2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working


Ali T

I should have read all the postings here before I go to the dealership with my 2014 Corrolla and tried to get the head unit fix. I have wasted 4 hours and US105 for the diagnostic and learned that I will need to pay another US1,500 to get it replaced/changed.

I am looking to join call action lawsuit, anyone has the link so I can join?

Rhonda Young

I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla S+ and I had to get a new phone and when I went to add my new cell phone for hands free that's when I realized the add button on my touch screen is not working, got so frustrated didn't check to see which other buttons were not working. I agree, if Toyota knew this was an ongoing issue with these radio's why did they not do a recall. Anyone have a resolution? If not my warranty is expired so this repair is on me!