2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working


Alan Long

Try slipping a credit card between the screen and the plastic outside. Slipping it where you can't get it to work such as add etc. It worked for me . apparently the screen slips down (I'm told) in any case. I hope this works for you. I am ecstatic to have my phone paired again...!!!
I used a butter knife, and was able to add my new phone. Thanks much for the information


I am having the exact same issue on my 2014 Toyota Camry! The lower portion of the touch screen to add or remove Bluetooth device is not working. So I am not able to pair my new Phone after the old one died.
Hi , I am facing exactly the same issue with my 2014 Camry. Lower portion of the screen is not working (add/remove) buttons...any other way to add my phone ?


Girlfriends 2015 Corolla le is having the same issue. I think I'm going to get the $20 screen replacement off of aliexpress (est delivery date is 9/11 though) and see what it does. Shame, between this and her driver side door rarely locking/unlocking I'm starting to question the build quality on newer toyotas. I loved my old 93 MR2 and currently have a 04 4runner with 220k miles that runs like new. But her car has a lot of squeaking and rattling going on. I think her AC blower motor is going to go out soon as well.