2011 Toyota Tundra Air Pump and Air Switching Valves Warranty Extension ZG6


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I bought a 2011 5.7L in August from a small private dealer. Now has 130k miles.

Just had the engine code P2443 for bank2 valve stuck closed come in last week.

this thread looks promising that the warranty might cover me but I can't find any publication online from Toyota that says they are extending it to model year 2011? Latest I could find was POL11-05, which only covers 2008-2010 for 10 years/150k.

I called my local Toyota dealer and they won't tell me anything unless I bring it in for a diagnosis (which they want to charge me $125 for). Does someone have a link to a formal Toyota update that extends warranty issue to 2011 models?

Use this website and you should find it....

Kevin McVey

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Our 2011 Tundra has 154,000 miles and this goes out!!! Over $2000.00 to repair. Just got our estimate a few days ago. Now I find out this is a pretty common problem! This is ridiculous!!!
Had a 2008 Tundra and at 96,000 miles the bank2 valve stuck closed error code cropped up. Toyota said it was a $2,000 fix and they fixed it under warranty. At 152,000 miles the same error code came back and Toyota told me the warranty is only good for 150,000 miles and I would have to pay for it myself. I was furious that the new air intake system they put in only lasted for 56,000 miles and they wouldn't help at all with the cost because I was 2,000 miles over warranty! I had to pay the $2,000 to get it fixed myself.

A few months later my Tundra was totaled in an accident and I'm looking to find a replacement. Can't afford a new truck and the Tundras in my price range fall in the years in which this problem still exists (2008-2012). Maybe its time I look at different manufactures.

Good Luck!


I have the same problem with my 2013 Tundra. 4.6 only 52500 miles on it. See what the dealer tells me. And apparantly it goes for all gen2 4.6 motors.


Just had our Tundra repaired under this warranty. The dealer tried telling me that it was not under warranty and I called Toyota Headquarters and had the issue resolved. The ONLY other problem was a rental. The dealer had the vehicle from Wednesday - Wednesday the following week and I had to pay for the rental. But after reading this thread it was better to pay $200 for the rental and not over $2k for the repairs. Try calling the Toyota Headquarters rather than listening to the dealership tell you its not under this warranty program. I was blessed to talk to people with the patience to help resolve the issue. Good luck!!


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Gabe Martinez

Does this warranty over the P106B generic EVAP code? Or do I have to dig a little deeper to find a specific code? I can definitely tell the air intake is dulled down now when I start her up.

Andrew Bullock

2011 Tundra 5.7 just got quoted $2700 for the fix. 151,410 miles....very disappointed. I have had incredibly good experience with all 7 of my Toyotas....This one takes the cake!

Andrew Bullock

WOW !! Just called Toyota and found out the warranty was extended to 150K...so I am 1410 miles out of warranty