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5 Things to Know About the Toyota Rewards and Lexus Pursuits Cards

Discussion in 'Toyota Passenger and Sports Car' started by MG, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. MG

    MG Moderator

    Typically, you can redeem credit card rewards points for things like cash back or travel. But if you’re dreaming of a shiny new car with a big red bow on it, are there credit cards that can help take the edge off of the cost? As it turns out, there are.

    Toyota and its fancier cousin, Lexus, are perennial winners of the car-buying popularity contest in the U.S. But is a car-branded credit card worth it?

    Here are five things to know about the Toyota Rewards Visa and Lexus Pursuits Visa.

    1. Take your pick: Reliable workhorse or reliable luxury

    Comenity Capital Bank issues both the Toyota Rewards Visa and Lexus Pursuits Visa.

    The main difference as their names imply, is that one card is focused on Toyota, while the other is aimed at Lexus.

    Otherwise, you earn points much the same way — and that extends to the cards’ sign-up bonuses. The Toyota Rewards Visa® offers 5000 points for spending $500 within first 90 days outside of a dealership. The Lexus Pursuits Visa® offers 5000 points for spending $500 in 3 months outside of a dealership.

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