2007-2011 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Sun Visor Warranty Extension ZTT


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I also have the problem 28th my sunvisors on my 2011 Camry. I don't understand why I am told that I am past the 7 year warranty extension when they have not even asked for the purchase date of the vehicle. Although the car is a 2011 I bought the car new in Jan. 2012. Shouldn't it still be under the warranty extension?


I just went to Amazon and bought one for half the price of dealer and my hisbamd put it in.It just twists out of base.

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I have been struggle with this sun visor on the driver side if my 2010 Camery. Never have I experienced anything like this before and want to know how a warrant can be put on this and no notices are sent out. I love my Toyota Camry but this sun visor is dangerous not to mention you can get a ticket for not having it. I tried replacing it only to have the same problem.

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My viser did the same took it to Toyota want to charge me over $200 for viser thats not included labor i said its a recall why do i have to pay for a falling viser that i never even used was told fhe recall expired in my 09 XLE thats so wrong when ny car still in very good condition and the viser just fall down blocking my driving vision all they did for me was remove it so i can see driving . Thats so wrong toyota. At browns glen burnie md

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Toyota has received a number of reports regarding sun visors in certain 2007 to 2011 model year Camry and Camry Hybrid vehicles. In these cases, the sun visor may slowly rotate downward. In a limited number of cases, the sun visor may become detached.


The Sun Visor Assembly and Sun Visor Bracket are covered by Toyota’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever occurs first). However, Toyota is announcing a Customer Support Program (CSP) to cover the replacement of the Sun Visor Assembly and/or Sun Visor Bracket for 7 years from the date-of-first-use (regardless of mileage) for the condition described above.

If a customer has previously paid for the repair or replacement of the Sun Visor Assembly and/or Sun Visor Bracket to address the condition described above, please have them mail a copy of the repair order, proof-of-payment, and proof-ofownership to the following address for reimbursement consideration:

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Customer Experience Center, WC10
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90509

The customer name, address, and telephone number(s) should be included in the request. The customer should allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

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I own a 2009 Camry and since my purchase I have had trouble with the visors. In 2010 I took it to the dealer and spent
$250 to have it fixed.
I was never made aware of any recalls. Going forward I like to know how you will assist me in getting my visor repaired


I owned a 2010 Toyota Camry. Bought it in used in 2010 . Started having issues with both visors about 2016 , didn’t really made much of it. In 2017 it got worst, the driver side visor fell off while driving. Later that spring/ summer the dashboard started melting little by little. By the end of 2017 driver side visor fell off, passenger side visor is dangling, and dashboard is melted and sticky. Well few weeks ago work slowed down and with spare time I decided to try and fix some of the issues my car has. While looking into parts and prices I cane across this blog/ forum. , got some information down and started my research. Today Tuesday (9/10/ 19) I gave their costumer service recall center a call. I gave them my vin # and Well turns out my vehicle falls into both categories; (1) visor issues (both sides) and (2) melting dashboard. Yeaaay I thought. The costumer rep. Insisted they are NOT RECALLS but fall under warranty and extended warranty (bs). And this point I’m out of luck and there’s nothing they can do. I was never notified in any manner nor did my dealership service department made me aware. Same dealership I bought my car and they have always serviced it. Very disappointed in this situation , as third generation Toyota owner , this being my third Toyota , I put this situation into balance next time I get ready to buy a new car.