2009-2010 Toyota Corolla Electric Power Steering System Settlement ZG2 ZG3


Subject: Customer Support Program (CSP) - ZG2/ZG3
(Class Action Settlement for Corson v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc)
2009 – 2010 Model Year Corolla vehicles Electric Power Steering System

On April 6, 2016 a settlement of claims in a class action lawsuit involving certain 2009 and 2010 Toyota Corolla vehicles (excluding the XRS grade) equipped with an electric power steering system was approved.

Background: The class action settlement relates to certain 2009 and 2010 Toyota Corolla vehicles (excluding the XRS grade) equipped with an electric power steering (EPS) system, which has been alleged to “cause vehicles to wander or drift from center at highway speeds and/or suddenly veer to one direction during normal use.” Toyota denies these allegations and believes the concerns raised in the lawsuit are about customer preference for on-center steering feel in the vehicles.

Toyota has determined that turning the page on this legal issue is in the best interests of the company and its employees, dealers and customers. In keeping with its core principles, Toyota has structured this agreement in ways that work to put customers first. This CSP was created as part of the implementation of the settlement.

CSP Coverage: This CSP has three different categories of customer relief as follows:

(a) The no cost installation of a re-tuned electronic control unit ("Re-Tuned ECU") for eligible class members who would prefer an alternative on-center steering feel and from whom Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. has received a complaint about their Subject Vehicle's on-center steering feel;

(b) A fifty (50) percent discounted installation of the Re-Tuned ECU for eligible class members who would prefer an alternative on-center steering feel; or

(c) Reimbursement up to $695.00 for eligible class members who already paid to have a Re-Tuned ECU installed in their Subject Vehicles.

Customers who opted in and are eligible for installation of the Re-Tuned ECU were provided a notification/voucher from the settlement administrator for either a 50% coverage (ZG3) or a 100% coverage (ZG2). Customers eligible for this program must request service prior to April 6, 2017.

Catagory A-- ZG2 100% Part and Labor (Units in operation 34)
Catagory B-- ZG3 50% Part and Labor (Units in operation 4,224)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much will installation of the Re-Tuned ECU cost?

A1: The estimated cost of installing the Re-Tuned ECU is $695. Please note this is only an estimate and the actual cost may vary depending on the labor rates in your geographic area.

Q2: Is the procedure for this CSP the same as outlined in Technical Service Bulletin T-SB- 0140-10?
A2: The only procedure performed as part of this CSP is installation of the Re-Tuned ECU. The TSB 0410- 10 included other procedures that are not included as part of this CSP. If you wish to have other procedures performed, aside from having the Re-Tuned ECU installed, then you will be responsible for paying for those services.

Q2a: Will my vehicle require alignment before having this CSP performed?
A2a: No, it is not required for the vehicle to have an alignment performed before installing the Re-Tuned ECU. However, Toyota recommends you periodically have your alignment checked in accordance with the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure it is within specification. If vehicle alignment is out of specification it may affect vehicle handling characteristics.

Q2b: What if my vehicle requires alignment or other services?
A2b: The CSP does not cover additional costs associated with services such as vehicle alignment. Such services do not need to be performed before the Re-Tuned ECU is installed. If you choose to have your alignment inspected or any other additional services performed the cost associated with these services will be your responsibility.

Q3: How long will the installation take?
A3: The installation takes approximately 1.5 hours; however, depending upon the dealer’s work schedule, it may be necessary to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time.

Q4: Do I need the notification/voucher the settlement administrator provided to have the installation performed?
A4: No, Toyota dealerships will be able to determine whether your vehicle is entitled to the discounted or no cost installation based on the Toyota VIN inquiry system. The notification/voucher is not required at the time of installation.

Q5: I had the installation performed and I preferred the original steering feel, why?
A5: The Re-Tuned ECU that is being offered as part of the CSP provides an alternative steering feel for those customers who are dissatisfied with the original on-center steering feel. Additionally, please note the vehicle’s handling characteristics could be affected by other factors such as improper vehicle alignment, tire pressure, worn/loose suspension, issues with other steering components, and environmental conditions, such as road surface and wind.

Q5a: I am dissatisfied with the Re-Tuned ECU, can I have a refund?
A5a: No, Toyota will not provide a refund if you elect to have the installation performed and are dissatisfied with the steering feel after replacement of the Re-Tuned ECU.

Q5b: I am unsure I will like the steering feel of the Re-Tuned ECU, will the dealer provide me the old ECU if I have the installation performed?
A5b: Yes, if you have the Re-Tuned ECU installed, you may request that the dealer provide you the original ECU that was removed from the vehicle.

Q5c: Can I have the original ECU re-installed?
A5c: If you elect to have the original ECU re-installed at any time, you will be responsible for the associated costs.

Q6: What if I previously paid to have the Re-Tuned ECU installed?
A6: Customers who previously paid for the installation were required to submit a claim to the settlement administrator by March 15, 2016 for reimbursement consideration. Those customers who are eligible for reimbursement will be provided a check by the settlement administrator. If you have questions regarding the status of your reimbursement request please contact the settlement administrator at 877-880-8814.

Q7: What if I have additional questions or concerns regarding the settlement?
A7: If you would like additional information regarding the settlement you can visit
www.CorollaECUSettlement.com or contact the settlement administrator at 877-880-8814.