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Excessive Oil Consumption on 2AZ-FE Engine LSC ZE7

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. lissetteSANTANA

    lissetteSANTANA New Member

    I bought my 2006 Rav 4 in Aug 2015 I noticed the oil consumption few months after , I asked around everyone said it wasn't normal, I checked for leaks and nothing also checked for smoke nothing. I took it to a mechanic and it was confirmed it had no leaks. I was still baffled by the amount of oil it was taking up. I started to put card board under parking spot to make sure no leaks and nothing. Finally looked on google search engine for any complaints and there it was this was in Aug 2016 I then recieved a recall for a seat belt issue , made the appt and at that appt I let them know about the oil consumption problem, which was Aug 24th. They service man told me , about the test that had to be done and that he would have it done at that same time. so 40 bucks out my pocket test was put in, he then TOLD me to take car back when it hit 1300 miles, NEVER TOLD ME IT COULD NOT GO OVER !! AND that I was okay because although it was until OCT 2016 that once toyota knew I was aware of problem and took it before that date I was covered, I stressed to him that I didn't go out much so I was afraid of not making the 1300 miles before OCT he said don't worry you are all set, you broguth it to our attention befOre OCT , so when it hit 1300 miles I called in for an appt, they lady asked me about the current mileage , which it was 1 mile over the amount service man mentioned, she then tells me ,MAM test has to be redone you went over mileage , I SAID I was never told I couldn't go over he specifically said WHEN you hit the 1300 mile mark , Obviously I had to drive the car back to dealer so had I known I would have taken it just before reaching the mileage told. so I had to have the test redone , okay another few weeks went by , Nov 4th 25 miles before hitting the new mileage mentioned I literally drove up and down the street near dealer , just to make sure once it hit the mileage I would go over again, Now took it in , lady laughed cuz I took it in right on mark. had test done, test failed , was told I was all set parts were being ordered and that there was a wait list , to just make sure I keep oil up to date until work was going to be done. So I left tranquil knowing I was covered. YEA RIGHT!! Got a call 2 days later telling me NO just because I went over by 4 days!! HAD I KNOWN ALL TESTING HAD TO BE DONE BY THE END OF OCT I WOULD HAVE DRIVEN MY CAR DAY AND NIGHT TO MAKE SURE ALL WAS DONE BY THEN!! BUT I was never explained that. Now AM stuck with a car that needs thousands of dollars worth or work done , 4000 still owe on my car and live of a 700 dollars a month income... how in the world? This has literally made me physically ill, currently seeing a therapist, can't sleep , plus due to the fact that I am taking care of an ill person and need to have a reliable vehicle!! TOYOTA HAS DISPPOINTED ME TREMENDOUSLY CAN'T BELIEVE A COMPANY LIKE TOYOTA CAN'T GIVE PEOPLE A BREAK A SOMETHING IT WAS THEIR FAULT!! AND ONLY BECAUSE I WENT OVER BY 4 DAYS WHICH WASN'T EXPLAINED TO ME.
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  2. Debra R B

    Debra R B New Member

    Thank you for this reply. With cars -- as with surgery -- no matter now much I research, I am ultimately at the mercy of those who know (and I don't always know who they are...) Anyhow, I have to say that in the few days that I've had the car back, I have been very happy. At first, it seemed a bit louder than before, but rather soon it quieted down and now drives with so much more energy. It feels like a new car. I had heard before that oil levels dipping can cause valves to get damaged (thank you, Car Talk!), so the recommendation did not seem out of line when my dealership suggested it, even though I had been careful about the oil level as soon as I had discovered the problem. If they had wanted to take me to the cleaners, I suspect that there is a lot more work they could have suggested, but they didn't. They were also very transparent when they did the work and took me back to see my engine. The person helping me was really terrific, so I'm especially glad to have another opinion that backs up the work she recommended. I will certainly go back to Toyota of Irving.
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  3. MG

    MG Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for noting the Dealer. It's nice to hear from customers when we do a great job. Right Oishii?
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  4. BarryG

    BarryG Guest

    First time posting. Our 2006 RAV4 had just started using a lot of oil over the summer and I remembered about the notice I received. Long story--short, I set up my appointment with Huntington Toyota (Long Island, NY) and Kelly the service manager was great. We failed the test and scheduled the appointment. I read all of the posts on this fantastic forum and was prepared to ask the right follow up questions. No hard sell by Kelly as I asked about valves, water pumps, spark plugs, etc. I wound up replacing the water pump and spark plugs while the work was being done...and so far so good. I am very happy with the outcome and the service.

    (on another note, I had the dashboard replaced on my 2005 Solara and I will look for that thread to post my experience with that repair)
  5. lajimohan

    lajimohan New Member

    I have a Toyota Camry 2007 and it was burning oil every 2000 miles. It passed the oil test and was at the dealership for over a month. They said they fixed the problem but now the oil is burning every 700-800 miles and I have to keep adding 2 quarts everytime. I called Toyota and they said they cannot do anything about it.
  6. Kat

    Kat Guest

    Is it normal that it can take up to a year to get the parts for the excessive oil consumption problem? My 2008 RAV4 failed the test in April and I've been periodically checking back with my dealership for an appointment to have the repairs done. The last time I called, I was told that they knew about some customers who had had to wait 8 months. Today I was told that it could take a year. Is this the same experience others are having?
  7. The reason people won't have the extra work done is they don't trust them. The customer feels they are just trying to make a little extra money.
  8. william sul

    william sul Guest

    Just about exactly what happened to me.
  9. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Kat, this is very unusual for you to have to wait this long. Please open a case with Toyota and have them contact the Dealer directly in order to help. Please have your Repair Order information from your failed test handy so you can show them proof that you failed the test.
  10. STUCK

    STUCK Guest

    The same thing happened to me. I am beyond the primary and secondary warranty dates. But the service advisor repeatedly told me as long as my car was enrolled in the program by Oct 31st, it wouldnt be a problem. WRONG! work had to be completed by OCT 31st. When I returned my car within the mileage requirements, they refused it and wouldnt take responsibility for giving me the wrong information and blamed it on Headquarters for not giving them the right info. So now I am stuck in the middle. Something needs to be done. This should have been a recall with so many cars affected and not a warranty enhancement. It is a safety problem caused by a defective engine and Toyota should be held responsible.
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  11. Lisa Reid

    Lisa Reid Guest

    Hi John - I know this has been a while now, but curious if you had any luck with Scion? My son is in a similar situation? A 2008 Scion Tc with a blown engine and zero help from Scion, as we cannot do the engine oil consumption test, as the engine is already shot! Go figure. I was hoping you had some good news. I kind of gave up...the poor car is just sitting rotting, literally!
  12. Kepiana

    Kepiana New Member

    Well guess what folks! The 2010 and 2011 Prius models have the same defective piston rings. At 118,000 miles I'm not prepared to go lightly on this, especially as they keep bragging that this is the"#1 hybrid" on the road. Well, that's just false advertising because what they don't tell you is because they're so cheap that they decided to use defective parts on your car, it will drink oil like a vampire and you'll never get the mile use out of it for what would pay to be a "green" car.
    Make complaints and report to the Federal Trade Commission, because they are abusing consumers on a large scale and it widely impacts commerce to their benefit, when they should be making this right!
    It's terrible that so many have the same experience. The only sad thing is that being a loyal Toyota owner (THIS IS MY FOURTH), and having the same fabulous service manager for almost thirteen years, I doubt I would ever buy a Toyota again. Like all of you, I work too darn hard for my cashola, so I don't put that money into companies that don't show that loyalty to me. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."
  13. Kepiana

    Kepiana New Member

    Hi John, as a Prius owner myself and being excluded from this fix, it appears to be to Toyota's and their reputation of the "advertised number #1hybrid." However, not only do I find it selective and discriminatory to certain Toyota owners, so Toyota can protect their hybrid rating, I also find it an abuse of customers to maintain financial gain and maintain the market. Unless you have this issue with your vehicle, no one knows about it, but it's more common than you think. It happened to my colleague's car and the service manager at my Toyota indicated he had over five Prius' with this issue. That does not account for all other models. That is ONE service manager at ONE Toyota, of all the Toyota dealerships, all across the nation. Can you imagine? Better to let people trash their engines,than pay to rebuild them.
    So, the Prius CAN'T be the Number ONE hybrid if it only lasts 120,000 miles and you have to rebuild it. That would mislead people. But, it seems that there area lot of our vehicles that are changing the data and Toyota can't keep telling the public that if it is only true for s I me,but not for everyone.
    To me,that sounds like theu would be lying at the expense of consumers to make money.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2016
  14. John2009Xrs

    John2009Xrs Guest

    Well if Toyota was smart they'd take better care of their customers since next time they may go elsewhere.

    I have excess oil consumption, but do not want a dealer to perform internal engine work on what should be a healthy, factory assembled motor. It's really a lot like plastic surgery, sometimes it goes well, and other times... I don't have a lot of confidence in the skill I have witnessed in car dealers, and I feel I have a pretty good basis for this.

    And people made fun of the Fiats from the seventies, if they only could have imagined...

    I do understand that part of this is due to increased emissions requirements, however, these issues must have shown up during the many test miles that were conducted prior to the manufacture and sales of these engines.
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  15. Hi All. I recently took my scion tc into my local dealership to get the OCT done. I took my car in on oct 18th. they filled my oil and sealed my engine up and told me to come back after I had driven 1100-1300 miles, as required by the test. I came back on nov 12th. they evaluated my car for a few hours, then said my vehicle did fail the test and they would contact corporate to get approval to get my car warrantied and serviced. they went over the details (it would take a few days, we would furnish you with a rental) and said I would get a call in a few days indicating when I should bring in my car. a week goes by. 2 weeks go by. 3 weeks go by. no call. no email. no letter. nothing. I know they have all my information because they called me multiple times before. I called them yesterday morning and asked for my service person. they weren't available, so I left a voicemail. no call back. the next evening (today) I called again, and was told my vehicle did not qualify for service as the window for warranty work was closed (Oct 31st)....I was shocked and asked some questions:

    why wasn't I told about this when I initially brought in my vehicle? (I was changing oil so often that I decided to google oil issues with my vehicle; that's how I found out about the OCT).

    why did no one bother to call me back?

    why did Toyota allow me to go through both evaluation phases if they knew there would be no way my car would be covered?

    not only was the service person unapologetic, they made me feel like this whole oil consumption test was my fault, and that I did something wrong. They were extremely condescending and even questioned me if I was sure that I called the right number and that I was sure I left a voice message.

    I spoke with the service manager and he basically told me"yes, your car burns oil more than it should, so you're just going have to monitor your oil and change it every 2-3000 miles. go fuck yourself as I have better things to do."

    I'm calling the Toyota CS number first thing tomorrow to see if I am completely screwed, but at this point, I'm more hurt, insulted and disappointed by the appalling way I was treated.
  16. Jasonz

    Jasonz Guest

    I have an 05 tc and that thing burns so much oil, ( about 2.5 to 3 quarts in way less than 1000 miles about 500 actually) and it goes through gas relatively fast. I'm worried that motors gunna give up soon what do I do about this?
  17. Heidi M

    Heidi M Guest

    I have a 2008 Scion tC and has this test done a number of times not my engine is started to make the worst sounds and i as well am past this warranty. I know a law office in Philly was handling this law suit. I think i may have to look them up again and make a call. I also had my car serviced at the dealership i bought it brand new from and never once did they tell me while i was in for an oil change was i running my car on low! I think that is part of the service departments job to let you know stuff like this! the 1st oil change outside the dealership i was told about this issues and also had added a quart of oil to and was told there was no oil in my car!
  18. Connie

    Connie Guest

    Hi, I live in Ocean County, NJ. I took my 2008 Rav4 to Lakewood Toyota and had a great experience. I had just reached the mileage required and failed the test. They gave me a loaner right away, had the parts and started taking it apart before I left. I had it back in 3 days. I would recommend that you call them if you're close enough. They said they have done about 20 of them.
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  19. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    When did you do this service?

    I'm not sure why I never got a letter about this or was not notified by Toyota about the issue and I think I passed all the stupid deadlines. Is there any hope to get this fixed now?
  20. Connie

    Connie Guest

    Hi Jasonz,
    I never did get a letter either. My personal Toyota Mechanic told me about the issue. We had the oil filled up and sealed in August and reached the mileage limit 2 weeks ago and took it in. So it failed and they kept it same day. Had it back 3 days later. I don't think they are contacting anyone directly. Why don't you call the dealer and ask them if you still have time?
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