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2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Rear Diffrential Leak Recall H0G

Discussion in 'Recalls' started by Lewis, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Subject: Safety Recall H0G -Remedy Notice
    2016 – 2017 Toyota Tacoma Rear Differential Leak

    The involved vehicles have differentials that may leak oil. If the vehicle is continuously operated in this condition, the rear differential could become damaged, which can result in noise and reduced propulsion. In some cases the rear differential could seize, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and increasing the risk of a crash.

    The remedy will involve an inspection to determine if a leak is present between the rear differential and the rear axle. If the vehilce has no signs of a leak, all fasteners will be re-tightened. If a leak is identified, the rear differential carrier gasket will be replaced with a new one, and new fasteners will be installed. If rear differential components are damaged, the rear differential carrier assembly will be replaced with a new one. This remedy will be at No Cost to customers.

    Note: Toyota expects that less than 1% of vehicles will exhibit a leak. Toyota is currently preparing the parts necessary to remedy these vehicles and will provide an update when that information becomes available. Until that update is provided, customers with vehicles that have been identified as having a leak should be provided a loaner vehicle.

    Covered Vehicles:
    There are approximately 228,000 vehicles covered by this Recall. Approximately 5,700 vehicles involved in this Safety Recall were distributed in Puerto Rico.

    Owner Letter Mailing Date:
    Toyota will begin to notify owners in mid-June 2017.

  2. Leo Cesna

    Leo Cesna Guest

    My 2016 Tacoma was "impounded" by my dealer today when I brought it in for a rear differential leak which I discovered while tracing down a stain on my garage floor.

    My dealer was very courteous, explaining the safety recall and providing me with a loaner Camry until my Tacoma is fixed.

    My Tacoma recently had its’ 15k service (late Feb) which specifically calls for inspection of the rear differential for leakage, so I find it disturbing that this problem wasn’t discovered sooner.

    That being said, I am most concerned about our summer vacation plans. While I’m grateful for the Camry loaner as well as Toyota’s concerns for the safety of my family, it certainly creates uncertainties regarding our vacation plans this summer.

    Towing a boat and camping with a Camry is out of the question and the Service Manager wasn’t able to offer any clue on when my Tacoma would be fixed.

    How should I plan my summer?
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  3. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    I'm sorry to hear this but at times like this I tend to lean on the side that it might not have been leaking then rather than they missed seeing it. o_O

    I would talk with the Service Director and see how soon they can get you into a truck for this rental. I know most rental agencies have them but in limited supply so they might not have had one at the time you picked it up. Again, I would make your concerns known to the Dealer and see what they can do about getting you out of the Camry and into a Truck. I HTH.
  4. Leo

    Leo Guest

    Already did. They have an on site "Enterprise" car rental office and Enterprise no longer rents trucks. Dealer was no help.

    Any idea how long this repair is going to take? When are parts scheduled to arrive?
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  5. N Kirk

    N Kirk Guest

    Yesterday (5/11/17) my dealer provided me with a Dodge Laramie with a towing package because I had several fishing trips planned in the near future. At first, they said they could not furnish a truck with a towing package because of the policy of the on site rental agency. I then drove off mad in my Tacoma (after refusing to sign their waiver). Later the rental car agency called me and said they would provide me a Dodge Laramie with a towing package. I now feel like I've been made whole by the parties involved!
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  6. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    I would open a Case with Toyota and press your issue with them about your truck needs. You can see N Kirks reply below yours that it is possible to be accommodated fully.

    I have no idea but since you are in a rental vehicle, your parts will be the first in. This way, Toyota rental reimbursement cost to the Dealer/Rental agency doesn't get out of hand. I have heard of some rental bills for the Takata Recall approaching the $4,000 cost.
  7. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story as it helps other Toyota Tacoma Owners who may be going through the same problem. It's much appreciated! :D
  8. Leo Cesna

    Leo Cesna Guest

    I have been driving a Camry in lieu of my Taco for 2 weeks now. Under Florida's Lemon Law I will be submitting my formal complaint tomorrow. If Tacoma Corporate and the Dealer would have provided a comparable loaner I wouldn't be going down this path. It's all about the customer Toyota!
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  9. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Please let us know if this gets resolved to your satisfaction. Thanks!
  10. Leo Cesna

    Leo Cesna Guest

    Made several attempts to contact service dept/manager via chat, e-mail, and voice mail to get status of parts. "Crickets". Been driving a POS basic Camry for 17 days now. Getting ready to Lawyer-Up!

    I've owned 8 new vehicles in my life: 3 Hondas, 2 Jeeps, 1 Mitsubishi, 1 Isuzu. This is my 1st Toyota and the worst experience of my entire car buying experience. 1st transmission slippage issues now this.

    BTW - the oil stain in my garage pre-dates the last time I had my Taco in for service. They missed the leak or were instructed to ignore it.

    When I had the trans issue I requested that the trans be physically checked for proper serving. Was told they would but observed that they didn't. I still don't trust that the transmission has the correct fluid level.
  11. Leo

    Leo Guest

    My TACO is now facing it's 2nd Safety Recall H1H - Interim Notice Certain 2016-2017 Model Year Tacoma Crankshaft Postion Sensor

    This is my 1st and last Toyota! I will be exercising my refunds rights under the Florida Lemon Law. Good riddance Toyota!
  12. Colin

    Colin Guest

    Any luck with the Lemon Law? I'm thinking of doing the same. They have had my Tacoma for about 45 days now. Replacement vehicle is a Chevy Equinox. Not too happy.

  13. Mark J

    Mark J Guest

  14. Mark J

    Mark J Guest

    For me, aside from the inconvenience of having to cancel reservations at campgrounds (which are hard to get anyway), the main gripe/complaint is that NO ONE at Toyota can even "estimate" when the parts will be available for the recall repair. I have an early 2016 "Limited". Payed out the wazoo for the truck and really like it .....but when the dealer told me mine was the "worst he had seen to date" it was very unsettling. Naturally he offered me a rental .....but the closest dealer for the truck rental was an hour away in Cheyenne - - and then I'd have to deal with the drop off, if and when the problem gets resolved.
    Maybe it's just me ....but with as many Tacoma's as there are on the road one would think this problem would have been spotted earlier AND .....the solution for which would have been identified and implemented quickly.
    This is turning out to be a royal PITA. I am on my second Tacoma and my 4th Toyota. If this issue is not dealth with quickly I may be looking elsewhere for a replacement vehicle when all is said and done.
  15. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    I have a 2016 "Limited" and got the recall notice last week. Was just about to hook up the camper but decided to have it checked out. Service Mgr told me mine was the "worst he had seen to date".
    Hey ....shit happens - - I get it, but when they asked me for my keys and then told me they had NO idea when the parts would be available for the repair I told them to take a hike. With the number of Tacoma's on the road this problem should have been identified sooner and the repair/parts should have been made available post haste. Instead, now I've had to cancel my summer camping plans AND I've been told that since I drove off the lot against Toyota's insistence, my warranty is voided if anything goes wrong. So basically, I am dead in the water.
    This is my second Tacoma and 4th or 5th Toyota. Up until now I have been pretty loyal. Might have to look elsewhere when times comes for a replacement vehicle.
    I am NOT a happy Tacoma owner at the moment !!!!!!
  16. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    Just one more random thought before I sign off and let this thing go ...
    Are Tacoma's still being produced and delivered to willing and anxious customers ? Are you paying attention, TOYOTA !!
    If the above is true then the problem is growing with full knowledge of your corporation. Sounds dangerous !!
    At minimum, the parts/procedure necessary to implement this recall should be coming from the production floor inventory, rather than allowing the problem to grow !!
    Let's get er done !!
  17. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    I had a similar experience except that when the Service Mgr told me there was NO estimate as to when the parts/repairs could be made I grabbed my keys and drove home. No plans on driving my 2016 Tacoma in the meantime but much better that it sit, dead in the water, out in front of my house than on a dealer's lot getting covered with whatever and key scratched. I was offered a replacement "rental" but the closest one was over an hour away ....and then I'd have to deal with the turn-in once the problem with my Tacoma was resolved.
    All in all my take on this is that it has been poorly handled by Toyota "Corporate". If this is THAT serious and affects THAT many vehicles on the road it should have been discovered sooner and the fix should have been available post haste. To literally strand thousands of Tacoma owners over a problem like this is a bad sign (at least to me) in terms of Toyota management and care shown towards loyal Toyota/Tacoma customers and owners. The parts to resolve this issue should be coming from production floor inventory and, if it's really that serious, NO more Tacoma's should be built/sold until the problem is fully resolved.
    Anyway ....my $ 0..02
  18. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    I was offered a rental truck as well ....no mention of a towing package though. I ended up signing the waiver (somewhat reluctantly) and drove off of the lot as well. My main disgust and reason for not turning over my keys and leaving the Tacoma on the lot was that the Service Manager could give me absolutely NO idea when the parts would be available the repair. When I balked at turning over my keys he admitted that he had 2 Tacoma's sitting on the lot essentially "impounded" since late April subject to this recall - - that's just plain NUTS !!
  19. Mark J

    Mark J Guest


    Leo ....did you ever get an answer to your question regarding when the parts will arrive and how long the repairs will take ?


  20. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    So ....if anyone from Toyota USA is monitorning this forum, what is the latest word on availability of parts/repairs for this recall. Had to cancel another hard-to-get campground reservation this weekend. Problem is become MORE than just an inconvenience. Toyota needs to take hold of this problem and find/implement a solution and pronto - - there are a LOT of any Tacoma owners out here in the real world !

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