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2010-2014 Prius Excessive Oil Consumption on 2ZR-FXE Engine

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Jeff Pierce

    Jeff Pierce New Member

    My '13 Prius V is burning oil at about 1.5 quarts/1K miles -- alarming!
    In the case of the warrantee extension for the Camrys, RAVs, Corollas, etc., how long was it extended? (miles/months)
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  2. MG

    MG Moderator

    What Toyota does usually is to issue a warranty extension for a "Primary" coverage time and then for a "Secondary" coverage time. The Primary time will allow any and all owners to have their vehicles repaired while the secondary time tries to catch all the stranglers.

    In the case of the Camry oil consumption warranty extension the coverage was as follows...

    The Primary Coverage offers warranty enhancement until October 31, 2016 regardless of mileage.

    The Secondary Coverage is applicable for 10 years from the (DOFU) Date Of First Use or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  3. Jeff Pierce

    Jeff Pierce New Member

    Hi MG. Thanks for the info. A couple of follow up questions if I may:

    1) Did the warrantee cover only original owners? (I'm the second owner of this car.)
    2) I'm at 116K miles now. I've been documenting this high oil usage since I bought the car @ 93K miles, 9 months ago. Would it be advisable to get an Oil Consumption Test done at the dealer now to help support my claim?

    Thanks in advance.
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  4. MG

    MG Moderator

    1) It covers the vehicle itself regardless of the owner----it doesn't matter if your the first or one millionth owner
    2) It couldn't hurt
  5. Jeff Pierce

    Jeff Pierce New Member

  6. L Hollins

    L Hollins Guest

    What is the contact info for toyota for this issue???


    My 2013 Prius Persona began consuming oil a bit of 100k and I have been pushing both my local dealership and Toyota direct to take care of this issue that they claim there is no record of.......and no service bulletins. WOW.............I know I am not just gonna roll over for a 3,000 repair...........any help or advise given would be appreciated.


    I have called Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 and they opened a case for my Prius..........if enough of the Prius Owners complain enough maybe they will extend coverage for reparis
  9. Jeff Pierce

    Jeff Pierce New Member

    Hi Valerie.

    Thanks for posting this critical info. I will pass it along elsewhere online.

    What year is your car?
    Approximately when did you contact Toyota?
    What was the mileage on your car at that time?
    How much oil was your engine consuming?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. Tim Menefee

    Tim Menefee Guest

    I am the original owner of a 2011 Prius III. I just added 2 quarts between my synthetic oil change. So at 7397 miles. This is the third time I've had to add two qurts or more.
  11. Sheryl

    Sheryl Guest

    I have a 2010 Prius with 148,000 miles. It started using oil 3 yrs ago at around 112,000 miles. I never received a good answer from the dealer as well. I'm concerned that I will go over the 150,000 before the extended warranty ever comes!
  12. erthfriend

    erthfriend Guest

    We have a 2012 Prius hatchback and a 2012 Prius V. They both go through more than a quart every one thousand miles. It's almost become something we expect with newer cars anymore. We traded in a 2011 Equinox, a really nice car that we loved, because of a similar issue. It needed a ring job at 80K. That was enough for us. We bought the V partly for the gas mileage and partly for the Toyota dependability reputation. Both of our cars are past 150K now, but we have had this problem with them for years. I am wondering about buying another Toyota?
  13. Snapper

    Snapper Guest

  14. Valerie

    Valerie Guest


    My Prius is a 2013. It was brought to my attention shortly after my 100,000 service that the Dealership advised me that my car was consuming a slight amount of oil. Now at 130,000 plus the oil consumption has become much worse. Average is 1 quart every 1000 miles. Both the Dealership and Toyota are just trying to sweep this under the carpet. Their claim is that it does not meet the oil consumption quide lines. What the @#$%&.......way my reply to both. I will never purchase another Toyota ever.
  15. Valerie

    Valerie Guest

    Update for all, my 2013 Prius Persona which began consuming oil at a bit over 100,000 miles is now under the close watch of the Dealership where I purchased it from. After Toyota Customer Service basically blamed my Dealership by stating they said "My Prius does not qualify for the oil consuption issues that they are aware of. Because it wasnt enough oil consumed over the 1300 mile test". I was more than a bit loud when I went to confront the head of service. They are now offering to top off my oil when ever needed free of charged. They indicated that they would like to do repeated oil conumption test so they can help build a case. They will also change my oil to a heavier oil (I believe 50 weight). They indicated that my satification is most important to them. For Dealerships it could be a win/win......especially if Toyota steps up to take care of the Prius owners!
  16. Laura

    Laura New Member

    It's a ridiculous reply from the dealership I'm suffering from the same thing. And I I think it should be repaired properly.
  17. RWM

    RWM Guest

    I have a 2010 Prius and never added any oil between oil changes until about 90,000 miles. At that point my Prius started using oil and now I add about 5 quarts between the recommended 10,000 mile oil changes. I am currently at 115K miles. Toyota acts as if this is normal and no problem exists. I have never heard of a car burning oil at this rate, and why would one have a 10k mile oil change interval as when the oil pressure light goes on you run the risk of engine damage and a potential engine seizure.

    Toyota needs to step up and fix the problem. I was a big advocate for the Prius, however unless Toyota steps up to correct the situation I will not be replacing with any Toyota products. I currently have all Toyota (Prius and a Highlander).
  18. Sherry LaibleW

    Sherry LaibleW New Member

    My 2011 Prius started burning oil & I spent $2400 on a repair to correct it. My oil change is due & my oil is down to 1 quart!
  19. Chip Dugan

    Chip Dugan Guest

    My 2010 burns an enormous amount of oil. More than any vehicle I have ever owned. I purchased the vehicle at 135k and now have 220k. These are highway miles and I live where there are no mountains. Its all flat. I buy toyota oil filters in bulk and have made all the oil changes on my own. Have always used recommended oil. I have never let the oil go below the lower level mark on the dip stick. I check it almost every day and it really has become an annoyance to do so. My prius should not be burning oil at this rate even with the high miles on the vehicle. I keep the car in a heated garage as well. There are no oil drippings or marks on the floor. I am a firm believer that if you take car of an engine there should be no reason for the major parts of the engine to fail, ever. There should be no reason why the engine major components should need to be repaired or replaced. Pistons and rings ? That is nonsense unless faulty parts were used in the manufacturing process. Toyota is leaving a bad taste with our family. Our 2000 Toyota tundra truck, 90k miles, frame is almost completely rusted through and is no longer road worthy. Yes. 90k miles.
  20. Jesse Sanchez

    Jesse Sanchez New Member

    Hi Valerie,

    Just wondering if your Prius stopped consuming oil after they used a heavier weight oil? Most mechanics don't recommend this since it could damage the upper parts of the hybrid engine. I started spotting this same oil consumption issue on my 2010 approximately at the same 100k+ mileage. Did a consumption oil test and dealer agreed it was an issue, however they claimed the recall didn't apply to my car although it does have the 2ZR-FXE engine. So they did a "performance" oil change and stated I needed 3 in a row. Did all 3 oil changes and still consuming oil. Now the car is rattling when I accelerate which makes me think the piston seals and rings are going bad. I may have a failed engine soon. Curious how your car is now performing or if the dealer is considering replacing the pistons as stated in the warranty extension?

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