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2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. aparanoidbw

    aparanoidbw New Member

    this worked on my 2014 Corolla. Thanks! You just saved me 1k for now.
  2. jtnixit

    jtnixit New Member

    Sweet ! Glad to help
  3. Jrey

    Jrey Guest

    My 2014.5 Camry Hybrid SE has this issue, and it has gotten worse over the last few months to the point that nothing on the bottom 0.5" of the screen accepts input, and to activate other buttons near the bottom of the screen you have to press well below them... the offset is gradually less and more accurate as I move to the top of the screen.

    I'm out of warranty, and now wonder if I should hold out in hopes Toyota will make this right - is there any precedence for this sort of issue becoming a "free" replacement?
  4. JGarman

    JGarman Guest

    Anyone have a file we could download for a 2014.5 Camry SE to just repair the faulty software? It seems that I cannot locate an ENTUNE update for the basic software....thoughts?
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  5. aparanoidbw

    aparanoidbw New Member

    I would guess that isn't possible. The only option my dealership gave me was replacing the unit. I also went to my local repair shop (good honest guys), they said they could not locate the official replacement instructions (or whatever shops use to quote labor on jobs), and also Toyota would not sell them the part due to "security reasons." Sounds like Toyota doesn't want other people messing with their audio units.
  6. jtnixit

    jtnixit New Member

    Sounds like a scam by Toyota if you ask me
  7. als

    als Guest

    This has happened to my 2014.5 Camry Hybrid SE too! Almost half the screen doesn't work and to touch the half that does, it selects somewhere not even near where you touch. I am so disappointed I had my old Camry for 16 years no issues and loved how reliable it had been. Seems not to be the same with the new Camry's :(
  8. Iowa

    Iowa Guest

    Exact same thing just happened to me. The Geek Squad at Best Buy were unable to help, unless I replace radio. Very expensive. I hope Toyota notes that multiple people are unhappy with their Quality. This takes away from the reason I (and many others) chose to purchase a Toyota.
  9. Ron S

    Ron S Guest

    I can't believe Toyota has not address this, Of course I didn't even notice the issue until it was out of warranty, I've always loved Toyotas and the customer service, but if they don't do a recall or something this will be my last Toyota. Anyways I have the 2014.5 Toyota Camry, bought a new phone yesterday and had no way to pair it. So on a whim, I took a butter knife out to my car and turned the car on and went to the area where I would add a Bluetooth device. I slid the knife down in-between the touch screen and the outer casing and sort of applied pressure with the knife right under the add button about 1 inch and it activated the add button and I was able to add a new Bluetooth phone. Its not the ideal way that the touch screen should work but I was able to do what I needed. Its a shame that Toyota will not own this problem and fix it.. Ron Ronsu@aol.com
  10. VA Larry

    VA Larry Guest

    Has anyone replaced their radio with an aftermarket radio?

    Curious as to what people used and how it worked out?
  11. Roxy

    Roxy Guest

    Just bought my 2015 Camry at 46000 miles and I almost don't like driving it because I can't tune the audio the way I want it. Honestly, I'm true to Toyota, but I would have passed if I had realized that before. #lessonlearned
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Toyota now offers the Entune Updates for free. Please see this post....
  13. Try to press with something pointy, like a pen or a key and go on the lowest part of the screen. The very lowest part of the screen still works.
  14. Troy

    Troy Guest

    I am having the same issue. The bottom righthand corner of the touchscreen. I am out of warranty, as I have recently retired from the Navy and had to drive many miles to see my family as they situated in a different state in efforts to prepare for my retirement. We have always driven Hondas- but we bought this and have been happy until this issue--which is a safety concern because the bluetooth option for handsfree driving is important-- especially for my teenaged children who are driving. The ability to use the display screen to its fullest capacity is basic customer service and Toyota will not have my repeat loyalty if they do not quickly come up with a resolution for this problem at no cost or very low cost <&100. I think it is of upmost importance that Toyota remembers -- it is your customers that are your best advertisement. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you!!
  15. Jess

    Jess Guest

    I’m having trouble with my 2015 Toyota Corolla. I bought it last year used certified. I noticed the touch screen wasn’t working, but i stupidly never reached out to them till now that my warranty is expired. I can live without touch screen if i could use the steering while buttons to add a blue tooth device, but i can’t see to figure it out. The ADD a device button and that whole bottom part of the touch screen isn’t working.

    Now that i’m here researching this i feel fooled to have bought a certified used car that has this problem. Toyota knows they’re having issues and do not alert us of the problem.

    with this said, is there a way to pair it? I saw on the menu i had to press the select button to pair on the right, but it does nothing and i don’t know how to access the add function to have the car scan it.
  16. SaritaRed

    SaritaRed Guest

    I have the same problem!! I called Toyota Headquarters and they say they will see "what kind of a deal" they can work out with the local dealer, but they won't replace it free since the warranty is run out. I'm severely disappointed !! A reliable car is why I bought Toyota in the first place!! I wish I had known about this before I bought my car! Why don't they fix it since it's such a huge problem?!
  17. Justin

    Justin Guest

    My 2013 Toyota RAV 4 has this issue. Fingernail in corner trick worked.
  18. Teri Pettit

    Teri Pettit Guest

  19. Teri Pettit

    Teri Pettit Guest

    Do you have to replace the entire radio?

    So far as I know, nothing at all is wrong with my radio. (I never use it, but I imagine it’s fine.) I just want the touchscreen fixed so that I can set destination for the Navigation system.
  20. tom

    tom Guest

    Well, Im having the same problem...shop guy at local dealer says he's "seen a number of them...." count this as one more voice

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