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Excessive Oil Consumption on 2AZ-FE Engine LSC ZE7

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. mav

    mav New Member

    Folks, I have a question. My 07 camry burns a lot of oil. However when I typed in my VIN here http://www.toyota.com/recall, it says my car is not affected by any service campaigns. I am about to call my local dealership. I am wondering if they would refuse to do the oil test by just saying my VIN is not affected. Thanks guys.
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  2. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    The reason that the ZE7 warranty extension doesn't show up on that website is that it is checking for Recalls. ZE7 is not a Recall. You can read here about the difference...
  3. mav

    mav New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciated it.
    I understand the link url says recall but I was a little confused because once you are on the page it also says service campaigns and the link was also posted in your very first post.
    But thanks again for clarifying.

  4. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    I did the test and they said I passed. The I went in the next time and the oil was so low the technician said, there is something wrong here. They did the test another time and it failed. The is in right now for the engine rebuild. They told me that anything related could be done for no labor only parts so they will get back to me. I want all hoses and belts changed. No word on the other charges. Obviously, this never should happen with a Toyota, but at least they are standing behind it. Many other companies never do. So, my view is that all car companies produce a lemon here and there. Honda and Toyota will stand behind them, others may not.
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  5. mav

    mav New Member

    I brought in my 07 Camry today for oil consumption test and they did the same thing to me. I argued that first I asked if everything was free for today when I checked in and I was told no charge; 2) they should have asked me before doing an oil change. They were trying to convince me that the oil change is part of the consumption test. I pulled the toyota bulletin and pointed out that they should just top up the oil. Then they said the last time the car was in for an oil change was more than 2 years ago. I said I only had the car for a year and I did 3 oil changes myself plus adding multiple quarters of oils in between. They wanted me to show them receipt and I had to go through my emails for receipts. After they called Toyota and the rep on the phone said only top-up is necessary, the dealer said they will pay for the charges themselves.
    Took me 2 hours to get out of there. It's horrible. I just hope they didn't overfill oil to pass me this test.

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  6. mav

    mav New Member

    I have another question.
    The dipstick on my camry is extremely hard to read. First the oil level on the dimple side and dot side are different. The side facing the engine always have oil like everywhere. The side facing the front of the car seems more readable. This is when the car is cold. If I read the level like 5 minutes after I shut down the engine, the oil will be everywhere on both side of the dipstick thus I can't tell the level.
    Do you guys have the same problem?
    After what I experienced when I brought in the car to initiate the consumption test, I have zero trust in my dealer. I am afraid they will tell me there is enough oil by showing the unreadable side of the dipstick. And, should I ask to to be present when the mechanic break the seal when I bring the car back in between 1100 to 1300 miles? What if they add oil and saying it passes the test?

  7. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    should I ask to to be present when the mechanic break the seal when I bring the car back in between 1100 to 1300 miles?

    If you don't trust them then yes, ask to be there when they check the test results.

    What if they add oil and saying it passes the test?

    If you are there when they un tape the seals, then you would know if they put oil in it or not.
  8. mav

    mav New Member

    Thanks for the reply Mod.

  9. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    So, I just went in for my second test. The warranty says it expires 10/31. Does this mean the test has to be completed by then? The service manager said it doesn't, but I don't want to screw things up with this.

    Also, I checked my oil in the parking lot. It was above the top line. The service manager said this was normal and it would drop down. Is that right? There were no seals on my dipstick. I'll see if I can upload a picture
  10. ELKJER J

    ELKJER J Guest

    I have a 2009 Prius that I have taken pristine care of as I have with every automobile I have ever owned. I was shocked to hear from my dealer today that the engine should be replaced. The cost estimate from them is $9,000.00. The car is worth approximately that so it puts the car at worthless. At 125,000 miles I would expect more from any car maker and this is Toyota who has placed its reputation on reliability and long life cycles. I have had multiple cars as I have traveled a number of states as a sales person for the past 30 years. I know a bit about car maintenance because without a car. I have no income. I have never heard or experienced anything remotely near this from any car maker. I am in shock..........
    Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to go from here?
    Any input will help.
  11. donna varble

    donna varble New Member

    I REPORTED MY 2007 toyota camry was loosing oil and the engine blew up before I could have it checked, The engine blew up in July and I just had it repaired ane the end of September 2016 . I live on social security disabilty and I have little money. It took me from July until September to gather the money which I had to borrow from friends and take out a loan. The car has about 96,000 miles. I HAD TO TAKE CABS AND BUSES UNTIL I HAD IT FIXED I am 65 years old. I do not hardly drive, and have the oil changed and car checked every 3-4 months. I have all the records of the maintenance. In July I called Toyota and that is when I found out their was a problem . I never recieved any notices about the issue with my car. It is a 2007 Toyota Camry Le VIN NO; 4TBE46K77UO6688. I WAS GIVEN A CASE NUMBER: 168053089. IT COST ME AROUND 3,4000 TO HAVE IT REPLACED WITH A USED ENGINE WHICH I NEED TO HAVE CHECKED ALSO BECAUSE IT IS A 2009 WHICH WAS ALSO ON THE LIST OF OIL CONSUMPTION PROBLEMS. I BELIEVE I HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A REFUND FOR DAMAGES. PLEASE ADVISE ME ON WHAT TO DO NEXT.

  12. donna varble

    donna varble New Member

  13. Josh O

    Josh O Guest

    Can anyone educate me on what toyota is referring to by "secondary coverage" ? I just purchased an 08 camry with 124k miles. . .today. I didn't discover this oil consumption issue until just now and I'm seeing that primary overage ends (conveniently) today. How would secondary coverage work if my camry exhibits this problem?
  14. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    The difference is that in the beginning(Primary Coverage) has no mileage limitation (you could have 1,000,000 miles) but this perk ends on a certain date(October 31,2016).

    That's when the secondary coverage begins which limits owners to 10 years from the date the vehicle was first used and is also now limited to 150,000 vehicle miles. This means that if your vehicle is over 10 years old or has more than 150,000 miles, then it no longer qualifies for this warranty extension.

    The Primary Coverage offers warranty enhancement until October 31, 2016 regardless of mileage.

    The Secondary Coverage is applicable for 10 years from the (DOFU) Date Of First Use or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  15. Are the vehicles listed the only ones covered. I have a 2005 scion tc. With the same engine and same problem. Would I be eligible for the extended ?
  16. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    The vehicles/years listed are the only ones covered due to a piston design change that went bad and caused the oil consumption issue.
  17. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I own a 2006 RAV4 that should be covered under this, however I never recevied notice. I happened upon notice of the Class Action Suit that prompted this enhanced warranty from the Chimicles and Tikellis website. I brought my vehicle in this morning and was told the coverage ended three days ago (although they are saying I would have had to have it topped off and returned by three days ago). Seems like I should be covered, given I never had notice. What steps can I take to make this happen please?
  18. Aimee

    Aimee Guest

    I just had part two of the test done tonight. My 2007 Scion tc failed the test. My dealer is having me bring my car in Monday to drop it off and get my rental car. It's a huge shame that I am reading these stories of other owners who are having issues and not getting good dealer support! Hats off to my dealer, Toyota of Tampa Bay, for making this a simple, easy process, and working so well with me. This is why I've been a loyal customer over all these years.
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  19. camryguy

    camryguy Guest

    I bought 07 camry hybrid with 60000 kms about a 10 months ago. i just found out last week that my camry was burning oil. i topped up a liter oil. My car was making riddling noice that when i decided to check the oil and it low. i just about this thing today and called the dealership where i bought the vehicle from. now i see that the warranty was up untill octorber 31 or 10 years.
    my car has 74000 kms on it. i checker car fax on my vehicle and it sayss the registration date was may 9th 2007. do you guys think that may 9 2007 was the day of use for this vehicle?
    if not..m i on my own to fix this?
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  20. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Aimee, Thanks for giving a shout out to Toyota of Tampa Bay! :D It's not often that the Dealers get recognized for doing a job well done. If I could just give you a little advice, if there are any additional preventative repairs that you'd like to get fixed, like new spark plugs or a new water pump, now is the time to invest a little money into your car that can save you some serious money. Not that you have t

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