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Toyota Cuts Prices of Lexus Parts in China After Probe

Discussion in 'Lexus Passenger and Sports Car' started by OishiiJPN, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Administrator

    Toyota Motor Corp. said it will cut prices of spare parts in China for its Lexus vehicles next month after an antitrust probe into the auto industry.

    Toyota will reduce prices of about 15,000 Lexus parts by an average of 26 percent from Sept. 1, the Toyota City, Japan-based company said in a statement posted on the Lexus China website yesterday. Prices of radiator parts will be cut by 35 percent, while engines and transmissions will be lowered by 30 percent.

    Lexus joins BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi among foreign carmakers lowering prices in response to China’s antitrust probe into the auto industry. The announcement came on the same day the National and Development Reform Commission found 12 Japanese parts makers guilty of price-fixing and doled out total fines of 1.24 billion yuan ($200 million).

    The cuts were made in response to the NDRC’s concerns over pricing practices in the industry, Toyota spokesman Naoki Sumino said.
  2. Tomi

    Tomi New Member

    This is a good information.


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