2011-2013 Toyota Corolla Dome Light fuse keeps blowing


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If you have a complaint of the Interior Dome light is not working and the Remote KeyFob also doesn't work, then check the 10 amp Dome light fuse located in the fuse box under the hood, along the drivers side fender. Here is what you are looking for...

If you look closely, it will most likely be blown open and will do so again immediately if you insert a new fuse. This is because the wiring harness that runs from the drivers side junction box and up the A pillar to the Dome light itself is shorted internally and needs to be replaced.

You can disconnect the dome light harness at the drivers side junction box, located behind the lower dash panel where the drivers knees would be if they were sitting in the drivers seat. When you remove that lower dash panel, this is the plug you would disconnect to stop the fuse from blowing...


Jesica M.

Thank you so much for this!!!!!! All of a sudden I found the my remote FOB stopped working for my keyless entry system was no longer working and I did a bunch of searching for the problem and what it could be, I pulled out my multimeter and started to test all my fuse under my hood to find that the dome fuse was giving me a negative reading one way and open reading the other using diode test setting which told me something was wrong with that fuse. I then did more searching and found this post in which it described my problem perfectly as I replaced the dome fuse and it blew as I was installing the replacement one.
I found that that I could remove this little box (by opening it and pulling up hard to get it to unclick) that I could easily access the dome light wiring harness to disconnect it (I just left mine disconnected after using a set of narrow pliers to pull it out lol) was then able to replace my fuse and my car remote started to work again!!!



This was exactly my situation and it worked. How difficult and expensive is it to run a new wire harness? Does it have to be ran to the dome light from the panel under the dash?


Can I just disconnect it, replace the fuse then reconnect it. Will this fix the issue or do i have to somehow run new wire??