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2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Blower Motor Noise

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Duane Baker

    Duane Baker New Member

    Well..Just happened 99 degrees out 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road Crew with 20,000 miles on it.. AC MOTOR sound s like..
    I just called dealer and asked if they had any motors in stock...NOPE! wow..
    I will follow up when I go there with what they say.. here is what happened after I came to my truck after a hot day on 1st shift and stopping for a drink and then restarting..BUMMER!!

  2. Just took off mine blower, the motor actually is working fine, the noise is coming from the “plastic fan/basket” in white, where it meets the motor drive shaft that cause the fan bastket to break and rattle which makes that noise
    Question: can I just replace that fan basket? Or does TOYOTA or aftermarket only sell the whole assembly?
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  3. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Toyota only offers an assembly as the squirrel cage is glued on. It appears that the cage is not made thick/strong enough and develops a crack in it.
  4. That’s really unfortunate... This is the 3rd Tacoma have bought, never really had any issues in the past, but this blower isusse will definitely make we reconsider buying another Tacoma again...
    FYI, called TOYOTA CARE yesterday and they said there’s no recall on this part yet, but the operator himself ironically has received multiple calls regarding this blower motor issue, wonder how long will it take for TOYOTA to realize they need to handle this?!
  5. Wes

    Wes Guest

    2017 Tacoma, 26706 miles, blower motor noise is startling! Only works on lowest setting, 4,000 back order. No ETA for when the part will come in.
  6. Jason P

    Jason P Guest

    Mine went out Saturday. Working fine, walked in to store, walked out, started truck, then horribly loud noise. Dropped it off at Toyota today. Parts on back order, no ETA. Truck has $21K miles.
  7. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Called the dealership two days ago because I am no longer under warranty, currently at 34,000 miles. They said they had 6 other vehicles waiting for a new fan blower assembly, here in San Antonio, TX. I'm not going to pay 350 dollars for a cheap piece of plastic that broke. I have managed to rig it in the meantime until I can order an aftermarket assembly. I wish they would just sell the plastic part instead of the whole assembly.
  8. Rick W

    Rick W Guest

    My 2017 Tacoma with 32,00 miles on it, blower motor went out on July 18 and i took it to the dealer,they said it was a known issue and put me in a loaner and said it would be 2 weeks before they would have the part. at least i got a loaner, as I see a lot of people are not. This should be a recall item from Toyota as so many of these keep breaking, I was the 3 truck to come in that day.
  9. Jason P

    Jason P Guest

    Update: Toyota gave me an ETA of September 30th. So well over 2 months. Is there an after market fix? I'm willing to spend the money.
  10. Bob N.

    Bob N. Guest

    Just bought a used 2107 Toyota Tacoma 2 months ago. It now has 15K miles and blower motor (noise and no air flow) went out last Thursday. Got into dealer Friday and they said blower is bad and part is on back order. Just called Parts Dept. today. They said part is on "manual distribution" which means they fill orders by the date they are ordered. No idea when it will come in. No offer of loaner vehicle.
  11. Erik L.

    Erik L. Guest

    My 2016 Tacoma AC just went out with the same issue. It is covered under warranty but Southern California has been experiencing record breaking heat waves (11o+°F). I tried multiple times to fix this issue with no success on my third week of waiting for the replacement parts on back order. Here was my temporary fix that lasted one trip to work.
  12. Jason P.

    Jason P. Guest

    Update: dealership had given me an ETA of Sept. 30th, but somehow got the part today and they fixed it within in an hour. I was told two separate stories of why the part came in today. Version 1: another customer was waiting for the same part and in the mean time his truck was totaled an no longer needed the part. This story doesn't make sense because they had told me they hadn't seen this problem in a while. Version 2: Toyota USA rep called me after I opened a case with them and told me they received a huge shipment on the 24th and were able to get the part sooner (since they had been seeing lots of cases).

    It might have had something to do with what I did though. I tweeted at ToyotaUSA on twitter (not rude, but more of a "what the heck tone"). They replied on twitter telling me to call 800.331.4331. I called, explained the situation, they opened a case and assigned it to "person who deals with parts delays". Within 48 hours the dealership had the part and my truck was fixed. Could've been a complete coincidence but...
  13. Chris R

    Chris R Guest

    17' Tacoma TRD Sport. Just bought this truck last Saturday, it has 14,442 miles on it and the blower cage broke on it yesterday. Of course they won't let me order one online and put it in myself because it will void the warranty. I don't really have time to be messing with this.
  14. Ej tulsa

    Ej tulsa Guest

    I havev2017,dealer said 2ed or 3rd week in aguest 2018 Tulsa ok
  15. Shane

    Shane Guest

    My 2016 went out last week with 30k miles. I've tried to fix it temporarily myself with hose clamps and epoxy. Working so far, but I don't expect it to last long as the fan will only turn on when on high now. Not sure why that is. I need to call the dealer about a new one, but don't want the same junk installed. Does anyone know if the part has been improved that they're shipping out?
  16. Ralph in NY

    Ralph in NY Guest

    Same as above, plastic piece is shattered. Dealer said its a long back order. Garbage parts on a truck im paying a small fortune on
  17. KJT

    KJT Guest

    2017 TRD Offroad. 22000 miles. My fan just crapped out. I guess I'll find out tomorrow how long it will take to repair. Not a happy camper right now.
  18. Alex

    Alex New Member

    2017 TRD Sport 35,641 miles. Boy did this suck ... I was driving across country and stopped to do some mountain biking in NC. Coming down a mountain road I hit a bump and though I got something wrapped around the drive shaft. After a few minutes I realized it was the blower motor. I was heading to Colorado. I arrived in Glenwood springs, CO ... out of warranty.
    called a few places looking for the Motor. Found it at Bighorn Toyota $167. (same POS Motor and wheel) Took about 10 minutes to install. (3 bolts and a plug).
  19. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    2016 Tacoma, 20,000 miles, blower fan went out today. Very concerned now that I’ve read all of these posts that show the problem has gone on for over a year and Toyota has not done anything to fix the problem. It’s time for the wife to get a new car, l and I thought Toyota was a slam dunk easy decision; just a matter of which one. Will have to reconsider, very surprising that they would handle such an obvious problem so poorly, on one of their flagship products.
  20. Mger

    Mger Guest

    Mine went today. 2017 with 65000 miles. Took to the dealership also told they couldn't give me an ETA. Tried a couple of auto parts stores, no luck. Went home and took it out. Got a 2-part epoxy and glued the hamster wheel back onto the motor shaft. Works fine for now. Hopefully it will last until the dealer steps up and does the right thing. Why pay for a warranty if you can't get a problem fixed?
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