2020 Toyota Supra Evaluating Replace Battery Message


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See Tech Tip T-TT-0591-20

A message to replace the battery may indicate on the dash. This message can display when the voltage drops too low and is to assure the customer receives the vehicle with a fully charged battery. Due to the high amp draw when the vehicle is not shut down, this vehicle depletes the battery charge much quicker than other Toyota vehicles, so dealers must use care to maintain battery charge on their lot.

Care should be made to use the key fob to lock the vehicle upon every exit of the vehicle. If you are going to remain in the vehicle, press and hold the power button on the radio.

If the message to replace the battery occurs for a customer, the battery should not be replaced if the DCA-8000 battery charger does not indicate you should do so. The battery should be charged using the DCA-8000, and the owner advised of the requirement to shut the computers down by using the key fob to lock the vehicle upon every exit of the vehicle.

Using the key fob to lock the vehicle should be done even if the vehicle is stored in a garage. Follow the appropriate information in warranty policy 4.10 to charge the battery under warranty on customer owned vehicles.

For customers that do not drive the vehicle at highway speeds on a regular basis a trickle charger can be used to ensure the battery is charged sufficiently.

Be sure to follow T-TT-0556-19, 2020 Supra Battery Testing to properly test and charge the battery. If you are charging the battery you can use the same charger lead position as for testing, it is not necessary to move the DCA-8000 leads to the front of the vehicle to the charging posts for charging.

Any time a battery test is attempted it needs to be at the position near the battery as indicated in the tech tip, not at the charging posts at the front of the vehicle. The DCA-8000 is the only approved charging method and should be used for battery testing.

Upon receipt of this vehicle for service work it is important the vehicle battery is charged. Any time the vehicle is being evaluated, the power supply mode or charge mode should be used. Do not use the GR8 or other charger for this purpose.

Maintaining charge for unsold vehicle:
Dealers are responsible for the battery charge while on their lot. If damage occurs a DTC will be created, and this information is provided to warranty. Keeping a battery at low state of charge damages the battery. Therefore, it is important to verify health of the battery immediately when the vehicle is received and charge appropriately. Even if it passes the battery test, some reduction of battery life may have occurred.

Reregistering the original battery
When the “replace battery” message occurs, and the original battery will be reused after charging, you will need to reregister the battery serial number. The original battery serial number will be reentered. You can enter this information in the diagnosis system menus; Vehicle management / Service functions / Body / Voltage supply / ABL Register battery change.