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2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. LisaK

    LisaK Guest

    I'm having the same issue with the entire bottom row of my stereo not working in my 2014.5 Camry. Just by luck (and almost putting my finger through the screen!) I got it to pair my new phone. It was hit or miss for awhile, but now it's completely dead. I was at the dealership today and they said to contact Toyota at 800-331-4331 and let them know about it. If enough people report it they *might* fix it. Of course mine's out of warranty! The guy at the dealership said the Corolla's are starting to have the same problem. This is my 4th Toyota and I expect them to fix it in good faith if all of us are having this issue. They're obviously defective and I think it's definitely a safety issue if we can't pair our phones for hands-free usage, which is now the law in most states.
  2. eric cai

    eric cai New Member

    I have a toyota camry 2014.5. Currently, it's about 38,000 miles. The lower part of the touch screen is not working. I can't add a new phone through bluetooth. Just called toyota (800-331-4331) to report the issue. Currently, they don't have any extend warranty for the screen. We all should call toyota to let them know the thing.
  3. padresfool

    padresfool New Member

    My 2014 Camry has the whole bottom out and the rest off the screen you touch 1/4" below where you wont to touch. I got a new phone and couldnt pair because of the add button at the bottom.
    My 2014 Camry has the whole bottom out and the rest off the screen you touch 1/4" below where you wont to touch. I got a new phone and couldnt pair because of the add button at the bottom. I used the knife trick and it worked after a couple of times sliding it down in there. just have your blutooth open on your phone to connect right away. I'm gonna call toyota after the holidays and complain. Hope you can get your devices paired.
  4. chupacabra

    chupacabra New Member

    Bought a certified camry last saturday with 43k thousand miles and i have the same issue. Luckily it is a certified car and the dealer ordered a new radio that is going to take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Im just scared that the same thing will happen in another 40k miles and ill be stuck again
  5. JeremyD

    JeremyD Guest

    Hello all,

    I am having the same issue. I have a 2014 Toyota Camry with 39k miles. Purchased recently and the bottom right portion of the LCD screen became unresponsive...now the whole bottom half is unresponsive. I called Toyota HQ and asked for them to repair on good faith. They did not approve the repair since "the vehicle is out of warranty". The rep said if enough people begin to call-in to report this issue, they may issue an extended warranty for the head unit. SO EVERYONE HAVING THIS PROBLEM (LCD screen unresponsive) CALL TOYOTA HQ and open a case!

    Toyota HQ phone: 800-331-4331

    Maybe they will repair yours based on good faith, or at least help with the costs. CALL lets get Toyota to rectify these faulty LCD screens!
  6. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    I am having the same issue with the add button, not to mention my car literally took control of itself with the radio. It turned itself up and I couldn't turn it back down with any of the button on my steering wheel or the roller knob on the sterio itself. After pulling over, turning he car completely off and then back on, I was able to turn the volume down.. since then my add button or anything in the left corner has not worked. I was told they couldn't do anything because it's out of warranty. Let me tell u, if this happens again and I wreck, I will sue Toyota for negligence.
  7. Christina

    Christina Guest

  8. Christina

    Christina Guest

    I plan to call tomorrow morning!
    Thank you all!
  9. smjoe

    smjoe Guest

    You can add my 2015 Rav4 to the list! I have this exact situation and just out of warranty. My dealer tried to update the radio software but it didnt fix it.
  10. Danielle

    Danielle Guest

    Thanks for sharing! I called as well!

  11. Jose Berriis

    Jose Berriis Guest

    Hello, I bought 2 toyota corolla 2014 Le and a 2014 corolla S and the corolla Le radio is not working properly and O am out of the warranty started around 40,000 or 45,000 miles and the radio top parts work but the bottom is not working at all. I call the dealer and they told me contact toyota. Also I notice start sometime s on the corolla s so I guess soon that one will stop working as well and I will have to 2014 corollas with our radio. Its sad , the dealer whants to charge 3,000 per car to replace the touch screen radio! Its crazy and frustraining after I bought one car for my wife and one for me. Sab but true. I wish toyoya call this bad touch screens radio recall so I can get it fix.
  12. Jose Berrios

    Jose Berrios Guest

    please advise what to do??? Any help or advice will be appreciated.
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  13. Jdman

    Jdman Guest

    Call toyota HQ and open a case!
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  14. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, what Jdman said.
  15. RickinAustin

    RickinAustin Guest

    Same problem on 2014 Corolla,seems like touch screen is registering touch below actual position, finger nail trick works on bottom right of screen but not bottom left. Can't use FM preset #6, can't delete personal data. I am keeping 2004 Civic forever!

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