Subaru ends orders for BRZ in Japan as production winds down...Suck It Toybaru 86


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HA!!! I am Finally Vindicated!!!! Now for the German Made BMW Zupra to DIE.... ;)

Production of the Subaru BRZ has ceased, marking the end of an eight-year run for the small enthusiast car. The final examples have rolled off of the assembly line ahead of what is expected to be a brief hiatus before the introduction of its successor.

The wind-down of the current BRZ and Toyota GT86 should come as no surprise; Subaru even announced a "Final Edition" BRZ for the German market earlier this year. British outlet Autocar reports that Subaru's production partner, Toyota, is still taking orders for its version of the jointly developed sports coupe, though an announcement regarding its wind-down is expected to be forthcoming.

The timing is especially tricky for potential buyers in Japan who may be looking to....READ MORE HERE