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Toyota creates an ultimate utility vehicle for SEMA

Discussion in 'Toyota Truck, Van and SUV' started by MG, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. MG

    MG Moderator Staff Member

    The Specialy Equipment Market Association show starting Tuesday, Nov. 3 will be full of head turning cars but it will be tough to miss the Toyota UUV. For everyone who thinks that was a typo, it wasn't. UUV stands for Ultimate Utility Vehicle.

    Created in a similar fashion to Frankenstein, the beast combines elements of several Toyotas inclduing the body of the Sienna minivan grafted on the the chassis and underpinning of a Tacoma.

    Under the hood is a racing developed supercharger for torque and acceleration sitting on monstrous 22-inch tall, 12-inch thick Monster Energy off-road wheels. They are so heavy that Toyota had to over-compensate for it with the steering.

    Among the other parts and features are all-around LED lights that are off-roading or Fury Road ready, a heavy duty bracing and suspension joint shields.

    "At Toyota our rally call is ‘Let's go places,'" said Ed Laukes, vice president of marketing, performance and guest experience, Toyota Motor Sales USA. "And when we say that, we mean let's have fun getting there."

    More than just a mean face, the custom built UUV is built for the worst of conditions or the best of adventures. As a showcase, the one of a kind automobile is in the midst of a 16,500-mile journey across the continent handpicked for it's difficult terrain. After going through Death Valley, Pikes Peak, Manhattan and Alaska the freakish Toyota will arrive at SEMA.

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