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Excessive Oil Consumption on 2AZ-FE Engine LSC ZE7

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    If you are driving one of these vehicles, you need to contact your Toyota dealership immediately! Request that they complete an oil consumption test. There is a safety issue that could potentially lock your engine. They have not issued a recall but sent a Technical Service Bulletin to dealerships stating that this is a serious issue but only to fix it if the customer initiates the issue.
    My car currently burns 2 quarts of oil in a 3 week period. It also failed both oil consumption tests. However, because the mileage on my vehicle exceeds 150,000 miles, THEY WILL NOT FIX IT!
    Don't find yourself in this position.
  2. My 2009 Toyota Matrix oil consumption problem became noticable after 6 yrs (96,393 miles).
    Toyota issued T-SB-0158-14 stating that NORMAL oil consumption allowance is with-in 1 qt per 1200 mi. On top of that, I found in that the owners manual states: Max 1.1 qt/600 mi is considered acceptable.
    So, per Toyota's logic, an engine that requires an additional 4 - 8 qts of oil between changes (5,000 mi) would be normal. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE !
    I'm currently consuming 2 qts between changes and I've 'passed' the oil consumption test 3 times now. Unless something major breaks between now and

    I have bought 3 new Toyota's in my life. Never had a problem like this with the first two.
    I will never buy another new Toyota simply because of the way the company has responsed to this issue (trying to rationalize excessive oil consumption), and what I found printed in the owners manual (shame on me for not reading the OM before purchase).
  3. Heidi Payne

    Heidi Payne Guest

    We just purchased a Scion for our 16 year old daughter. We were told by the dealership it had been checked out by the mechanic and all was good and that it was an "as is" sale. She hasn't even hit her oil change date or mileage yet. (last oil change was done by the dealership) and her engine has blown a rod. The oil light and the engine light did not appear until the damage had already been done. The service manager says this is our fault and that Toyota says it is normal for their vehicles to burn 1 quart of oil every 1k miles. Now our teenage daughter has a car she has made 2 payments on sitting at the dealership because they refuse to fix it and it is going to cost us 4k to 7k to replace the engine. The service manager ran the test on the car and says yes their is a oil consumption issue. The car is at 115k miles.
  4. zumatech

    zumatech New Member

    My 2008 RAV just failed the test and will go for the repair on Monday. Are there any parts that I should look to replace while this is being done?
  5. Jose

    Jose Guest

    Hello i have a 2003 camry with the 2AZ-FE and is consuming oil more than normal. Would my vehicle be part of that warranty enhancement even that is no in the list by the year but it has the same engine?
  6. I own a 2009 Pontiac Vibe with the same Toyota engine and same issue. I am hoping Toyota will make the same repair as it is the same engine. Are there any other 2009 Pontiac Vibe owners out there that got the repair to their Toyota 2.4 engine? All cars with the defective engine should be mentioned here. Toyota was paid for the engine just the same as Toyota brand products.
  7. Jerry Mincey

    Jerry Mincey Guest

    Westfield 3000
  8. Jerry Mincey

    Jerry Mincey Guest

  9. Jerry Mincey

    Jerry Mincey Guest

    appointment tomorrow for oil consumption test. 2008. Sciontc has 93000 miles but is close to the ten year time period. Am I ok?
  10. Jerry Mincey

    Jerry Mincey Guest

    Just checked my DOFU. 8-22-07. Looks like I’m out of luck.o
  11. Mda1224

    Mda1224 Guest

    I had my oil consumption test completed Mar 2016 in which my 2009 Camry Hybrid failed the test. I have about 90k miles on it now. I am still on a “waiting list” to have the work completed.
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  12. MG

    MG Moderator

    You need to check back with your Toyota Dealer as parts have been available for quite a while now. I also hope that you have documentation from the Dealer stating that your Camry failed or you wont have this repair performed.
  13. Mda1224

    Mda1224 Guest

    thanks, as of 3 months ago at my last oil change, they had it in their system that my car was affected, but there was still a backlog of people. I was unaware of the 10 year in use period as it has been so long since receiving the letter, I need to step up the reminders as my 10 year in use mark comes up November of 2018.
  14. Katmaurice

    Katmaurice Guest

    Had this issue a few years back when I reached 60,000 miles on it. Toyota dealer fixed it. Today I noticed my oil light came on when I was braking. Checked oil dip stick and no oil. I even had my boyfriend look at it to make sure I wasn't going crazy. Sure enough, no oil was on the dip stick. My car is currently at 116,000 miles now. I'm concerned that the fix wasn't really a fix. I have all my services done at the dealer and keep everything on record that has been done to my vehicle. Should be interesting what they say when I bring it back with the same symptoms I had when they needed to replace the piston rings at 60k.
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  15. JC in LV

    JC in LV Guest

    Toyota knows perfectly well that the oil consumption test, that they use to determine if thy will "fix" the problem, is flawed. Toyota refuses to fix my 2008 Scion XB and it will cost me $3,500 to do what their "extended warranty" was supposed to cover. That is after already spending $1,500 at Toyota for replacing a leaking timing seal (that they said was the problem for the oil consumption). There is a special place in Hades for people that knowingly take advantage of others. I'm still having excessive oil consumption and have replaced an alternator and a leaking axle boot. This car is a money pit. Do NOT buy an XB that is 2008 or 2009 unless you have lots of money to burn!
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  16. Ryambo8713

    Ryambo8713 New Member

    Hi, i recently had this TSB performed because the last time i check the oil level it was below the min also the dealership confirmed the TSB through the oil consumption test. While they were doing the job, they told me damage was done by the oil consumption. The valves were warped and they recommended a valve job (valve replacement, valve re seat). Does this extended warranty also cover damage done by oil consumption? The job cost $600 at Toyota of riverside, CA.
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  17. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    If the damaged was caused by the oil consumption then yes, IMHO it should be covered but my guess is that this is more of a recommendation than a must do. You can read back through this thread and see what was discussed but the gist is that you have a chance to drive out with almost a brand new engine if you choose to invest some extra money into this repair for the things that aren't covered. I would suggest you work with the technician and service adviser to see what they recommend, is needed, then drive it till the wheels fall off.
  18. Ryambo8713

    Ryambo8713 New Member

    34 pages is lot to go through. Can I request that repeated posts be deleted to clean up this thread!
  19. Susan

    Susan Guest

    Bought my niece a 2007 Camry and was not aware of the oil issue when we purchased from Toyota dealer 1 1/2 years ago.
    We are told that car needs a new engine and it's past the warranty date.

    If we replace the engine... how can we be sure it will not have the same issue. Seems that a salvaged engine could have the same issue.. not sure about rebuilt.

    Do we just need to junk the car?
  20. DJStormX

    DJStormX New Member

    Are they still doing the Oil Consumption test? I have a 2006 Rav4 and it's been doing this for awhile. Do I need to contact a dealership or Toyota HQ?
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