2018 Toyota Camry Transaxle Assembly and ECM Software Confirmation


Staff member
When completing a transaxle assembly replacement, Engine Control Module (ECM) (SAE term:
Powertrain Control Module [PCM]) replacement, or ECM (PCM) reprogram, ensure the correct
ECM (PCM) software is matched with the transaxle assembly hardware. Some 2018 model year
Camry vehicles require different ECM (PCM) software based on the transaxle assembly hardware
installed in the vehicle.

Mismatched transaxle assembly hardware and ECM (PCM) software combinations may result in a harsh shift or shift flare. If this occurs after the original repair, additional ECM (PCM) replacement and reprogramming will be required. This additional ECM (PCM) replacement/reprogramming is NOT covered under warranty.

Use the information in Service Bulletin T-SB-0010-18 Revision 1 to confirm that the correct ECM (PCM) hardware and software are used based on the transaxle assembly part number and serial number.