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Greetings, forum members!

We want to thank you for all of your interest and for your participation in forum. A lot of great information passes through this forum and we are dedicated to making it an information place for all who use it. Lately, we have had to disable the forum’s “Contact” button, for a number of different reasons. While it was a great way for people to get into contact with us, it posed a variety of safety/security risks. Keeping it open was becoming a hazard not just for us, but for our users, as well.

Personal Information

One of the biggest issues with the open contact button was an influx of personal information. Many users would send their cellphone numbers, home addresses, and even VIN numbers through the contact form. Some users were sending us their VIN numbers to look up any potential recalls, warranties, or even repair and accident history on their vehicles.

While we are happy to help in any way that we can, this sort of personal information was dangerous to send through our forum’s contact function. Not only was there the possibility that someone might intercept this information, which could then be used to harm the individual sending it, there was also a concern that conversations that forum moderators or staff were having back and forth with users might lead to doxing. In general, the private conversations and the transmission of this personal information from users to moderators and staff members was not ideal and was becoming a security risk.

It is also not our moderators’ or staff members’ job to personally reply to and try to solve individual issues. This is not something we want our moderators to do. The job of the staff and our mods is to keep the forum a friendly and civil place and, yes, to provide information about repairs, but out in the open, where all members of the forum and vehicle owners can benefit from it. One of the biggest issues with the contact button was simply that information that would be useful if posted to the forum, was instead being communicated separately to many different users. We wanted to eliminate this redundancy in the system.

What You Can Do

We have removed the contact button, this does not mean that we cannot help you with any issue you might be experiencing. The primary goal of this forum is to provide help and information to anyone who finds it. We encourage users to continue to answer questions via posting in the forum, as usual. If you need help, please post in the appropriate area, so that those who have the knowledge to answer your question or those who are experiencing the same issues can find it.

Our goal is to make this forum as welcoming, safe, and informational as possible. We look forward to helping you in any way that we can. We want to remind forum users not to post any personal information on the forum, either. Cellphone numbers, addresses, and VIN numbers should not be posted on the forum in any capacity.

Again, we thank you for using the forum and hope that you find the information or advice that you need!
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