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2007-2011 Toyota Sienna, Highlander and Venza Engine Oil Cooler Pipe Leak LSC ZE2

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Paxtoner

    Paxtoner Guest

    Hey Cory, same problem here, any follow up ? What did Toyota say or do? Thanks!
  2. Bdbrake

    Bdbrake Guest

    And another today going 75mph. My wife heard a grind:(. Ill figure it out tomorrow:(
  3. Martha

    Martha Guest

    The same issue happened to our 2008 Sienna last night as we we're leaving Dallas and heading home to Austin.
    We will be calling the dealerships here in Dallas in the morning.
    We are the second owners of the van & do not know the "date of first usage".
    Does anyone know how to find the date of first usage on the internet?
  4. Logan

    Logan Guest

    Just adding my case to the list. My wife text me last night that our 2011 Sienna started smelling like burning oil and as she pulled in to our driveway it stated smoking. When i got home i checked the oil level and there was still a small amount of oil left in the engine, just enough to save major damage. I topped off the oil and started the engine to locate the leak and sure enough oil streaming out of the oil cooler line. We are still covered under the secondary enhancement luckily. This problem is extremely serious and should be a full blown recall.
  5. Out of Luck

    Out of Luck Guest

    I had this issue happen to me over the weekend while driving on the highway. Unfortunately, by the time I pulled off the exit, all the oil had drained out of the vehicle. Engine has seized up. The warranty just expired this past April for my vehicle. Is there anyone I can speak with at Toyota?
  6. Ditto
    2011 Sienna xle awd
    Oil all over the driveway and a streak down the street.
    Oil dripping out of the headlights and down the passenger tire well.
    Zero oil on the dipstick.
    A Horrendous Mess!
    Hopefully the engine isn’t seized or toasted.
  7. 2011 Sienna

    2011 Sienna Guest

    Just had this happen on my 2011 Sienna with 138000 miles on it. I have the warranty enhancement letter from Toyota, so I hope it will be covered.

    I am concerned about the health of the engine. My wife probably drive a mile or so with the engine clattering. All oil was pumped out. I added a few quarts to verify the leak point, which is indeed the cooler lines. The engine quieted right up with some oil pressure, but I’m afraid there is internal damage.

    Since I believe I am covered by the warranty, I actually wish the engine was seized. For anyone that has gone through a similar experience, will Toyota look for internal engine damage? Or if it is still running, will they just put the new cooler lines on and send you on your way? I’m trying to decide how damaged the engine should be when I report the problem to my local dealer, if you know what I mean.
  8. Ethan E

    Ethan E Guest

    Same issue as everyone else here. We have an 07 Sienna and one of the oil cooler hose sprung a leak last night. All the oil in the car must have leaked on the highway and it started making some rattling noise right before we got home. Pulled in the driveway, refilled with oil, and the oil is just shooting out from one of the rubber hoses under the engine. This is a really cheap fix for Toyota, but an expensive one for customers, especially if it damages the engine. Why not just take care of your customers?
  9. OWutAFeelin

    OWutAFeelin Guest

    Another one bites the dust. I drove almost 40 miles before the check engine light came on. Pulled off the interstate and immediately called for a tow to my mechanic. Tow truck driver said there was a leak and the tank was bone dry. Roadside assistance didn’t cover the mileage charge over 17 miles, so I have already spent $61 on that. Waiting to hear from mechanic as to the damages, but it’s definitely the oil cooler pipe. It must have busted that day because there’s a puddle in my driveway and a trail down the street. It was raining so I never even noticed.

    2009 Toyota Highlander. Second owner. Meticulous about maintenance. So puzzled as to why this was never addressed at an oil change appointment.
  10. Channel Cat

    Channel Cat Guest

    I lost all my oil and the engine is toast. It's out of scope for the recall. I will pull the engine and see how bad it is. When looking for a JDM engine, the are a lot of engines with out oil cooler. Do I have to replace it with the oil cooler? Can I install the oil cooler on an engine that doesn't have it? Ive read a post where one of the cams broke and that was most of the damage. My engine turns over easily, even runs but roughly. Any advise on rebuilding it?
  11. TammyK

    TammyK Guest

    Second owner of a 2011 Highlander, 129K miles, and just experienced this last Saturday. Made it to the shop where they determined it's the oil coolant line. They are now installing the new part. I advised them to save the old part, and we'll see what the local dealership says.
  12. TammyK

    TammyK Guest

    As a follow-up, I have to jump through hoops to be reimbursed for the $400 repair. One day after repairs, a check engine light came on, which was determined to be a bad O2 sensor (covered with oil). Toyota says they won't pay for the O2 sensor replacement as it's not covered under the enhanced warranty, even though it was directly caused by the oil leak.

  13. Vince

    Vince Guest

    Anyone know if this only applies to a subset of these vehicles?

    For example, the Limited Service Campaign states that 2008-2011 Toyota Highlanders are affected vehicles bur when I punch in my VIN on www.toyota.com/recall, it is able to identifymy vehicle as a 2011 Toyota Highlander but states:

    "There are no open Safety Recalls or Service Campaigns for this vehicle."

    My vehicle is a 2011 Toyota Highlander base model with a 2.7L 1AR-FE 2WD automatic (U760E 6-speed).

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