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Excessive Oil Consumption on 2AZ-FE Engine LSC ZE7

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Niska

    Niska New Member

    Hi there!

    I recently bought a 2011 Scion XB, just over a year ago. Anyway, a few weeks ago I developed a knocking sound in my engine. I drove home and had my boyfriend check it out. Looks like I had low oil and when he did an oil change he found metal debris in the oil. I was just passed my due date for an oil change. So, I went to the Toyota dealership to see what my options were.

    I am in the warranty period for the oil consumption issue so the dealership recommended an oil consumption test. My question is, should I do an oil consumption test when I have rod knock? I don't want to seize the engine and make things worse... and then what if it falls in spec.

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I've purchased (4 ) Toyota's, the 2009 Camry Hybrid being our 3rd. The car engine just blew up and I am at a total loss because my car is 457 miles past the 150,000 warranty extension that I would have qualified for based on the above engineering defect. I never received the Letter stating that there was an engineering defect that would cause the car to lose all of its oil.

    This is unacceptable and not what I would expect from a world class company like Toyota.
  3. Niska

    Niska New Member

    2011 Scion XB Oil Consumption Update: I did Toyota's oil consumption test and my oil light came on at about 430 miles into the test. So, I immediately pulled over and had it towed to the dealership.

    They checked the oil and it was very low so they took pictures of the tape and sent them in...

    About a week later they called and told me they were going to tare down the engine to see if there was scoring and take pictures of the serial numbers. He said that they were doing this to see if it would covered by this warranty. He made it seem like if there was scoring then nothing would be covered by the warranty.

    I read through all the posts in this thread and it looks like they are checking for scoring to see if they need to replace the short block or just the piston rings and the serial numbers are the numbers for the piston rings? Is my assumption correct?

    Thank you
  4. Kaisawheel

    Kaisawheel Guest

    I had the exact thing happen with a 2008 Scion TC this weekend. My engine is totally destroyed, despite my best attempts to maintain the car. I'm at 106,000 miles but over the 10 year mark. This is bull$#(&...
  5. Giova

    Giova Guest

    I have a scion tc 2008 he’s drinking the oil I never get the notificacion wanna know if im still able to fix my car he have already 153 000 miles hes able to be fix
  6. Sadsack

    Sadsack Guest

    We got our 2006 Rav oil job covered by Toyota. The car was backto normal upon return...no oil burning. Wed decided to keep the car for my daughter to use as a commuter to college. Guess what...just hit 160K and the problem is back. Apparently whatever they did was not a fix for an obvious design flaw. If they had told me the issue would arise again at in another 80K I would have dumped the car. Here, it's 2019...I will write Toyota, we do have some solace in that we now own two 2018 subarus...and one old guzzeling rav. Funny, the reason we got the subies had more to do with the local dealership...Shame on Toyota all around.
  7. Sadclown

    Sadclown New Member

    Hello everyone.
    Since my 2009 Yaris RS 2 doors has been totaled, while parked, by a drunk driver last mont, I've been considering a Matrix (would be more practical for our "kid project"). Now, I see a lot of them with the 1.8 liters 2ZR engine. I really like the look of the S version and I don't bother having the small engine, but they sell higher than a 2012 XRS with 48k km I've seen around. My girlfriend father let me use is 09 Corolla XRS and I really like the way it drive. He is experiencing oil consumption at 168k km (I don't know at what level tho) and I don't want to deal with this kind of issue on my next car since it will be my daily driver.

    Should I pass on a 2.4 liter Matrix and get a S one (1.8) and pay more? I don't bother doing every maintenance (following their calendar) at the dealer and even putting synthetic oil on the 2.4. I guess 2012 isn't a better year for the 2AZ and that I will most likely have to deal with those issues one day? Do having all of the maintenantce done at the dealership would ease the process? Does a Matrix is a lot more expensive to maintain than my beloved Yaris? Is the warranty process, in Canada, doing well? Or shoul I just stay away from the 2.4

    Well, that's a lot of questions. Hope your answers would help me do the right choice.
    Thanks all!

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