2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner ABS Light ON with codes C0226, C0236, C0246 and C0256


Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0597-20 here...

Some 2014-2020 model year 4Runner vehicles may experience the ABS Light ON with DTC C0226, C0236, C0246 and C0256 stored current in the ABS system.

1. Inspect the ABS connector for signs of damage. If OK, go to step 2.
2. Use a Picoscope to monitor the ground to the Skid Control ECU with the engine running and headlights ON, then with the headlights OFF. If the ground circuit voltage fluctuates with the headlights ON compared to OFF, go to step 3.
3. Inspect the headlight bulbs for any aftermarket parts, such as LED or HID bulbs. If aftermarket bulbs are found, perform the same test with factory headlight bulbs.

This tech tip is set to expire expire on 01/31/2021