2012-2016 Toyota Rav 4 Brake Squeak Noise



I am the second post in this thread and I am checking back in on the 2015 RAV LE now with 44K miles. Even thought the dealer originally repaired my front brakes according to the TSB, the squeaking reappeared 20K later. I took it back to the dealer who now claimed it was out of warrantee. I complained to to them due to the previous TSB fix. They didn't change their minds. So I had pay around $250 to get the front brakes replaced again. This time they used part # 04465-A114 ("New Premium TCMC Pad"). These new pads are noisy and scraping as compared to the old pads (when working). This is the first time I have ever had a brake problem from a Toyota. I attribute this to either poor engineering, poor materials that when into this RAV brakes, or possibly both. No longer happy with the repairs.



2015 RAV 4WD 20K Miles (under warrantee)

Front brakes squeaking loudly since 5K.
This TSB (0096-16) came out in August 2016.
Dealer fixed the brakes no charge (Nov. 2016)
Thank You Lewis! You save time, problems and money.

ps. I wonder how many other RAV owners are not complaining?
My Toyota rav 4 is 1 year old... 2018. And the brakes have started to rub squeal already. So soon


Have a 2016 Rav4 XLE that has the same brake grinding noise at very low stopping speed since I bought it with 20k miles on it. Took it to the dealer within a month of purchase and was told nothing was wrong. Now at 48k miles and have gotten regular oil changes and maintenance at the dealer and every time they check the brakes along with everything else and they're always 'fine.' Noise still continues today. Super annoying!