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2017 Toyota Highlander and Sienna Transmission Problems

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Keven

    Keven New Member

    I got my Sienna back today. The dealer replace the transmission with a Reman Transmission. It drives well, smoother acceleration, quicker pickup, and smooth shifting, so far. I'll post again if I encounter any more problems.
  2. JimY

    JimY Guest

    Follow up to Mar 20 post... new transmission for my 2017 Highlander arrived last week. They say it will be installed by Wed. Now I’m not sure I want to keep the car. I usually drive my cars over 100,000 miles and the drive train is only guaranteed for 60,000 so that’s probably all it’s good for. My Chrysler has lifetime warranty. Don’t most new cars have at least 100,000 on drivetrain?
  3. Virage

    Virage Guest

    2017 Toyota Sienna SE - Horrible Driving Experience / Awful Fuel Economy!

    I traded my 2014 Sienna SE for 2017 model and I deeply regret my decision. I loved the fuel economy of my 2014 6-speed SE model. I used to get 15.6 l/100 km consistently. I get no less than 22 l/100 km from the 8-speed 2017 SE model driving the same route for the last 3 months! The 8-speed transmission is awful! Constant gear changes just to get to 50 km/hr! Nearly 300 hp totally wasted and un-usable! The most disappointing purchase I've ever made! I should have kept the 2014 model but was foolish enough to get talked into the "upgrade". Don't buy this model! Stay away from 8-speed transmissions! Its like dring a semi-truck in town! Awful!
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  4. Ali_A

    Ali_A Guest

    I posted this on another forum and wanted to share it here too since other people are obviously having similar issues and it may help more recognize problems with their vehicle. This is what is going on with my 2017 Toyota Highlander (which is currently at the dealer).

    Started getting a very noticeable engine whine at just under 10,600 miles. I am the one who drives this car 99% of the time and I knew something wasn't right. We just barely hit the one year with this car and I know how it drives and what it should sound like. This was something very different and had not happened before. We purchased this car new in May of 2017, it is a 2017 Toyota Highlander LE Plus.

    I took it into the dealer three days ago. I went on a drive with a mechanic/tech and he could hear the noise as well. He had not heard this sound before and apparently my Highlander is the first at my dealer with this problem (which did surprise me as I knew this is a widespread issue). I told them I wanted it checked out based on what info I had found online -- that it could be a major transmission problem.

    My dealer put in a request to Toyota engineering and they have been working on the car for two days. Toyota is aware of this issue but wanted my dealer to check every possible part of the engine in case it could be something different than the transmission as it's an expensive fix for them. So... 2 days later a new transmission has been approved by Toyota and I'm just waiting to hear from my dealer when they will be able to get one. I have been assured my vehicle is safe to drive for now but I'm still a bit wary. I am hoping to get it back today as I'm sure it'll be at least a week (or weeks it may seem based on others) for a new transmission.

    My husband and I are very frustrated though I feel sort of numb about it all. This is our first Toyota and the most expensive car we've ever bought. We went with Toyota because of their good reputation and we haven't had the best experience so far. I also had my car in a few weeks ago multiple times for an air whistle noise and door seal problem on the front passenger side. I'm starting to wonder if we have bad luck got a bad Highlander. Ugh! My dealer has been wonderful though and they are taking care of us. I do not blame the dealer, just frustrated with the overall situation. Never expected to have to have a full transmission replacement on a car with 10,000 miles.
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  5. MBrem

    MBrem Guest

    2017 Highlander limited AWD 4600 miles got drivetrain whine. Increases with speed increase. Sounds like a Indy car accelerating. Took to dealer. They said will need to order some special tool to do test that takes 3 hours. Did test. Gave results to factory. Factory said to replace transmission. Dealer ordered replacement transmission. Awaiting delivery of transmission. Stay tuned on this one
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  6. MBrem

    MBrem Guest

    Update... Got car back with remanufactured transmission installed. No whine. Within a few days of driving started noticing drips on the driveway and it was tranny fluid. Took back to dealer, put on hoist and found fluid coming from transfer case. Dealer had to order parts. New leak was a result of the transmission replacement. REWORK Waiting for rental to become available and parts delivery. Stay tuned for next chapter.

    Did notice with new tranny at 40 mph was turning 1100rpm. Don't remember this with original tranny.
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  7. Heywood

    Heywood Guest

    Bought my 2017 Sienna XLE AWD in May of 2017. Began experiencing the ‘whining’ noise from the transmission in March of 2018 at about 16,000 miles. I decided to wait until the 20,000 miles service to have the dealer check the noise. That service appointment was today, and I was informed by my dealership that my transmission will be replaced. They said it would take 10-12 days to get the transmission, and when it arrives they will call me to schedule the replacement. This is my third AWD Sienna. At this point I’m willing to give Toyota the benefit of the doubt if the issue is corrected, as my first two Siennas were wonderful (drove my 2003 for 180,000 miles...).
  8. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    I have a 2017 Highlander XLE with 10,000km on it. Transmission started making a noise when taking for off the gas. Took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new transmission. Had it replaced and picked it up today. Seems to be working perfectly! Ill let you know in another 10,000km if anything changes.
  9. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Please do so. We are seeing a few more of these fail everyday.
  10. sienna2017

    sienna2017 Guest

    If you think the powertrain issue may cause safety concerns, please file complain on the NHTSA website. This is the only place Toyota may care about. Here is the NHTSA website URL.

  11. I am in the same spot with my 2017 Highlander. Two weeks ago, around 14 months and 14,000 miles, I started hearing an intermittent wine about 30 to 50 MPH after things warm up. Just like waht's in the video. I saw these posts, took it to my dealer yesterday. They said they herd a little noise on the test drive, but not enough evidence to do anything at this point. I would have to leave it for a couple days of diagnosis or keep driving until it gets more consistent. I was told most likely I will need a new transmission in the near future.
  12. Mary

    Mary Guest

    I am joining your club. We have a 2017 Highlander. I noticed a whirring sound when I accelerated. Yep, my car is currently waiting at the dealer. Guess there is a backlog on Toyota transmissions. Hope they can fix it.

    Ugh. My first and probably last Toyota, depending on how and if they can fix it properly. I loved my Highlander.
  13. Drove for about a month and a half and 1500 more miles, 15500 miles total. The wine got a little louder and more frequent also started hearing it on deceleration down to a stop. Took it back in and no arguments, I am getting a remanufactured transmission. It took a week to get a transmission in, they tell me it is in work and I'll have it back in a couple days. They gave me a new RAV4 to drive in the mean time. I was told it is a known problem, but still considered uncommon. my dealership said they only had one 2017 Sienna with a bad 8 speed transmission prior to my Highlander. Same engine and tranny.
  14. Chad from VA

    Chad from VA Guest

    Leaving right now to pick up my 2017 Sienna XLE AWD with 12k miles from the dealership that just replaced the transmission. Started making the whining sound described in this thread last week.
  15. MG

    MG Moderator

  16. ljbone

    ljbone Guest

  17. Had the same issues as above. My 2017 Toyota Highlander with 12,500 miles needs a transmission replacement. Started with the whining sound and progressed to starting to change gears hard. Finally last week the transmission almost completely went and I barely made it home. I had to have it towed to the dealership. They will be replacing the transmission. Seems ridiculous that such a new car needs a total transmission replacement. They estimate the work will take a week. At least it's under the full warranty since it's less than 2 years old and under 25,000 miles so I'm only paying $5/day for a loaner.

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