2020 Toyota Models Remote Connect App Inoperative Diagnostic Precautions


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See Tech Tip T-TT-0593-20

2020 Highlander
2020 Highlander Hybrid
2020 Tacoma
2020 Tundra
2020 4Runner
2020 RAV4
2020 Camry
2020 Corolla Hatchback
2020 RAV4 Hybrid
2020 Sequoia
2020 Camry Hybrid

Some customers may experience the inability to activate Remote Connect or Remote Connect becoming inoperative when attempting to send commands to the vehicle. To simplify the diagnosis of this system and prevent the unnecessary replacement of parts, please refer to the procedure below.

1) Make sure the vehicle is in an area with DCM signal, if the signal is non-existent, move the vehicle to a better area

2) Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes to reset/initialize the DCM
Test the customer’s Remote Connect app for functionality
If the app is now functioning normally, no more action is needed. Please note, this condition may occur multiple times as this could be caused by the customer’s phone and compatibility issues with the app.
If the app is still not functioning, verify the DCM operation and continue diagnosis via the applicable repair manual.