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Toyota Dash Problem Melting Cracking Warranty Extension LSC ZE6

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Ramiro

    Ramiro New Member

    I call Toyota and they said yes my car is one of the vehicle effected I call Toyota dealer and made an appointment for tomorrow Dec 7 ,2016
  2. OKC

    OKC Guest

    My local dealership (Jim Norton - Oklahoma City) confirmed my dash warranty replacement condition and logged me into the system for warranty replacement in October 2015. I check back in periodically with the dealership and Toyota headquarters. It's now December 2016. I always ask when they expect to have it and the response is always that they don't have a clue. It's to bad Toyota service doesn't match their product quality.
  3. Dianne Leoni

    Dianne Leoni New Member

    I brought my 2015 Toyota Sienna in for the dashboard replacement in February 2016. It is now December 2016 and they say they still haven't received the part.
  4. mkalavapudi

    mkalavapudi New Member

    I have not received a second letter from you regarding my Toyota Sienna Dashboard recall. Do you know when this will be replaced. This complaint was made and dealer inspection was done October 21, 2015. No word yet.
  5. lx3

    lx3 New Member

    I just purchased a 2006 Solara and am pretty sure it is included in the warranty extension. My question is, when will the extension of warranty run out? It's December 26th, 2016 so do I technically only have until December 31st to get on the list for the part or does it extend indefinitely? Toyota's website said indefinitely AND also within 10 years of first drive date (which I have no idea when that was), so which is it??
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  6. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    The first date is...
    The Primary Coverage offers warranty enhancement described herein for all owners of covered vehicles until May 31, 2017, regardless of mileage or date of first use of the vehicle.

    after that date, then the warranty period goes by this...
    10 years from the date of the first use of the vehicle, regardless of mileage.
  7. Deepak

    Deepak Guest

    My Toyota Sienna dashboard was cracking and the Toyota dealer says they have ordered the part in April 2016 and i have called them several times after this and they always have the same response 'The have ordered the part and do not have the parts yet' No ETA. It is end of the year 2016 and hoping they will get the parts early next year 2017. We cannot do anything but wait.
  8. I took my Sienna to Tustin Toyota April 2016. They said my car was in the recall and that the dash would be replaced. After I hadn't heard anything in six months, I called and they said the part still wasn't in. I just got off the phone with Tustin Toyota and they said it still wasn't in and that orders were often taking 8 months to a year. I reminded them that it was now 9 months for mine. They were nice, but not able to give me any other information or encouragement.
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  9. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    The dashpads are coming in at a more frequent rate so keep checking in with the Dealer (weekly). Also ask if they may have an unclaimed dash. We have quite a few that have come in and when the customer was called they informed the Dealer that the vehicle has been sold, so the dash was given to the next customer in line.
  10. jbneon

    jbneon Guest

    I have an 04 Sienna and have been waiting since May 2016. I believe Toyota has NO INTENTION of replacing dashboard on older models. There are plenty of Toyota/ Lexus owners who need theirs replaced with newer vehicles. I believe Toyota is waiting out the clock for May 31, 2017 on anything older than 2010. Then it is too bad, so sad for you. Who are you going to complain too ?
  11. jbneon

    jbneon Guest

    Correction to previous post on order date as noted by dealer.
    I have been completely unimpressed with Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. response to subject warranty enhancement. Granted, it was voluntary, albeit for the massive complaints on social and Toyota related internet forums. My specific situation was reported to Cherokee Co. Toyota- The part was ordered on 10/14/2015 on RO# 536851.
    Inquired 2.1.2017 as to what the status is on the repair. Service manager said Toyota , that same day, told dealers to cancel all orders and re-enter them into a new process. So the dealer @ the behest of Toyota Corp. is now starting the process over. My question is- You have a self imposed deadline of May 31, 2017. Have not been able to replace my dash since Oct. 2015. You are NOT instilling any confidence in your word or products with this customer. What happens if my dash is not replaced by May 31, 2017 ?
    Looking forward to your reply.
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  12. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    This is true. The extent as I understand it was for the ordering process as there is a huge backlog and they didn't want to just send all the dash's to the Dealer en masse. One reason would be storage. I can see a huge order of 300 dash's just arriving and asking the Parts Manager where he/she wants them. There is just not enough storage for all the dash's needed.

    We have been replacing at least 10-20 vehicle's dashpads per day...

    Another reason is that quite a few people who have a dash on order, sold the car, traded it in or was crashed and the dash is no longer needed. In these cases we try and contact the next customer on the list and give it to them. Sometimes another Dealer in town needs it.

    In any event, I would say to stay in touch with your Dealer's Service Director at least once every week.
  13. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    Just an Update, it looks like the dash's are beginning to arrive in force....





  14. I have been waiting on a dash for my 2007 Camry hybrid that was supposedly ordered in July 2015 by Venice FL Toyota. It is now Feb 2017; two years after first order have called continuously with same old story. Two weeks ago I get the news that it should be in on Friday...guess just another story. I called to see if it came in and was told 'no' .hopefully next week. Here I go again with the same old story (and yes, they said they had to reorder because of a new system). So what happens if it's not here by April 2017 when the replacement warranty expires, am I just SOL? I just spent $2,800.00 to replace my hybrid battery [I have 110,000 miles on it so just out of warranty] and would like to keep my car [I bought it new]. With the melting/cracking dash I wouldn't even be able to sell it for what I paid for the battery. Dealer says dashboard didn't come because it's a hybrid (they evidently got non-hybrid dashes in). What is the story Toyota...is this the newest story your telling Dealers to share with your customers or may I actually plan to replace the dash boards.
  15. JulieJ

    JulieJ Guest

    We just bought a 2009 camry for my daughter from a local used car deal and the dash is sticky. How do I get the dash fixed?
  16. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Contact your local dealer
  17. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    Anyone having luck getting their new dash yet?

    Anyone else's VIN Lookup coming up with this message?
    "An error occurred with your request. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. does not recognize your VIN. Please contact Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. by phone at 1-800-331-4331 for recall information about your vehicle. "
  18. HI Dear.

    My friend has 09/2005 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO (KZJ120R-GKPETQ) which has a same problems of crakes on the dashboard.

    It was purchased new at TOYOTA Tanzania and has got this problems. Since last more then 5years.

    Please can you advise how can I get this sorted under the warranty enhancement program.

    Regards Shabbir Meghjee
  19. GA 4Runner

    GA 4Runner Guest

    Waiting almost 2 years for the replacement of my 2005 4Runner dash. Ordered it, it wasn't in...checked AGAIN early this year and they'd "lost" the order, so we had to put it in again....they said it would be in about April or May, but it's June and now they have no clue...frustrating.
  20. Jeri Ann

    Jeri Ann Guest

    Hi, I just noticed today that my dash is cracked! I received the dashboard warranty letter years ago and stuck it in the glovebox.....didn't see anything at that time. Now it's June 9, 2017 and the letter says the warranty enhancement Primary coverage is thru May 31 2017....DID I SCREW UP? I have a 2005 4Runner. I never received the second letter that is mentioned in this warranty enhancement to know that the dashboards were available.....What should I do?

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