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Excessive Oil Consumption on 2AZ-FE Engine LSC ZE7

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Camryguy, we are now into the secondary coverage for this wwarranty extension repair so if your vehicle follows:

    The Secondary Coverage is applicable for 10 years from the (DOFU) Date Of First Use or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

    Then yours should qualify. Your local Dealer should be able to run your VIN through TIS (Toyota Information System) and see when your DOFU was.
  2. lulu

    lulu Guest

    My Camry is effected, took it in failed the 1200 mile test showing indeed there is excessive oil consumption. My dealership said that they will call me when the parts are in to start the repairs and that it could take up to one year to finally get this repair complete? He will not give me a final date bc the parts are on back order. This is really concerning to me considering the dealership said it could take a year and I am putting a quart of oil about every 700-1000 miles. Does this seem right? Should I have to wait up to a year with no final date that they will ever fix the repair?
  3. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    A year, really? No, this does not sound right. We can get parts usually within a few days to a week at most. I would contact Toyota and open a case with them. It should not take that long for parts, besides, they can even order the correct pistons till they take your engine apart.
  4. CamryGuy

    CamryGuy Guest

    Thank you very much for the reply. I went in yesterday at a local dealer ship in markham,ontario..
    they checked the DOFU and its may 9 ,2007. so i m still in secondary coverage.
    they did the oil change and sealed.
    Now, last time added about 1 quart of oil after 5000 kms..so that is about 3100 miles. i have owned the vehicl for about 8 months and that was the first time i had to add the oil. this was the second time i did the oil change. This time i did drive alot in taffic compare to first 4 month owning the car.
    i would like to know wat can i do that the car would fail the test. its 2007 camry hybrid with 74000 kms (4600 miles).
  5. Daesiku

    Daesiku Guest

    I literally just found out about this, and took it to Toyota but my mileage is beyond the secondary coverage. The problem has been happening for over a year, but when Toyota did my oil change they didn't bring it up, and my secondary mechanics all just told me to use a higher weight oil, but that didn't solve the problem. I didn't receive the notice, and am trying to press and get some kind of exception or reasonable adjustment considering I am literally 9 days over the limit. The service person confirmed there are no leaks, and it's burning it internally, but they are not willing to address is past the 10/31/2016 date. I love my RAV but for a known issue like this and 9 days, I can't believe they would let me walk away unsatisfied.

    If anyone else has any advice, I would love for this to become the reason I stayed with Toyota rather then the reason I left them.
  6. camryocto

    camryocto New Member

    Just a report on my repair. My 08 camry has ~65K miles. I had been monitoring the oil consumption since 2013. It used to consume a qt of oil every 1600 mi. But lately, it dropped to 700mi / qt. I did oil change (and a mock test myself) before going to the dealership for the consumption test. The service advisor tried to sold me another oil change. After I refused, he mentioned that should they need to add more than a qt of oil for the test, I would be charged. I asked to be present when they sealed up the cap. There was a bit reluctance but they agreed when I insisted. It took me more than two months to complete the test (I don't drive much). Back at the dealership, I asked to be present when they measured. And I failed the test. Even after adding a qt, the level was only at the middle between the marks. I waited just a couple weeks before they started the repair. But the repair took more a than a month to complete due to back order of part. The repair seems to be good. After 1k mi, I don't see any consumption. The car has less vibration when idle (D\foot on brake). And there is even a slight improvement in gas mileage.
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  7. Pimpleff

    Pimpleff New Member

    Okay I'm kinda new posting on these threads.I posted sometime ago, and this is an update. Accidentally quoted by accident. Coincidentally there is some relevance to my situation. I took my car (2007 Scion TC) in back in June for the 2nd oil consumption test. It passed the 1st one which sort of surprised me. But the 1st test was done during a short period of time that I wasn't making my 2-3 times per week trip an hour away to athletic practice. At any rate, the 2nd test was done during periods of intensive driving. Also prior to the 2nd test, they found oil around the head gasket seal or somewhere thereabouts and said I needed to have this done 1st before executing a 2nd test. This to the tune of $750. I have read in other parts along the thread that this has happened to others. So back to the present. The 2nd test was an abysmal fail. They told me they'd give me a call in about a month which went by with no call. I called towards the end of July and they said not much longer and the reason for the wait was that they had quite few of these jobs to do, maybe a couple weeks. Time goes by, no call. It thought maybe they'd tried to mail me or I missed a call or something. So fast forward to the beginning of October and they finally set up me up for October 26th to come in - after I called them again. They said 3-4 weeks and put me in a nice Camry XLE which I love! So, we'll see how long it takes. I've read in places that people waited a really long time for their repairs, so I won't be surprised if my parts are on back order. Hopefully it'll be the end of 15 QUARTS OF OIL BETWEEN OIL CHANGES! -I'm not kidding about that.
    I read some posts on this site where the service department was downright rude or deceitful. Jim White Toyota here in Toledo has been fairly easy to deal with, but not all that great either. Starting out I asked the service guy if they'd seen and/or have done a lot of repairs. He originally said, "nah we haven't done a lot these repairs or seen a lot of consumption." After I found out that they can do a 2nd test and asked about it, they said, that there was no 2nd test. I went back a couple months later and told them I read the service bulletin and that time the guy acquiesced and said it had not been 6 months yet. So overall, there's been resistance and deception behavior to a point. Maybe some dealers just aren't that informed or have poor bedside manner or both. Who knows. I'm just happy that my car will be fixed and I'm not stuck with an oil-a-holic car.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
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  8. CamryGuy

    CamryGuy Guest

    Do anyone think that they should give more miles for hybrid vehicles for oil consumption test..
    so for regular car they are giving 1200 miles..i think i they should do 2200 miles for hybrid vehicles.
  9. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Thank you for giving us an update. :D Please remember that not every Toyota Dealer is created equally and even the staff you work with in repairing your vehicle can make or break an experience. If you find a Dealer or Service Adviser you like, just make sure that is who you request when you visit them. It's your vehicle, you can have work on it whoever you choose. Thanks again for helping this forum to be a place of knowledge.
  10. William Sull

    William Sull Guest

    Been a committed toyota customer since 1987, i have owned a 87 truck, 92 corolla, 2007 camry, 2002 tacoma and a 2014 camry. My wife has owned 5 different toyotas because of me and recently her mother purchased a Rav4. Well considering the way toyota has handled the problem with my 2007 camry i'm done with them. With the # of vehicles I would have purchased from toyota it would have been a wise decision to have fixed the problem with my car instead of finding a way out. I plan to purchase a honda accord soon and if it works out we plan to slowly transition all to honda. Not a good decision by tayota.
  11. Driversound

    Driversound Guest

    I recently had the LSC ZE7 warranty work done to my 2008 Scion xB with 103K miles. I've only had the car back for less than a week and it seems more peppier than I remembered but it also seems a tad louder. Not really worried about it as it seems to run smooth and also work is warrantied by the dealership. What was weird to me is that the dealership took exactly 14 days to complete (dropped off 10/26 and picked up 11/9) when the billed labor to Toyota is only 16.5 hours. I guess only time will tell to see if it stops consuming oil.
  12. nairb6868

    nairb6868 New Member

    So we took our 2007 Camry in yesterday to start the ball rolling on the oil consumption issue. We have a couple of problems. I had changed the oil two days earlier, so I didn't want to pay for another oil change. He said due to that it would be a longer process and have to do 2 tests. Don't quite understand that and can't find anything in the paperwork about it. Anyway, I ensured that the oil level was dead on the top dot before we left to take the car in. After 2.5 hours, the guy brought the car out and told us to have the car back at exactly 1000 miles, if it was 1020 miles it would void the test. Now this goes against what the letter says and what the TSB says, which is 1100-1300 miles. It gets better. So they said they topped off the oil, which they shouldn't have because it was full. They didn't ask me what kind of oil was in it, so I'm guessing I now have a mixture of synthetic and regular oil. They also did not zip tie the dipstick, they just marked it. Seeing this, when I got home I pulled the dipstick and they way overfilled the engine with oil. A full half inch above the top hole. Also, there was no mark on the dipstick at all. So what do I do? Obviously they are going to say the car is not eligible when I know it is. Who do I call? HELP!!!
  13. JJ Fad

    JJ Fad Guest

    Toyotas I've owned in the past: Corolla, Camry, Prius, Rav4. Toyotas I will own in the future: None. You respond to an awful lot of posts here, but not only did you sell me a problem auto that eats up a quart of oil every 700 miles you can't even be bothered to respond to my post. Thanks a pant load. Honda here I come.
  14. JJ Fad

    JJ Fad Guest

    Good decision William! I just purchased a used Honda Element. After driving around a while I checked the oil and it hadn't evaporated like it was doing in my RAV4 that Toyota didn't want to fix. So happy to be with an auto company that cares, I had 4 toyotas before they decided they didn't want me as a customer anymore.
  15. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    This is not true. You only have to fail one test but Toyota will pay for two tests.

    Also not true and as you already stated, the return mileage is 1100-1300 miles.

    I would say that you call the Dealer and arrange a meeting with the Service Director and General Manager of the Dealer. Tell them your story and that the Service Department is not only misinformed but failing to follow the guidelines for the test set forth by Toyota. If this doesn't produce the results you desire then call Toyota and open a case with them.
  16. Lori

    Lori Guest

    I just completed the oil consumption for my 2009 Scion xB and I am not pleased. According to the dealership I went to, my vehicle does not use any oil yet it was about a quart low at 1,200 miles. Apparently, .2 quarts of oil shy of getting my xB fixed or so they say. There is a problem with my vehicle because I have to add about 5 quarts of oil in between oil changes and I have to check my oil every 2 weeks. Little on the expensive side when I was using full synthetic. There is no smell of burning oil, no smoke, and there are no oil spots on the ground. The dealership I went to cannot tell me that my xB is not using oil! Before I even got the letter earlier this year, I had already replaced the pcv value thinking that it might have been gummed up. I had oil issues with my 1999 Camry with oil gelling but I had to replace the engine before I was even notified by Toyota of any issues.

    The guy at the dealership further pissed me off when he told me that the oil issues have been fixed on the new models. Really? You want to sell me a new car? I'll never go back to that dealership.

    When I got home from the dealership, I called Toyota. I was basically told that I would have to redo the test in 6 months or 5000. In the meantime, if the problem gets worse and something happens to my car, Toyota will do nothing and I’m screwed.

    I have owned 2 Toyotas and a Scion, and the xB will be the last. I will never, ever buy another Toyota or recommend Toyota to friends and family. By the time 6 months or 5000 miles rolls around when I can redo the oil test, I'll be driving a different vehicle. Toyota lost a loyal customer with many years of driving in the future.
  17. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Lori, I hate to hear that this was your experience. The Dealer was correct in that you can have the test performed again in 6 months which I wold like to encourage you to do. Please remember that if you would like, you can be present when they top off the engine and when they inspect how much oil was used, this is in case you don't trust them. Also that you can visit any Toyota Dealer you wish. Again, I am sorry to hear that you were treated in such a manner and hope that you can regain your trust in Toyota.
  18. william su

    william su Guest

    For whatever reason the dealerships are heavily involved in trying not to fix these problems. There must be some incentive from Toyota for each case they don't do the repairs. My 19 year old went about 200 miles past the allowable range of miles which made our test not valid. Unfortunately by the time the test was done we were outside the allowable time frame and could not repeat the test. The dealership was very eager to make us aware of this situation. They did tell my wife the car used two quarts of oil which was a lie. When she got home the oil was not even touching the dipstick, tell me, how could they know it was just two quarts low? Before the test I changed the oil and made sure it was exactly full, when it returned I had to add three quarts of oil. This sorry dealership let her drive the car home three quarts low. Now they use a technicality to keep us from repeating the test, which they know would fail. Its not my fault we have to do this test in the first place.
  19. Debra R B

    Debra R B Guest

    I have a 2007 Camry and failed my oil consumption test, which the dealership recommended after I came in with another issue and complained that I was using too much oil (I never received any letter from Toyota about it!). The dealership replaced the gasket and pistons, but told me I needed to pay for new valves, which are not covered in the enhanced warranty, so I ended up paying $845 out of pocket (cost of valves plus 5 hours labor -- the rest, which they said was 15 hours of labor more -- was covered). I probably should have checked first with this web site, but I did want to check whether or not this $845 charge was legitimate, as far as Toyota is concerned? Thank you.
  20. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Yes, the valves and or head work is not covered by Toyota and is at the discretion of the customer whether they want to have any additional work performed. From what we see most often, any additional work needed, customers decline to spend the money which is a shame because Service Departments and Technicians want to do things/jobs correctly but are often hampered by either Toyota or the customer.

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