made in Japan) outside of the extended warranty that Toyota offered; I had mine fixed since it was a safety hazard. The best thing to do at this time would be for each of us to file a NHTSA complaint see previous threads; and make it know that it is in fact a serial problem affecting more cars than what was covered in the extended warranty ZTT and it would become a recall; it takes about 2 mins to submit a form online. There have been more and more complaints about the same problem that Toyota has acknowledged but failed to include a larger fleet of cars.

    I sincerely request all on this list to do so; it would eventually become a widely known problem and Toyota would be asked by NTHSA to address this effectively.
  3. Carole

    Carole Guest

    I have 2010 Toyota Camry with the VIN 4T1BF 3EK 7AU065839. Is this covered? I looked at the numbers and I could not tell. I believe it might be thanks.
  4. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    It looks like it is based on the middle row of the 2010 VIN list. The best way to be sure is have your local Toyota Dealer run your VIN through TIS (Toyota Information System) and that will tell us for sure.
  5. Crystal

    Crystal Guest

    I purchased a 2007 Camry from a dealer in Alabama, I live in Louisiana, I noticed that the visor was broken it would not move just fall down. They said they could fix it but I was driving home that night. Now that I am realizing there was a recall and it does not a how taut it was fixed on the carfax, would I still be able to get it fixed or refunded for the part I purchased myself? I paid $60 for a replacement online. I gave the company the VIN to make sure it was the right part.
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  6. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Crystal, thanks for the question. Please keep in mind that this is a warranty extension and not a Recall, you can read about the differences here.

    If you had your vehicle repaired before the warranty extension was issued then yes, you can reimbursed for the repair cost but once the extension is started, you would have to have the repair performed by the Dealer. This is the way that I understand it but if you would like, you should contact Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.
  7. maly bryan

    maly bryan New Member

  8. maly bryan

    maly bryan New Member

    My passenger side visor just broke about a month ago. It's a 2009, but purchased in 2008. Finally got my dashboard replaced last week Alf asked about the visor. Toyota says they won't fix it since its passed the warranty time. I don't understand why not since it's a known issue, and dangerous to drive with it down all the time. I've loved my camry, but to spend over $100 to fix the visor is steep.
  9. maly bryan

    maly bryan New Member

    I'm having the same issue. Mine didn't break in time either.
  10. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Please take the time to report your concerns to NHTSA and maybe a Recall will be issued if they receive enough consumer reports.


    I have a Toyota Camry 2011. My driver front sun visor had ding dang for a while and finally broke off last week. I brought it to the dealer and had it replaced for $85. At the dealer, no one let me know about this issue. I'd learned it from a friend after all. Can I get reimbursement and how? Greatly appreciated!
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  12. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    If you paid to have it replaced before this warranty extension came out then yes, I would think so. If you paid to have it replaced afterwards, then either your vehicle didn't qualify or the dealer should have replaced it at no charge but didn't. The best place to ask would be with Toyota themselves. 1-800-331-4331
  13. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I have a 2010 Camry. The left front visor was replaced under the warranty. A little over a year later it failed again. Since it was over 12 months the dealer said it was out of parts warranty and the other warranty was one time only. I paid for the repair, but the dealer called Toyota while I was there and I got a voucher for new repairs equal to the cost of the visor, so no problem. A while later, the right side failed, also covered under the warranty.

    Today the left side failed again. I contacted my dealer, who referred me to a toll free Toyota number. I spoke with a rep who told me that nothing was going to be done. I asked for a supervisor and I am waiting for a call back. Now I am familiar with warranties and when they are up they are up. I get that.

    But in this instance we are now about to put the 4th left side visor in a car that is 7 years old. I have never had to replace a visor in all the other cars I have owned in my lifetime. So I am figuring that the replacement parts came from the same lot as the orgininal parts and all are defective. Seems like Toyota should take this into account.

    Otherwise a good car, which is what makes this issue so aggravating.
  14. lanadoone

    lanadoone Guest

    Thank you, I just did. Toyota has my updated address and sends me correspondence all the time; however, I never received this recall notice. Considering that this is a hazard issue, you would think Toyota would address this and do the right thing. I wonder what consequences they are waiting for.
  15. mart_81

    mart_81 Guest

    Thanks for posting this information about the extended warranty on the Camry sun visor. I almost had to replace the part myself. After I found your posting, I took it to my dealer to replace it for free.
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  16. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Mart_81, thanks for the kind words. Please make sure that you press the Facebook Recommend button down below. This helps get the word out to fellow Camry Owners who may not have heard about this warranty extension.
  17. Erik Merkel

    Erik Merkel Guest

    I have a 2007 Camery and both visors have broken to where the hang straight down. I have called my local Toyata dealer and they say there is nothing they can do about it. Matter of fact we called in 2014 when it first happened and were told they would cost over 300$ each to put in. Are they right about this? I wonder if they are saying this because of the fact it is now 2017.
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  18. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    That is correct. It appears that your 2007 Camry would have qualified up until 2014 since the extension was for 7 years/unlimited mileage and now it is past the time frame.
  19. My 2013 Tacoma driverside sun visor will not stay up, the hinge seems broken, is that covered in by any of the recalls, the truck has about 35,000 miles. Currently I have the sun visor being held in place with a large book clip, which is working, but I can put the visor down to block the sun.
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  20. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    I don't believe that Toyota issued any warranty extension for the visors on the Tacoma. You can still fill out a NHTSA Complaint to add your concern to any other Tacoma Owners that may be having the same issue.

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