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2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Blower Motor Noise

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Duane Baker

    Duane Baker New Member

    Well..Just happened 99 degrees out 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road Crew with 20,000 miles on it.. AC MOTOR sound s like..
    I just called dealer and asked if they had any motors in stock...NOPE! wow..
    I will follow up when I go there with what they say.. here is what happened after I came to my truck after a hot day on 1st shift and stopping for a drink and then restarting..BUMMER!!

  2. Just took off mine blower, the motor actually is working fine, the noise is coming from the “plastic fan/basket” in white, where it meets the motor drive shaft that cause the fan bastket to break and rattle which makes that noise
    Question: can I just replace that fan basket? Or does TOYOTA or aftermarket only sell the whole assembly?
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  3. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Toyota only offers an assembly as the squirrel cage is glued on. It appears that the cage is not made thick/strong enough and develops a crack in it.
  4. That’s really unfortunate... This is the 3rd Tacoma have bought, never really had any issues in the past, but this blower isusse will definitely make we reconsider buying another Tacoma again...
    FYI, called TOYOTA CARE yesterday and they said there’s no recall on this part yet, but the operator himself ironically has received multiple calls regarding this blower motor issue, wonder how long will it take for TOYOTA to realize they need to handle this?!
  5. Wes

    Wes Guest

    2017 Tacoma, 26706 miles, blower motor noise is startling! Only works on lowest setting, 4,000 back order. No ETA for when the part will come in.
  6. Jason P

    Jason P Guest

    Mine went out Saturday. Working fine, walked in to store, walked out, started truck, then horribly loud noise. Dropped it off at Toyota today. Parts on back order, no ETA. Truck has $21K miles.
  7. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Called the dealership two days ago because I am no longer under warranty, currently at 34,000 miles. They said they had 6 other vehicles waiting for a new fan blower assembly, here in San Antonio, TX. I'm not going to pay 350 dollars for a cheap piece of plastic that broke. I have managed to rig it in the meantime until I can order an aftermarket assembly. I wish they would just sell the plastic part instead of the whole assembly.

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