Here's what happens when you put a Hellcat engine into a Toyota Prius


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Nick Filippides loves two things: American muscle cars and the military.

So in January, Filippides, 54, and his 28-year-old son, Louie, undertook a daring mission to get their custom-built muscle car across the Kuwaiti border and onto U.S. Army Base Camp Arifjan to entertain the troops.

The car, a Toyota Prius with a HEMI-engine dubbed PriuSRT8, is a bit famous. In 2017, it was on the show "Jay Leno's Garage," raced in Road Kill Nights in Detroit in 2018, and displayed at the New York Auto Show last year.

So creating the event, "A HEMI for Heroes," to show the car to the troops seemed like a logical next step.

"I never served myself, but I’m a huge supporter of the troops," said... READ MORE HERE