2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid Replacement ECU Software Configure Process T-SB-0120-20


Please see T-SB-0120-20

Applicability YEAR:

2021 Venza Hybrid

Some 2021 model year Venza Hybrid vehicles may require the download and installation of vehicle specific software or configuration software when the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is replaced. Techstream software has been modified to indicate when configuration software is required. A new Configure column has been added to the Techstream Health Check Results screen to show when configuration software is available for a specific ECU. Follow the Operation Procedure in this bulletin to complete the ECU Software Configure Process.

Refer to the applicability chart below for a list of Models and ECUs that will require configuration software when the specified ECU is replaced:
2021 Venza Hybrid EMPS ECU

ECU is a Toyota term used to describe integrated computerized devices responsible for managing the operation of a system or subsystem. In this bulletin, ECU is used as a generic label for the following SAE J1930 standard references:
*Powertrain Control Module (PCM).
*Engine Control Module (ECM).
*Transmission Control Module (TCM).
*Any other Toyota specific control unit.

Operation Procedure:

1. AFTER ECU replacement, connect Techstream, select the applicable vehicle and options, and select Next

2. Perform a Health Check. During the Health Check, Techstream will automatically detect the replacement ECU needs configuration software. On the Health Check Results page, select Yes in the Configure column to begin the configuration software download process.

3. Login to TIS

4. Enter a password for secondary authentication and select Login.

5. When the ECU Configure Software confirmation screen is displayed, return to Techstream

6. Has the configuration software been previously downloaded?
YES — Continue to step 7.
NO — Select Next as shown in the figure below and continue to step 7.

Selecting Output will display a list of the required configuration software for each ECU. This feature is available to print the list of required ECU software when needed.

7. Downloading the software may take several minutes. When the download is complete, select Next to start the Calibration Update Wizard (CUW).

8. Refer to Service Bulletin No. T-SB-0107-20 ECU Flash Reprogramming With Security Signature and complete the programming as instructed there.

9. When programing is complete, Techstream will send the updated vehicle information to TIS. Select Next.

10. Enter a password for secondary authentication and select Login.

11. Return to Techstream when the ECU Configure Software confirmation displays, as shown in the TSB.

12. Once Vehicle Information has been sent to TIS, select Exit, clear any DTCs that may have been set, and perform a final Health Check to confirm no additional software updates are available.