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2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Rear Diffrential Leak Recall H0G

Discussion in 'Recalls' started by Lewis, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Roy Thomas

    Roy Thomas Guest

    My Tacoma has been at the dealer
    For 81 days. Called toyota again today and they told me another 4-6 weeks July 20 2017
  2. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member

    Pretty hard to wrap my head around this whole issue. Discovered (or at least reported) well after the problem had occurred and then a recall for which a solution takes several months to implement. My confidence in the Tacoma, and more importantly in Toyota, has been shaken.
  3. Alex

    Alex Guest

    Mine has been at the dealership for a month and a half, not as bad as some of ya'll. But I am done, enough is enough. At my dealership alone there are 12 Tacomas sitting there collecting dust. My service manager is even pissed because they keep screwing around with them on the parts. Toyota Corporate does not care about its consumer so, class action lawsuit it is. Someone started this so, I am just relaying this web link. It's a start but if Toyota won't care about us, then guess what Toyota eat this: http://www.topclassactions.com

    Try to fill this out so someone can get to the bottom of this mistake.
    I pray we all get our Tacos back soon.
    F*** Toyota, last Toyota I may ever own.
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  4. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member


    I stopped over at the local dealer today for an update. They are still clueless at the dealer level. I asked point blank if they are continuing to sell 2017 Tacomas with this recall underfoot ....and they said yes. Apparently Toyota has managed to "FIX"/"CORRECT" the problem on the production floor but are not yet willing to share the parts/information downstream.
    As for me, I reach the end of my rope tomorrow in terms of a loaner vehicle. I refused to turn my 2016 Taco over and let it sit on the lot unguarded or attended for an udetermined period of time. I signed the warrany waiver (which is a bunch of BS anyway) and drove my truck home and parked it, as opposed to taking the rental car. But now the use of my wife's car has come to an end and I need the rental by this coming Friday. Service Mgr says "no problem" and I will have a suitable rental in time.
    As for the whole class action suit thing .....leave me out. Only the lawyers get rich. We get next to nothing. What I want is a clear explanation as to the problem, an expedient repair AND (maybe something all/some of you other Tacoma owners haven't thought of yet) .....a WARRANTY EXTENSION ! Let's face it ...our Tacoma's have been tainted. Who's to say that the "fix", whatever it ends up being, is just a bandaid. I am rapidly approaching the end of my 2 Year/24Month deal and so what I want is protection well into the future. I refuse to be stuck with a lemon and if necessary I will sell and replace my current Tacoma with something that serves my purposes.
    This has been something I would have never thought Toyota would do to such a large segment of its loyal customers. They need to reach a deep into those pockets of their and make things right !!
  5. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I just got off the phone with Toyota corporate. They told me, sorry still no update. I tried to escalate the call and she basically said hey, there is nothing that can be done. We are "making" the parts. Making?! It's a gasket and 12 flipping bolts!!!! I am skull blocked at why we are paying the price for something that isn't our fault. Anymore recalls on that truck and I am trading it in. I doubt the class action will go anywhere, I am not paying anything into it, just complained. But if irritation is now reaching the dealerships, that should most definitely tell you something about Toyota Corporate as a company and as a whole.
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  6. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member


    What likely needs to happen in order to get Toyota USA's attention is an injunction against any further Tacoma sales/production until the exact details of the "problem" are disclosed and the "problem Tacomas" are fixed. I, like you, am just blown away to think that somehow a "bad batch" of differential housing brackets" snuck into the system and then even once Toyota recognized and admitted the problem, that replacement gaskets/bolts and torque instructions were not provided IMMEDIATELY from the "clean" production parts inventory from which they are now assembling Tacomas - - just mind boggling !!
  7. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I turn a wrench, used to on military vehicles and heavy duty construction equipment but, I am pretty savvy with cars as I have an '03 Dakota that is still in pristine shape. She isn't off road worthy, my Taco is. That is why I got him. No joke, get me the gasket paper and a day to properly hand cut, put on, RTV and fill it the following morning with diff fluid. Basically a proper days work. That is all this repair takes!!! It's INSANE!!! And they told me at the dealership, I cannot have my truck back until repairs are complete so until them, I am stuck with the loaner. :\ This royally sucks.
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  8. Mark Jernigan

    Mark Jernigan New Member


    I've never turned a wrench for a living ....but I've disassembled my share of pumpkins and swapped out gears as a kid. Always seemed to manage getting the gasket properly installed/bolts tightened. Just thinking there's more to all this than Toyota is willing to admit at this point. Like you said ...the solution is pretty straightforward and Toyota's dragging their feet is causing serious harm to an otherwise loyal base of vehicle customers.
  9. Pablo

    Pablo Guest

    BEWARE ! Took 2016 Tacoma Limited in for recall. They said they would need the it the whole day if repair was needed. Turns out mine has a leak (had 10K service a month ago and it was not identified then !) . They failed to tell me that they didn't have the parts in house and would need to order them and I couldn't keep the truck. Called today and they said they have no idea when the parts would arrive. Oh by the way they have 2 other ones impounded waiting on parts for who knows how long .
    On another issue Crank Shaft Position Sensor. Truck was new and drove 700+ miles to Vegas pulled into my sons driveway and next morning it wouldn't start with engine warning light on.
    The dealer in Vegas was great - service rep had a code reader and said it would need to go to a tech which turned out to be the Crank Shaft Position sensor and one weak battery cell.
    The reason I'm mentioning this is they had the part overnight-ed , installed and I was back on the road the following day. Having trucks impounded for weeks and moths waiting on a gasket is nuts !

  10. Mark J

    Mark J Guest

    I couldn't agree more. What really pours gas on this fire is the fact that Toyota continues to sell the 2017 Tacomas, full well knowing that there is a Safety Recall in effect. Now ....maybe that means that they (Toyota) actually have purged the bad gaskets out of inventory and are shoving "clean" trucks off the production floor ?? If so ....why can't those new gaskets be "repurposed" and sent out to the Service Managers at the Dealer level to address this issue and get our Tacomas back on the road !
  11. Mark J

    Mark J Guest

    So ....as I sit here pondering my next move regarding the whole Tacoma recall situation ....there is a knock at the door and the postman hands me yet ANOTHER recall letter from Toyota. This one, like the Rear Differential Leak recall I am already under, is AN IMPORTANT SAFEY RECALL - namely, the "Crankshaft Position Sensor". Seeing as though my Tacoma has essentiall been impounded (but I have it locked in the driveway at home) pending word of parts/procedures availability on the Rear Differential issue, I guess I'll just kill 2 birds with 1 stone ....that is assuming Toyota gets on the stick and begins shipping repair parts to the dealers - - GEEESH !!!
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Yep, you can read about it in this thread... Here
  13. DWL

    DWL Guest

    Mine hasn't. It has been in the shop for 30 days, and no end in sight. I asked them to buy it back, but they said their response is final...offered me up to $60/day rental for a truck. Haven't seen a dime, yet. Local shop first all got a Tacoma rental in and held it for me, but I am at the point now that I don't even want the truck anymore.
  14. Bob

    Bob Guest

    I took my 2016 Tacoma in about a month ago in response to the recall letter. I was informed that there was just a "smudge", that it was not leaking appreciably, but it should have the gasket and fasteners replaced. Catch 22 - no parts and no idea (weeks to months) when they would be available. They offered me a replacement Enterprise car which I refused since there is not (yet) a leak. I also informed them that if needed I had to have a truck with tow package, not a car. They told me I could get a truck only if I used it for business. Otherwise, I did not "need" a truck. I responded that their salesman did not tell me I did not need a truck when I purchased is less than a year ago. I also confirmed by calling Enterprise that they could provide a truck, but they cost more than a rental car. Long story short: Multiple complaints to Toyota customer service, multiple phone conversations with the dealer service and parts supervisors, complaint to NHTSA for non-compliance in a timely manner, and four complaint back and forth exchanges with the local BBB, plus advising the dealer that if I did not receive a promise to provide me a truck, not a car, should mine actually start to leak, I would voice my concerns on the local Facebook and other social media sites. I also advised the dealer that if he could not get parts he could then pull the differential from one of the new Tacomas on the lot and replace mine, or order a complete new differential and replace mine. (New Tacomas are rolling off the assembly line daily with non-defective differentials, so they are obviously available). Finally received an assurance, through the BBB, from the dealer that if my truck needed to be taken out of service, I would be furnished a truck, not a car for the duration. I accepted this response from the BBB, and an apology from the dealer, and decided not to go the social media route. As of August 3, 2017, the dealer still has no clue as to when parts will become available. From my experience I would recommend insisting upon receiving what we should have been offered in the first place - an equivalent replacement vehicle while Toyota decided to put sufficient resources behind this problem to get the parts out quickly.
  15. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Just a FYI to everyone... if there is no leak present on the rear Diff then the nuts get torqued to 18 ft lbs and if the full repair is needed, then the torque specs gets increased to 28 ft lbs. That's when we're seeing the diff studs snap (and they're on backorder as of now)....

  16. MMtz

    MMtz Guest

    Took my 2017 Taco for 15,000 check and recall (Rear Differential Leak) in July 10th, yes July and was found with the leak, is now September and still no word on ETA on the parts. Totally frustrated that I'm paying for something that is collecting dust in the dealership and now I'm driving something it doesn't suit my needs, honestly at this point I don't want the Taco anymore.... i won't feel; totally disappointed of Toyota!

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