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2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. IL-MG

    IL-MG Guest

    I just read this thread after not being able to pair my new phone because of the bottom of my touchscreen not working. After reading the thread I just broke off one of the prongs on a plastic fork and used that to slide it down into the gap between the screen and facing for the console. I was able to use that prong to press lowers left (non exposed) part of screen to hit "Add". I read someone used a plastic tooth pick and decided to try this and it worked as well. Ridiculous that Toyota won't fix this issue they know they have but this saved me at least $800 from what I've seen on this thread.
  2. Sam w

    Sam w Guest

    Im experiencing the same problem too but i found out that during the winter time, if the inside of the car is really cold you could actually use the screen..... Idk if its just my car
  3. Florida Res.

    Florida Res. Guest

    I have a 2015 Corolla with the same problem. I tried the fingernail fix - didn't work. Then tried the eraser end of a pencil and that worked. I think it is terrible that Toyota will not fix this problem. My car is out of warranty, but I will call HQ.
  4. Shimon

    Shimon Guest

    Same here - weird things happen. Sometimes the screen doesn't respond to the touch. When I place a phone call, the radio continues playing, even though the screen shows that the call is on, and I don't hear the other side... When I change stations using the touch screen, it does change the station but on the screen it looks like it did no completely "move" to the new station as both stations look like they are "semi selected". If I change the station using the arrow knob on the steering wheel - it works fine... Sometimes the clock gets stuck and I have to turn the engine off and start again... I tried to download a new version for my "2015 Camry SE with Navigation" but it seems that there is no update for this model.
    Toyota - where are you ? are we "valuable customers" or not any more after we paid for the car ?
  6. I too tried the butter knife trick just to get the Bluetooth to recognize my daughters new phone in which she streams Waze for directions while on the road and it WORKED! WOO-HOO!!! I will buy her a Civic next time!
  7. G.Valbuena

    G.Valbuena Guest

    My mom recently bought a new iphone and it's ridiculous having to try to add her phone to use as a hands free.

    Has anyone tried to file a class action lawsuit yet?
  8. Josh

    Josh Guest

    I'm having the same issue with my "newer" Toyota. I'm just trying to connect the Bluetooth with a new device. I guess we know not to trust Toyota for quality anymore. I should have bought the Subaru.
  9. Jman

    Jman Guest

    They did the same, had me go in and waste a half-day sitting around for it to be diagnosed. Then after all that, they say they can't help with the repair fees. Why in the hell did you send me in to get diagnosed if you didn't intend on helping with the repair. WTF Never again Toyota
  10. Beth

    Beth Guest

    Thank you all so much! I used a credit card to wedge in between(fingernail didn’t work me for) and that selected the add button so I could add my new phone to my car. Never buying a Toyota again. Thank you all!!
  11. Meh

    Meh Guest

    What a snot nosed ungrateful rude attitude. I never say this, but just as a regular old person, I wish they would have told you to kick rocks .
  12. Ashleigh

    Ashleigh Guest

    It worked for me! Yay...but Toyota still needs to make this right!
  13. JulieGG

    JulieGG Guest

    THANK YOU!!!! This works but we used a screwdriver instead of our fingernail. You saved us one thousand dollars!!
  14. Maharshi

    Maharshi Guest

    I’m in the same boat. I bought a used 2014 Toyota Camry SE and the touch screen doesn’t work at the bottom. Not to mention how incredibly gross the old owner was but it was a nice car on the outside.
  16. I just purchased the same word on our AliExpress I have a Toyota Prius C 2015 with the same exact lower corner not responding to touch which is been aggravating and frustrating since I brought it in with in hundreds of miles of the warranty and was told it was not covered and would be over $2000 here in California. I will let everyone know how I do it as I am pretty technically savvy fingers crossed
  17. Rojo

    Rojo Guest

    Yes, an extension should be made for this KNOWN problem. I have a 2014.5 Camry with 30,000 miles and the touchscreen just stopped working and it is out of warranty. How would we go about getting an extension?
  18. Joe Mill

    Joe Mill Guest

    I have a 2014 Camry with the same issue as described above. The lower part of the touch screen is inoperable making many of the Toyota functions useless. Toyota should own this known problem and either engineer a calibration fix or offer replacements. Toyota made a business decision to use the supplier of the inferior touch screen. It is irresponsible and dishonest and harmful to their customers to disregard their responsibility and accountability.
  19. jervis

    jervis Guest

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