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2017 Toyota Highlander and Sienna Transmission Problems

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Keven

    Keven New Member

    I got my Sienna back today. The dealer replace the transmission with a Reman Transmission. It drives well, smoother acceleration, quicker pickup, and smooth shifting, so far. I'll post again if I encounter any more problems.
  2. JimY

    JimY Guest

    Follow up to Mar 20 post... new transmission for my 2017 Highlander arrived last week. They say it will be installed by Wed. Now I’m not sure I want to keep the car. I usually drive my cars over 100,000 miles and the drive train is only guaranteed for 60,000 so that’s probably all it’s good for. My Chrysler has lifetime warranty. Don’t most new cars have at least 100,000 on drivetrain?
  3. J-P V

    J-P V Guest

  4. Virage

    Virage Guest

    2017 Toyota Sienna SE - Horrible Driving Experience / Awful Fuel Economy!

    I traded my 2014 Sienna SE for 2017 model and I deeply regret my decision. I loved the fuel economy of my 2014 6-speed SE model. I used to get 15.6 l/100 km consistently. I get no less than 22 l/100 km from the 8-speed 2017 SE model driving the same route for the last 3 months! The 8-speed transmission is awful! Constant gear changes just to get to 50 km/hr! Nearly 300 hp totally wasted and un-usable! The most disappointing purchase I've ever made! I should have kept the 2014 model but was foolish enough to get talked into the "upgrade". Don't buy this model! Stay away from 8-speed transmissions! Its like dring a semi-truck in town! Awful!

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