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Toyota Dash Problem Melting Cracking Warranty Extension LSC ZE6

Discussion in 'Warranty Extensions' started by OishiiJPN, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Lindsay

    Lindsay Guest

    same thing happened to me. I received the first letter, stuck it in the glovebox, never got the second letter. inquired with a dealer on what to do, they acted confused and wouldn't do anything so I waited for the second letter. When it never came I sent an email to Toyota USA on May 22. They waited until June 1 to respond, asked me for my vin and mileage, then asked me to call, then told me that I missed the cut off date of May 31 and was out of luck.

    On the phone with them now, and a lawyer next if they can't figure it out.
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  2. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    So how did this turn out?
  3. Carole

    Carole Guest

    Same boat here. My son has my Sienna away at college for 9 months and I didn't see the cracks until this weekend. Pulled out the notice and saw it expired 5/31/17. The van was at the dealer in early May but I guess it was not to their benefit to notice or mention the deadline.
  4. MG

    MG Moderator

    Toyota's responsibility was to inform you, which they did. You chose not to pursue the remedy.
  5. Carole

    Carole Guest

    Unfortunately, the vehicle was 800 miles away and I was not aware of the cracks until it was too late. It had been garage kept for 11 years, then spent 9 months in the Florida sun. As soon as I found out I pulled out the letter (which was not dated when it was sent BTW) and saw we just missed the deadline.
  6. Robert

    Robert Guest

    I became the owner of a 2009 Camry two years ago with this dash issue. I am unaware if the previous owner receives such letter. What if any coverage will I have if not the original owner?
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  7. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    The same coverages apply if you are the first owner or the 5th+ owner.
  8. Mark lAZENBY

    Mark lAZENBY Guest

    I've done everything that I was told to do but kept getting put off by my dealer. They kept telling me the part was on order. On 7/8/2017 I went to the dealership and was told I was too late that the deadline had already pasted. Then they told me that they had no record of me being in the dealership since 2011. I have the first letter, it states that I was going to be notified once the part was at the dealership. I did one better and went to the dealership right after I get this letter. The dealership Atlanta Toyota screwed me!
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  9. MG

    MG Moderator

    Did you happen to get a copy of the repair invoice where the dealer states that you came in and they put a dashpad on order?
  10. Solomonjuneball

    Solomonjuneball New Member

    While I'm on hold and getting the run round i just want my dash replaced. been on hold for over 20 min, and counting. i want to find out who the owner.
  11. Hafwathere

    Hafwathere Guest

    What should I do if I never received we tension letter for sticky dashboard on 2009 Camry ? We moved in 2014.
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Contact your local dealer if you are still covered.
  13. alisha bowers

    alisha bowers New Member

    I have a 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited and have terrible cracking that has continued to get worse in my dashboard. I searched the internet this morning in hopes to find a way to fix this problem and I find that Toyota had a warranty extension for this recently expired. I never received notification of this either; so I called Toyota and they said unfortunately they could not help me because I was less than 4 months past the expiration date they made. I am so upset. I love this car, but for them to know there is a problem and be unwilling to fix it is not putting their customers first. I will continue to write letters to everyone I know about this and about how disappointed I am in Toyota.

    Disappointed in Texas,

    Alisha Bowers
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  14. Camry30165

    Camry30165 Guest

    It took 3 months from the time I went to my local dealer until it came in and was available to replace.
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  15. OishiiJPN

    OishiiJPN Moderator Staff Member

    That is a great turn-around time and glad to hear that you got your dash replaced. :)


    A month ago I purchased a 2005 4runner. Is the dash still under warranty?
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  17. Bob Dixon

    Bob Dixon Guest

    I have a case number from Toyota for my 2009 Camry LE with an extremely sticky dash ( works like fly paper collecting all kinds of insects ) . I booked with the local dealer for an inspection and am due to go up there in 2 days ... They are calling my wife at home to ask for the mileage ... I believe I am under the second part of the settlement and mileage is not a factor . Is this correct.

    Also I purchased the car used ... is that an issue ? As such I have never received any letters from Toyota.
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  18. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    The secondary coverage is now in effect so your vehicle has to have a date of first use (DOFU) of less than 10 years. So adding 10 years to a 2005 4Runner would roughly be 2015-2016. I would say that most likely its not covered.
  19. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    See my reply to Jim just above yours. It sounds like the 10 year mark under the secondary coverage for your 2009 Camry would be around 2008-2009, so yes I think it will be covered. Please let us know how it goes.
  20. Nikesh Patel

    Nikesh Patel Guest

    I was just waiting for second notification and never received. Now it expires and I didn’t take my car to dealership in between that so Lexus now denies replacement of sticky dashboard. What are the options for me?

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