Toyota 2ZR-FE Timing Chain Marks 1.8L


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The problem most people run into with these timing chains on these 2ZR engines is that there are no marks to use as a reference other than the marks on the VVT-I gears and the marks on the chain.

Here are some pics of the timing chain set up at TDC. If you pay close attention to the background, you should be able to determine where the marks should line up even if the timing chain marks aren't lining up.


Intake VVT-i Gear Marks...

Exhaust VVT-i Gear Marks...



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Good info here! I am working on one (10 Corolla 204k miles) that the chain broke on while cruising on the interstate. I could not find any info about this being an interference engine or not. Come to find out it is, bent the valves and actually they nicked the top of the cylinders.
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Yep, daily beater at this point. Another silly side note, this engine can be removed/installed from the top! (Repair manual says drop subframe and remove it from the bottom.) Balancer, oil filter adapter, and water pump must be removed and the trans mounts taken loose. Would probably be easier on an automatic as the clutch sticks out further than just a flexplate would.